Mari – The Outstanding Mary’s Blood Co-Founder

Mari is a member of all female-band known as Mary’s Blood. She is famously known for her stage name MARI. She was born in Japan about three decades ago, and this never stopped her from pursuing her dream. She started loving music at a tender age, but she was never focused on any particular instrument.

Furthermore, she is a new-age drummer with exceptional techniques that have shaken the world. When she was a young girl, Mari liked watching videos of different musicians with a band-like setup. She gained some interest in drums. She started playing drums while in elementary school, which made her more attracted to the drums.


However, she used to play for fun only, but that later changed into playing as a career. The good thing is that she had supportive parents who were ready to help her realize her dreams. After completing school, Mari joined some local bands that played in different events. However, these bands only played covers of music produced by other big bands with resources.

She gained many skills while playing with these bands, and she realized that the work needed a lot of practice. In 2007, she joined the Destrose band, but that did not last for an extended period. The band was disbanded in 2008, and thus, Mari had to find a new home. She joined Mary’s Blood Band in 2009 as a full-time drummer.

Mary’s Blood focused on heavy metal and power metal; thus, Mari had to do more practice to fit into this fantastic all-female band. She is the co-founder of this group and former Dextrose members – guitarist Eri, Vocalist Eye, and bassist Niboshi. They had to recruit another bassist Chiba to complete the lineup. Mari and his fellow band members released their first single on December 20th, 2009.

However, in 2012, Mari faced a big blow when three of the band’s members left in succession. The members who left are Chiba, Eri, and Niboshi. However, the band had to recruit former Destrose guitarist Saki to fill the spaces. Mari performed in her first International show in Houston, Texas, in 2013 together with Mary’s Blood members. Mari recorded her first album with Mary’s Blood in August 2014, and this was her first album in her career. In 2015, she performed at a festival known as Naon no Yaon. This festival features only female bands.

Mari Performing
Mari Performing

In 2016, Mary’s Blood was the host of the Grand Cross Tour, and they performed three different acts in every concert. They later released their third album in the same year, which made Mari more confident with everything she was doing. Mari and her band later released their fourth album in April 2018. Mari has significantly been involved in major events carried out by her band. She has become famous through performing and working with her supportive bandmates.

They released another amazing album in 2019, which made them top many charts in Japan and other parts of the world. Mari admitted in an interview that the British heavy metal drummers who influenced her include Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Mari has recorded several single albums, cover albums, and mini albums. Her great determination will make her move to the next level in a short period.

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