Remo Nightwaves Ocean Drums

If you are looking for the most soothing music sounds, I recommend you get a quality drum.

These drums are the latest addition to the musical realm, and they offer great versatility in soothing sounds. 

We all love the soothing sounds of crashing and rolling waves don’t we? Well, this drum lets you recreate these sounds from anywhere.

And this is why they are called ocean drums.

I got interested in reviewed ocean drums after observing them in use for a while. And I love the way the sound. 

10 Best Ocean Drums Reviewed in [currentyear]

Below a selection of all the best Ocean Drums you can find on the market:

1. Andoer Ocean Waves Bead Drum

The Andoer Wave Bead Drum is a nice little drum than comes in two sizes. You can either pick 8-inches or 10-inches. 

It might be the smallest compared to others on the market. But this does not mean it is bad. 

It features stretched paper as the drum skin. And it is filled with metal beads. But it is not transparent; hence you can’t see the beads in action.

Generally, it is a beautiful and affordable drum suitable for beginners. 

2. Remo 16-inch Clear Head Drum

Remo is a reputable brand in the percussion instruments industry. As such, you will be inspired by this 16-inch drum. 

It comes with heads that are already tuned to perfection. The sides are clear and opaque with steel shot between them. Also, it features a simple and basic appearance.

The drum is most recommended for neophytes looking to try out a new instrument. 

It measures about 16-inches in diameter, with 2.5.inch thickness. It weighs 3.5 pounds, hence very portable. It can come in handy, especially when traveling.

And the best part, it is not even expensive. It offers the best quality for the price. And this is one of the reasons you are going to love this piece.

3. Remo Ocean Drum Fishhead

You will love Remo for their innovativeness. They have a way of turning even the simplest thing into a masterpiece. Trust the brand and try out this drum.

Measure 16-inches by 2.5inches, which is a perfect size for all needs. It is portable, hence great for traveling around with.

And for those who are going through therapy sessions, this is an ideal musical instrument for you. It produces a very relaxing sound that will make you feel relaxed.

It comes with shiny beads in an elegant oceanic and fish painting. The beads’ sides are transparent, while the other part is black.

However, it is a bit tougher on the price than the Clear Head Remo drum. But it is still within the affordable range.

Better still, it is made from a durable material. Hence, you can use it for long before replacing it. 

4. NINO 10–inch Sea Drum

This is another beautifully crafted drum you may want to add to your collection. It is made with transparent textile material and a rubberized fabric (on the frame).

Just like other sea instruments, it bears pre-tuned beats. It also produces a variety of a sound, depending on how you move it. You can shake it or strike with your hand.

Horizontal shaking gives out an impression of flowing sea waves. And when you strike in a vertical position, you get amazing traditional sound effects. 

5. Meinl Percussion Sea Drum

Meinl is a brand known to many in the music industry, especially for drums and percussion instruments. And they also produce high-end.

The drums are crafted from hardwood shells and high-quality skin that offers excellent sound.

The drums come in sizes of 16 inches and 20 inches. Hence, you can use them as an addition to your drum set, or as standalone.

They have a sealable filling port. And perhaps this is what makes them stand out because you can change the beads count.

6. Yibuy Wave Bead Ocean Drum

Yibuy Wave Bead Ocean Drum is another affordable drum on this list. It comes with only a size – 10 inches. So it is pretty compact.

Its body is crafted from hardwood and carries two varying synthetic heads, this is transparent, and the other is opaque.

Even though it is small, it looks pretty decent. You can normally play as any other drum of hit like a snare. 

For its size, it is a great choice for kids. And it is quite sturdy, meaning they can play without ripping it off.

The plastic heads are designed to withstand vigorous actions or kids. But it is also fit for adults.

All in all, this is a beautiful choice. It is very affordable. 

7. Edushape Sea Sound Drum

This is a brightly decorated drum with fishes. It is a creative choice for those seeking to recreate the crashing and rolling sound of sea waves.

Due to its design, appearance, and construction, it is best for kids. It is safe for children above 24 months, giving them a chance to explore then music interests.

It is generally a good product at a reasonable price. 

8. Hohner Kids MP483 Ocean Drum

Hohner MP483 is a great ocean drum fish toy for kids. Parents need to let kids explore their skills and passions. And this product will give them satisfaction.

It comes with a soft rim that is easy to hold and play. This is great for kids because of their soft hands.

The drum is designed for kids above 12 months. It will help your child develop their motor skills.

Also, it is very affordable. But I would not recommend it for adults. This piece is reserved for small children to help them grow some important life skills.

9. X8-Surf Ocean Drum

Getting the right drum will help you recreate perfect oceanic sound when you play. And this is one such product. 

It is one of the best pieces from X8 Drums & Percussion. It comes with a moderate size of 14-inches.

Its shells are crafted from synthetic material, which makes it very durable. The drum will handle long hours of rough playing without breaking.

There is an end cap through which you can adjust the metal beads count. And then the beads will be able to easily recreate crashing waves sound tones.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that this piece comes with a very high price tag. But it equals to its quality, you can have it by providing your email address and other details. 

10. Remo Nightwaves Ocean Drums

This frame drum wave sounds lets you easily recreate the wave sounds of rolling and crashing waves. It offers the best production of soothing a sound for those who want to relax.

This version measures about 17.8 and 3.1 inches. It also weighs about 5.51 pounds. This means it is quite portable.

If you are looking for a more expensive and high-end option, I recommend this drum. But the price range tag equals quality. 

What is an Ocean Drum?

Take it literally from the name; a drum is a percussion instrument that can produce soothing sounds similar to an ocean breeze. In other words, hitting the drums gives out sea sound.

In general, it can be described as a round object with small metal beads on the inside. It is usually transparent in an appearance on the side, and with a fabric material on the remaining part.

It is not a drum per se. You plat by rolling the wrist to give various sounds. 

This drum is a unique instrument and one of the hottest pieces in percussion today. 

Depending on the velocity of movement, you can get varying sounds from gentle to harsh waves. And that is where they got their name.

Where are Ocean Drums Used?

Ocean drums offer a variety of sound that drummers and percussionists can add to their creations. And they have been applied in different types of music to offer backing sound.

One thing you need to understand is that these are relatively new types of drums on the market. Hence, they are still open to discoveries on different applications.

But they are starting to get very popular with different music situations.

Apart from percussion setups, this instrument has also been found very applicable in music therapy. The soothing sound they produce is everything you might need to beat anxiety. 

It begins with you choosing the right. And today, there are so many manufacturers, which can make choosing a bit hard.

Don’t worry, though, in this article; you will find the best choices. Continue reading. 

What is the best ocean drum for your music style?

These drums are becoming very popular today. They offer a variety of applications, not only in percussion music but in general life.

Hence, it is vital that you gain a little bit of knowledge about them. 

They are pretty basic, but they offer a different sound based on the angle and style in which they are played. 

The most important thing to know is that these drums imitate the oceans’ sound. Hence, you need to know how such effects will be applied in the music you are playing.  


If you really want to get the best quality drums, invest in the higher-end product. But if you are low on budget, you will still get more affordable options quite applicable. It all depends on your needs. 

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