Pdp 800 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

A good drum player knows how to choose their gear. And in this case, picking the right brand can make all the difference.

A bass drum pedal is an essential component of a dream kit. It determines the kind of sound you get from your kick drum.

Hence, choosing the right brand for a bass drum pedal is crucial.

There are so many manufacturers and products out there that choosing can be overwhelming. The online market has made it even worse.

But once you know reputable brands, it becomes much easier to choose.

PDP is one name you will hear for top drum accessories companies. In this article, we look at their bass drum pedals. We have put together a list of a few products with a focus on the Concept series we think should be helpful.

PDP Concept Series Bass Pedals review

Pacific Drum and Percussion (PDP) is one of the most popular drum manufacturers around. Their products are made from the highest quality materials. Hence, they will last long. You can be sure to play on PDP accessories for several years.

PDP is a company by Drum Workshop. And that is what makes most drummers trust it.

DW makes high-end professional gear. You can see the same quality in PDP drums and hardware. These features are more evident in the Concept series than ever.

PDP Concept series is one of the company’s latest and best line of products. They are designed to offer long-lasting performance.

Concept series bass pedals come highly recommended. And why would they not be? You can see and feel DW’s design quality in the products.

PDP bass drum pedals come with new and improved features. It will impress a drummer.

More and more high-end DW features are visible in this line’s snares, kits, and hardware. That means we are no longer talking about entry-level products. They will work better as intermediate-level products.

The following are some of the top PDP bass drum pedals from different lines.

PDP By DW 400 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

Every drummer understands the importance of choosing the right hardware. It all begins by selecting a good brand.

PDP by DW is one brand that will never disappoint. It has been around for a long time, offering affordable versions of DW kits.

The 400 series single bass drum pedal is a very popular product. It is designed to offer the best solution for playing the bass drum.


  • Great performance. The 400 series bass drum pedal from PDP is a chain drive. That means it can perform at any speed without lugging or breaking. It makes the drummer feel one with the kick drum, assuring top performance.
  • Steel pedal plates. A bass drum pedal does a lot of work. Therefore, it needs to be strong and promise durability. This product is made with steel metal plates, which assures that durability.
  • Two-way bass drum beater balls. Nothing offers better tonal flexibility than a two-way beater balls system. It makes this pedal exceptionally flexible, with the ability to deliver different tones with ease.
  • An economic chain drive and cam drive. A chain drive assures strength and stability.
  • Built inspires
  • Spring tension
  • A three-position stroke adjustment.


• Great performance

• Affordable

• Durable


• It’s not the best quality from the manufacturer

Verdict: The 400 series bass drum pedal is hardware that will not disappoint. It is designed with DW standards but is more affordable. It might not be the ideal solution for professional use, but it does stand up to the challenge. We recommend it for anyone looking for a good bass drum pedal on a budget.

PDP 800 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

If you are not sure about the PDP 400 above, then consider the PDP 800 series bass drum pedal. As you may have already guessed, this piece is an upgrade of the 400 series.

PDP is known for its incredible research and development team. They are always looking for something new and better.

As such, you can be sure the PDP 800 series single bass drum pedal will not disappoint. It is a single drive pedal, and yet it performs at incredible speeds.

When it comes to choosing the best bass drum pedal, one must understand the difference in construction material. Strength and durability are crucial.

PDP applies DW’s standards and features in their products. That makes them strong and reliable.

The PDP 800 series bass drum pedal comes with the following features:

  • Double chain drive. As stated above, durability and efficiency are essential factors in choosing bass pedals. The double-chain concentric drive system of this pedal assures top performance.
  • A Smooth cast footboard. With such a footboard, it feels as though you are one with your bass drum. Hence, it allows the drummer to achieve incredible speeds.
  • Sturdy. You can play for a long time, and this pedal will not disappoint. It’s designed to handle a lot of pressure.


• Excellent construction

• Durable

• Designed great performance

• Affordable


• It can be a bit noisy due to the chain drive system

Verdict: The PDP 800 series bass drum pedal is a good choice for beginner to intermediate-level drummers. It’s affordable and yet of excellent quality.

PDP by DW Concept Direct Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal Level 2 Regular 888366020821

The direct drive model of PDP’s Concept series pedals makes them highly efficient. A direct drive mechanism applies the use of a solid metal to connect the footboard and rocker. It eliminates the need for common chain and belt systems.

For the Concept, PDP has used a low-mass blue cobalt piece. This ensures zero flex, which is very effective. It allows for a faster and more accurate response when the pedal is in action.

Some of the best features include XF extended aluminum footboard, offset toe clamp, and retractable spurs. DW air beaters, DW rocker spring adjustment, lightweight aluminum baseplates, and bearing hinges with a needle-like appearance also come with DW air beaters.

A good number of these features come from DW’s pro-level products. That makes the PDP Concept series very high quality.


• Pro-level features

• Durable

• Affordable


• Some users have reported mounting issues

Verdict: Improvements are evident on the PDP Concept series bass drum pedal. It looks and feels professional. It offers the ability to easily detach the springs, which makes storing and transporting easy. We recommend this piece for intermediate-pro-level use.

PDP by DW DP402 Double Bass Drum Pedal Level 2 Regular 190839140715

Double bass drum pedals assure faster action. They are great for aggressive music genres like rock and metal.

The PDP by DW DP402 double bass drum pedal is a great example of what pedals can offer. Those who know their drums and gear understand that DW never jokes with quality.

The steel plates on this pedal create a long-lasting piece of hardware. A drummer can use it for a long time, and it will not fail them.

The two-way beaters system is a feature you will find on higher-end products. Also, there are built-in spurs, which deliver a smooth operation.

Adjustable spring tension and a smooth baseplate complete the best features of this pedal.

Other features include:

• Chain and cam drives.

• Stable steel plate on the left pedal.

• A three-position stroke adjustment.

We don’t want to focus so much on the features of this pedal. After all, it comes from a DW company, which assures the best features.

Our main concern is performance. This bass drum pedal is designed to deliver incredible work. It’s versatile enough to work for any music style, which is another added advantage.

A smooth footboard means the pedal will operate for a long time without any issues. So not you can relax and build your music with ease.


• Great quality

• Affordable

• Smooth performance


• It might have some mounting issues

Verdict: The PDP DP 402 is a beginner double bass drum pedal with professional features. This makes it one of the best products to recommend for beginners.