Every drummer wants the best low-end in their mixes. As such, they will often focus on getting the best from their studio monitors and acoustic drum kits.

Whatever the case, recording at the source is the best approach to getting that sound. You want to make sure every beat comes out as clearly and naturally as possible, especially from your kick drum.

And that is why choosing the best kick drum mic is crucial. It can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

If you are like many drummers, the sound of your kick drum is the heart of your drum kit. You might therefore need some time to research and gather your thoughts on what mic to use.

You need the right gear to bring out those deep and rich kick drum sounds.

For those who are still new to drumming, this article is for you. I will be reviewing some of the top mics you can rely on to record your drum kit.

What is the best drum mic kit?

Perhaps the right question would be, what makes the best drum mic kits? Understand that there are so many products out there that choosing might not be easy.

And yet, everyone looks for the best sound from their kits.

The best drum mic kits should have everything you need to create a full sound from your drum kit. It must contain all the suitable microphones for the job.

Most people will think about expensive overheads for this job, which is still good. However, put together some dynamic and condenser mics, and you have a cheaper mic.

The best drum mic kit should come with:

  • Mics for the snare. Specific microphone to get those crisp sounds from the snare.
  • Toms. Toms are quite tricky to record if you don’t have the right mics. And that is one reason to find the best kit.
  • Bass drum. Getting those deep lows from your kick drum can be tricky. Consider finding a mic kit with specific solutions for the bass drum accessories.
  • Cymbals. Expensive overheads alone may still not be enough to record your cymbals. A good mic kit should have a ready solution. Some may even come with a dedicated mic for the hi-hat.

Apart from this, consider the brand when looking for the mic kit. Some of the most reliable companies include ai Audix, Shure, and Sennheiser.

You can be sure to get a reliable drum mic kit from these brands.

With that in mind, consider the following products.


If you are serious about getting the right drum mic set, here are five solutions that will not disappoint. I have picked them according to their usefulness, the number of pieces, and quality.

1. SENNHEISER E600 drum mic kit

Sennheiser is one of the biggest manufacturers of quality microphones. The company has been on the market for many years, offering top-notch solutions.

The Sennheiser E-600 drum mic pack features among the top-tier packages. It will get you the best studio-quality sound without any issues.


The kit comes with an e602, four 604s, and two e614s. Each piece is designed with Sennheiser quality. Many drummers love this company for its dedication to greatness.


The e604 is a very popular bass drum mic. It will get you those low and boomy frequencies effortlessly. Also, the mic brings out the punch of any bass drum allowing the drummer to feel every strike.

The e604s are popular in recording toms and snares too. However, it would have been better if there was a dedicated snare drum mic. But still, it does excellent work in amplifying that tight crack and musical overtones.

On the toms, you get a fat and punchy tone with each strike.

And then there are the standalone e614s. These bad boys are known for taking in high sound pressure levels with ease. You will therefore find them very useful in capturing the cymbals. They are pretty handy as overheads.

Unfortunately, these features don’t come cheaply. Although, you will not feel the pinch due to the services they deliver.

Thinks to like

• Studio-quality performance

• Excellent e614 mics

• Sturdy and durable

Thinks not to like

• Not dedicated snare mic

• Expensive.

2. Audix DP7 7-piece drum mic kit

Every audiophile knows Audix and Shure. These are the two most popular mic brands know across the globe for their quality.

I have used the Audix DP7 mic kit before, and it gets the job done perfectly. You will never go wrong choosing any product from this company, and this kit proves that. They use the best sound engineers to make their overhead mics.


As stated above, the best drum mic kit should come with all mics you need for your drums. The Audix DP7 mic kit does just that.

The pack is configured with D2s, an i5, and D4s for the toms, a kick drum D6, and two ADX51s as overheads.


It’s the D6 mic that stands out from the kit. Audix has designed it with the best quality to assure top-notch performance for professionals. You don’t need to struggle to find the sweet spot with the mic because it’s straightforward.

The i5 is best known for being versatile. That means you can get great tones from various tuning levels.

Use the D2s on the rack toms, and you will be happy you invested in this kit. It delivers some warm punchiness that is not readily available in other products.

The D4s are perfect for the floor toms. They are suitable for low-end sounds, promising a beefy sound from these toms.

You can count on the ADX51 overheads to pull the overall sound from your setup. Each piece is built to last and record your cymbals easily.

However, you will need to dig deeper in your pockets to enjoy these features.

What to like

• Includes the popular D6 mic

• Versatile

• Excellent sound quality

What not to like

• A high price tag

3. Shure PGADRUMKIT7 7-piece Drum Mic Kit

It is hard to allude to Shure when talking about the best microphone manufacturers in the world. The company has been around for many years, offering technologically advanced recording solutions.

Here is their PGA 7-piece mic kit. It’s one of the most popular products on the market.

If you are looking for great sound at an affordable price, this kit is highly recorded. It’s much cheaper than the two products above, and yet not far in performance.


The PGA52 is not a new microphone in the industry. It’s a classic piece that many drummers around the world know about. You can count on it to bring out the thickness of your bass drum with perfection.

Use the PGA52s if you need the bets tom mic on budget. They amplify the drums’ thick tone in ways you may never have imagined.

On the snare is the PGA57. It brings on board the influence of the high-end SM57 microphones. It promises a rich sound from your snare.

The PGA81s excel as overheads, delivering wonderful tones from every strike. They are here to capture the full tone of your kit and make you proud.

And the best part about this kit its affordability. You will never get anything better at this price point.

Besides, it comes with everything you need to make good music. It’s a worthy investment.

What to like

• Best value-for-money mic

• Includes PGA52s, which are standout pieces

• A rich tone and character


• You might get the highest quality performance

4. Avantone Pro CDMK-8 Drum Microphone kit

The only thing that might differentiate the Shure mics above and these Avantone Pro Mics is brand popularity. Shure is a more popular company.

In terms of features and performance, Avantone Pro mics carry the day.

You will easily recognize them from their red and black scheme. Their appearance is so powerful that many drummers assume them powerful – and they are.

Unfortunately, they are not as popular as other brands. Considering their quality, I say these pieces deserve a spot in the world of best drum microphone kits.


There are not many mic kits that include a condenser for the hi-hat, which is one of them. You will not find this option even with the higher-end brand reviewed above.

You get three condensers and five dynamic microphones for your drums. Each is designed to deliver excellent audio amplification and durability.


The overheads come as cardioid condensers. The hat mic is a hyper-cardioid condenser, promising that crisp hi-hat chick production.

Besides, these microphones are incredibly long-lasting. They are heavy-duty, made of metal up to the mounts. Be sure to use these pieces for a long time without issues.

It is sound production that these mics stand out firm. No matter your playing style, they will get the job done.

At this price range, this one of the most convenient drum mic kits to buy. Although they are slightly heavier than most, they are still instrumental.

What to like

• Made from metal – heavy-duty

• Includes hi-hat mic

• A solid case

  • Great drum sound

What not to like

• A bit heavier

• Not from a famous brand

5. SE Electronics V Pack Arena Drum Mics

For a long time, this sE Electronics V Pack Arena was the highest-rated 7-piece drum mic kit from the manufacturer. It comes from their highly acclaimed V Pack line.

You can use this pack to record in a drum set with two rack toms and a floor tom connected to stereo overheads.

It is a great solution for a wide range of instruments too.

sE is one of the most popular mic brands out there. And that means you get a reliable and durable drum microphone pack.

Whatever your recording needs are and style, this pack will get the job done. Many drummers love it because it offers more than just good sound quality.


You get 3 V Beast from the pack from the rack tom microphones, a V Kick mic for the bass drum, two sE8 overheads, and a V7 X for the snare drums/instrument.

The drum mic package also features three V clamps and a flight case.

Most users appreciate the versatility of these drum microphones. It’s not explicitly tuned to reduce your drum kit’s expansivity.

What to like

• A versatile drum mic kit

• Suitable for thinner snares due to its rounder bottom end

• Sturdy

What not to like

• Lack of enough brightness from the overhead may be an issue for vintage cymbals.


What kind of mic is used for drums?

Before answering this question, it would be best to know the type of microphones on the market. The most common ones are dynamic, condenser, and ribbon mics.

Dynamic mics work through electromagnetic induction – with a stiff plastic diaphragm with a wire coil handing in a magnetic field. They require higher sound pressure due to the size of the diaphragm. Also, they are very tolerant of abuse.

Condenser mics have become as popular as dynamics in many drum setups. They are mostly used for overhead and to capture hi-hats and snare sounds.

The ribbon microphones also use an electromagnetic field to capture and amplify sound. Only that they feature a thin aluminum ribbon between magnetic poles instead of a diaphragm. They can be quite good inside a bass drum.

Generally, miking drums is pretty subjective. Try using all types of microphones to achieve the best output.

Condenser mics are used to capture the whole kit. Hence, they are good as overheads. Dynamic mics, on the other hand, are set near individual drums to get more details.

A proper mix should get you the right sound.

Are CAD drum mics any good?

CAD mics are pretty cheap. It would be hard to get good sound from any product at their price range. And that is why it hard for anyone to believe these microphones will give them any real sound.

Miking drums, whether in the studio or live on stage, is a subjective matter. Everyone has different expectations, and the instruments they use may not matter very much.

However, the quality of the microphone you use matters a lot. We can all agree that quality sound can only come from investing heavily in mics.

If you are looking for cheap sound, perhaps to use one time onstage, then CAD microphones should not be a problem.

But if you want professional and studio-quality output, find something better. They don’t sound good, and they will not give you the performance you might be looking for.

Most people who have used them say they gave up the products after the first use. You can still try them out, though, if you don’t mind their sounding.

How much do drum mics cost?

There are many types and models of microphones on the market. The drum mic kit reviews are just the tip of the iceberg. It would take ages to go through all of them and give a manufacturer a specified retail price.

However, I have tried breaking down the prices to give a general overview through this drum mic kit buying guide.

Basically, mic prices depend on:

The brand

Higher-end brands like Shure and Sennheiser sell more expensive products costing up to $10,000.


Moving coil dynamic microphone costs between $10 and $899, while Tube Condenser mics cost between $114(T-bone SCT 700) and $10 799 (Brauner VM1S).

Construction material

Build quality will always determine the price of any product. More expensive drum mics are durable and crafted from the best material.

The number of pieces

For drum mic kits, the price depends on the number of pieces. Four-piece mics will cost lower than 7-piece mics of the same quality.

Most importantly, your budget will determine what drum microphone you get.


There you have it, the best drum mic kits you can get today. This guide aims to help you explore more options.