Mick Fleetwood, a rhythmic personality that captures the attention of the listener

Mick Fleetwood has, for long, been a constant influencer in the music industry. Working along with the steady rhythm-section mate John McVie, he has kept his reputation through the stylistic shifts of his namesake band.

Since the late sixties, the blues-rock of Peter Green Fleetwood has made sure nothing changes that quality of music that comes from the band. And when you look at the grown-up pop of the current Stevie NicksLindsey Buckingham lineup, it all carries the signature of this great drummer.

It is his rhythmic personality that captures the attention of those who listen to him. When it is time to play the fastest songs, Fleetwood does it as if there is a metronome in his bloodstream.

There has never been a time when he missed a single beat in his entire career. He would capture a rhythm, internalize it, and transfer the information into his kit.

This personality shines through every avenue from the time the band released their first classic best-seller, ‘Rumours.’ The unique, stylish fill (you could think it is an effect) that introduces “Dreams,” which becomes a real hook in the chorus. And when the gut-punch tom-tom counterpoint he offers to Buckingham’s rhythm guitar is effected in “Go Your Own Way,” it brings out the best any drummer can ever offer.

At one point, Buckingham praised Fleetwood for his ‘instinctive’ style. Fleetwood is not just a drummer, but also an inventor who always brings up a new perfective to music. 

He has a distinctive cowbell break, as Buckingham describes it, which takes the music to a whole new level. The best drummers added this style to the band’s first single, and it was one of the reasons they became very famous.

Every time Fleetwood performs, he brings out his distinctive flair and child-like glee behind the kit, making every enjoy the performance even more. And he has kept this style until today.

Mick Fleetwood History and career

Michael John Kells Fleetwood is a British musician and actor best known for his drumming skills. He was born on 24th June 1947 and grew up loving anything to do with art and performance.

He is a co-founder and de facto leader of the rock band Fleetwood Mac. His surname has been linked with the group’s basis John McVie to form the band’s name.  And the band was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Born in Redruth, Cornwall, the drummer and his family moved to Norway following his father’s deployment by NATO. From an early age, Fleetwood, as described by Biographer Cath Carroll, was a dreamer and an empathetic person from a young age.

Even though he was intelligent, he did not excel in education, which he abandoned and took over drums. His parents supported him because they felt he could have a future here.

He learned much of his music from the keyboard player, Peter Bardens, who lived only a few doors away. He gave the young drummer his first gig, making sure he received the best practice in the world. Fleetwood later co-founded the Fleetwood Mac band, which has been his major life success.

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