Cymbals are a very important part of a drum kit. I always find investing in a good cymbal set better than buying an expensive kit.

See, you can make a cheap drum set sound great. All you need is proper tuning, good heads, and a set of top-notch cymbals accessories.

But you can never make cheap cymbals sound good. Consider the ones that come with beginner drum kits, for instance. They are only good as trash or lids.

Set your priorities and buy an expensive set. You can then stay for years without worrying about them again.

So, what are the most expensive cymbals right now? We are about to find out.

What are the Best Cymbals to buy?

Cymbals come in different sizes and quality. The price depends on the brand, material, and construction method.

The anatomy of these instruments plays a vital role in the sound it creates. A hole drilled at the center is for mounting but also improves its tonal value.

Here are factors that would make a cymbal expensive.

  • Brand. Zildjian, Paiste, and Sabian are the major players in the cymbal market. You can always count on them for the best cymbals.
  • Materials. The highest quality cymbals are crafted from B20 metal alloy and other expensive materials.
  • Crafting. They are designed with specific features and hand-made. This process is more demanding than using machines.

There are many cymbal brands on the market today. And that could be one of the reasons choosing the right one is overwhelming.

Consider the following ten cymbals.

Top Ten Best and Expensive Cymbals in the World

1. Sabian Xs20 Cymbals

Sabian is one of the biggest cymbals manufacturers in the world. It is an offshoot of Zildjian, which assures the highest quality of products.

The Xs20 was the first product in the mid-level market to feature B20 cast bronze. Over the years, they have been improved to include a new hand-lathing approach.

These cymbals are not overly expensive, but they are very reliable. Even a person with a limited budget can get these cymbals.

Nevertheless, they are not cheap either. You cannot just wake up in the morning and decide to but them.


• High-quality construction

• Hand-lathed

• Excellent tone


• Nothing to complain about

2. Meinl M-Series

Every drummer knows about Meinl. It is one of the biggest cymbal manufacturers in the world. One thing that defined Meinl is its dedication to high quality and affordability.

The M-series is regarded as the benchmark for all-around pro chimes. It is manufactured in Germany, which also proves its integrity.

Unfortunately, there is no human input in the manufacturing process. But it’s still considered one of the best and most expensive cymbals.

You will need a fat budget to get your hands on one of these bad boys.


• Reputable brands

• B20 alloy cymbals

• Made in Germany


• A lot of work is done by machines

3. Sabian Vote 2013 winner series

When it comes to offering the best quality, no company does it better than Sabian. Every product they bring to the market becomes the talk of the town. And they have been doing this for years.

Sabian’s Vote 2013 brings to life the companies imaginative designs. This innovative manufacturing company brings these winning entries that showcase their quality.

The series features four models, each with unique characteristics.


• Expensive and high-quality chimes

• Excellent construction

• Innovative

• Available in four models


• There nothing to complain about these cymbals if you overlook the price.

4. Meinl Byzance

Meinl is among the most innovative cymbal manufacturers in the world. And the Byzance series is a representation of everything good from the company.

It is the highest line of Meinl products, featuring some of the most exclusive features. They attract buyers with their fantastic and beautiful looks.

They come with colorful surroundings. Each product from this line is attractive and highly effective in all manner.

The Carillons are entertaining and will add excellent value to your collection.

It’s among the most expensive pieces you will find on the market.


• Meinl’s top-line cymbals

• Excellent build quality

• Versatile and charming


• Budget buyers will find it unaffordable.

5. Meinl Classic Customs

If you want to know what Meinl has to offer, consider their classic custom cymbals. They are defined as a good, honest, and clean sound that you would not find anywhere else. They are intermediate-priced chimes designed for aggressive drummers.

Meinl Classic presents a lot of character. It is among the most expensive products, above budget cymbals for many buyers.

Get these bad boys if you have the money to invest in the pro-quality cymbal. It’s one of the top products from the company.


• Excellent quality

• Not overly expensive

• Good for professional drummers


• Not for budget buyers

6. Sabian B8 Pro

Sabian’s B8 Pro cymbals is a perfect choice for drummers who are ready to upgrade their first set. They come with a brilliant finish and intensive detail that makes them stand out in your kit. Whatever your setup and needs, these cymbals are sure to deliver.

If you have the money and are not afraid to spend it, this chime should be good enough. People who can afford high-priced cymbals will easily reap their benefits. It is a good sign of lavish status.


• Reputable brands

• High-quality B8 alloy cymbals

• Versatile


• Only good for high-spenders

7. Paiste PST8

If you have not come across any product from Paiste, you have not seen the best cymbals yet. This Swiss business is seen as one of the most expensive Carillons on the market. Also, it’s not overly expensive, making it perfect even for people with limited budgets.

The PST8 could be on the budget side, but you can tell that easily. It is one of the most popular products from the brand and has helped many drummers achieve their dreams.


• Good cymbals for all buyers

• Excellent construction

• Not overly priced


• It’s not the best products from Paste

8. Stagg Vintage Bronze Thin Crashes

Stagg is another great brand that builds a reputation for top-notch cymbals. These Vintage Bronze Crashes pieces are considered some of the best and valuable chimes around.

It is perfect for drummers who need darker, less aggressive crash cymbals. And they will be food for you, whether on a budget or not.

I have included them in this list because they form a bridge between high-end and budget buyers.


• Versatile cymbals

• Excellent quality

• Durable


• It might not be the best on the market

9. UFIP Bionic

Italy is known for many things. But most people don’t know its history in cymbal making. Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti, (UFIP), is a Tuscan company that started business in Italy.

Their Bionic cymbals offer a bright tone that is perfect for rock and heavy metal drummers. A majority is subjected to top-notch hand-polishing and glassy, gleaming finish, making them an excellent addition to your kit.


• Incredible craftsmanship

• Top-notch crashes

• Heavyweight


• No 11-inch splash

10. Zildjian A

These sharp and bright cymbals hand-crafted from B20 bronze is the true definition of quality. It is a small set comprising of a 22-inch ride, a 20-inch crash an and 15-inch. The manufacturer has cleverly designed cymbals aimed to meet the changes in drummer preferences.

They are lathed, hammered, screen printed, and with laser-etched Zildjian logo, leaving a natural bronze finish. These could be the best chimes you will ever find.


• Reputable brands

• Great sound

• Good value


• Not much to offer

Why are Zildjian Cymbals so Expensive?

Quality costs money. Zildjian is the top cymbal manufacturer in the world. Their products involve a lot of skill, time, research, and the highest quality materials.

Even the lowest line of products from the company offers more than what top lines from some other brands can give. And with their history and reputation, no one can deny Zildjian, the main player on the market.

Why are Paiste Cymbals so Expensive?

Paiste is one of the top five cymbals manufacturers in the world. The company has been around for many years, designing excellent solutions for different needs.

They make their cymbals from the highest quality materials. Every product is manufactured following a detailed process for the best sounds.

Also, the many years of experience Paiste brings to the market is another factor worth a thought. They focus on innovativeness and creating products aimed at the modern market.

Paiste has a reputation for using the best materials in its cymbals. You can never go wrong with your investment.

What is the Top-of-The-Line Zildjian cymbals?

The legendary K Constantinople is the best line of Zildjian cymbals. Zildjian is the oldest and leading cymbals brand in the world. Their products are designed using the best methods and approaches to achieve incredible results.

Each cymbal in the K Constantinople line is built following a 14-step process that combines the best features. The company applies all the knowledge learned over the past 390 years are cymbal makers. The line comes as the pinnacle of Zildjian cymbals.

Think of perfectly blended sound quality, and these chimes will deliver.