Mitch Mitchell and the Jimi Hendrix Experience

When you talk about the most innovative drummers of all time, you will not fail to hear the name of Mitch Mitchell come.

It was not only in his drumming style but in his personality as well. And perhaps one of the reasons he is well known across the industry is his unique way of creating new styles. Roger Taylor of Queen recalls him as a player who played the kit like a song. In other words, when Mitchell was behind the drums, you would think they were singing and dancing to his tune. And that is how good the drummer was.

Taylor continues to praise Mitchell’s styles that include the fusion of jazz technique and excellent riffs. But unlike the soft jazz, the drummer introduced a thunderous rolling attack on the whole kit, which totally integrated the song.

This is a remarkable style for such a delicate style of music, but somehow Mitchell managed to bring out not just the song but also the marking time.

It is not even like he was trying too hard. Mitchell’s playing came out so easily, and naturally, it made other band members fall in easily. Such is a characteristic only found with the most skillful drummer.

Steward Copeland of the Police admitted that he would not be proud of every cool stuff he did as his own because he got all from Mitch. Copeland’s confession is much similar to many other best drummers in the era and who came after.

Mitch always had something new to bring to the table, which made him a drummer with relevance in each of his appearances. It is amazing also that there are some drummers who cannot still understand his style. Let’s just say he was so good at drumming that no one would doubt his work anywhere.

It was quite interesting how he was chosen for the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966, though. The decision involved literary tossing-up a coined, which was filled to pick between Mitch and Dunbar.

Both drummers were highly talented, but Mitchel won it. From there, he, and the hard-hitting Elvin Jones disciple brought onboard a wide improvisatory quality to the Hendrix’s power trio. In the end, what came out can only be expressed as the most revolutionary drumming style of all time. The trio worked in such harmony that it was not easy to tell who was working on what.

Mitch Mitchell has retained his position as one of the most recognized drummers of all time. And while working with the trio, he helped construct a tense, heavy groove and the steering off a little into a fluid, which, interestingly produced a well-structured counterpoint to Jimi’s guitar.

Mitch’s drumming was filled with so much passion and talent that is felt as though he was literally talking to the drums. And because of this, he has been a wonderful inspiration to many other drummers.

His creativity has inspired many to create their own pieces, improving on everything that has been done before. Such revolutionary work cannot go unnoticed.

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