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Nikki Glaspie, a beat conductor, funk philosopher, seneschal of style

Nikki Glaspie has been named sorceress, alchemist, beat conductor, funk philosopher, seneschal of style, purveyor of pocket, and agent of love, among other titles.

They all reflect her work in the modern drumming industry. “If there is any drummer who can make a difference in the woman’s world, it is Nikki,” one of her mentees noted. “Her style is married to her personality, subtle, yet firm in every decision she makes.”

And they are not wrong.  Nikki Glaspie is one of the premier drummers in the modern music industry. She is the founding member of The Nth Power, which she grazed with her incredible skills. She is considered a light to the path to success, accompanied by rolling waves in her wake.

Her style has been fueling the global tours of the likes of Beyonce, Maceo Parker, GRiZ, and many other big names. For close to two decades, she has been on high demand with the who’s who in the jazz/funk industry seeking her intelligence.

Hence, she is already a living legend, which has been even before her 40th birthday. And the best part is, it feels as though she is just beginning. If you have never met a drummer who is so passionate about what they do, here is one that will change your mind. Glaspie makes drumming seem so easy; it just comes naturally to her.

Her career

Nikki Glaspie was the drummer in Dumpstaphunk, a New Orleans’ funkiest band since 2012. This quintet led by Ivan Neville and two bass players has been breaking ground in the city.

It was already a well-established group before Glaspie joined, but she immediately became the center of attraction.

She has a certain personality that just brings out the best in her making everyone around her smile. She has a magnetic pull that makes her easily noticeable. And when she took a few of the vocals when the band was laying down some of the strongest beats in the region, she sealed her fate as a high-demand drummer

Well, she had just left a far more lucrative gig as Beyonce’s touring drummer. The band was just lucky to get their hand on her. And she proved her worth by taking the band to the highest levels of their performance.

She hits the drums with such passion that you will immediately feel like part of the action. She is currently playing as one of the best female drummers in the modern world.  Her role in The Nth Power defines another wonderful funky outfit.

The reason Glaspie has remained relevant all these years and become more admirable is her innovativeness. She is one of the few drummers who can change the simplest styles into something totally new.

She always seems to know what every song wants and will stop at nothing to give it her best. As long as she is behind the throne, you can expect an inspirational moment. She is a woman of many talents, using both her voice and hands to speak to the world.

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