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PDP Concept Maple s one of the most affordable drums sets in the market today. I recently bought a PDP Concept 5-piece finish, and I have to say I have been impressed by it.

At first, I wasn’t sure such a low-priced drum set could produce the quality of sound I needed. But after a short while, my questions have been answered.

Do you want to know more about DW And The PDP Maple Series? Read this PDP Concept Maple Review.

PDP Concept Series Maple 5-Pieces

When I bought the Concept maple 5-pieces in transparent walnut finish, I wanted to experience how it feels. And this is what I found out:

It is so impressive to play it, it is so professional.

All finishes are well made and the edges are thick and resistant. This drum kit gives you the impression that will last forever. And this is a great feeling!

I got this set for my rehearsal room and to play live music shows.

It sounds great and it also looks really aesthetically amazing If there is something not perfect in this model, it is the throne, because ti is not the most comfortable, but it was ok after I tighten the screws.

Other than that its sound is fantastic and really versatile for the price.

So, what can you expect from a mid-range price drum set? Find out in this PDP maple concept review!


This drum set comes with:

  • A 22 inch by 18-inch Bass Drum
  • 14 inch by 5.5-inch Dual Turret Mag Throw Snare
  • 10 inch by 8 inches and 12 inches by 9 inches mounted floor toms
  • 16 inch by 14-inch floor tops with counter hoops

Unpacking and set up

I liked the way this drum set was packed. It is nicely done. And the boxes are compact. It is easy to load them on a medium-size car trunk.

The shells are quite attractive. They are made with lacquer finish with is shiny and smooth. It reveals a hint of wood grain underneath.

The bearing ages are very smooth. I found this one of the unique features I had not seen in any other drum set.

And when I looked the lugs, the tension rods and the rack tom mount, it gave an impression it was going to last. This is how I knew they were pretty high-quality and durable. The new lugs show more shells and make the kit look kind of vintage.

The maple kit also comes with less metal on the shells. Perhaps this is aimed at allowing for more resonance. And I like it even more.

Setting the kit up is quite easy. It never gave me any impression things were going to be wrong. It is easy to adjust too. For instance, the tom holders are smooth, allowing you to position the toms however you want.

Also, the heads and hardware offer easy set-up too. And the package includes a nice bass drum muffling pillow.

PDP 7 Piece Concept Maple Shells Pack

This model of the PDP Maple Series is an upgrade with 2 extra toms and an amazing bass drums, and it’s perfect to fid out in this PDP concept maple review.

Tuning and playing

I had never owned any PDP drum kit before. So I was looking forward to finding out what this one could to for me. But from the reviews I had read, there was no doubt I had found value.

So after some researching and settling on the Concept maple, I was almost sure it wasn’t going to disappoint. And for the past few months, it hasn’t.

The snare comes with an ambassador coating on the top. It also has a clear ambassador three mils on the bottom. The rack toms have clear ambassadors on both sides, and

After setting up, this is what I realized:

· Build

There are more shell pack and finish variety for the Concept Series. And that is why there may be on higher demand for PDP maple kits.

A basic Concept maple drum kit features a construction identical for both types of wood in the shells. They use 7-ply for the toms and bass drums, and a thicker 10-ply snare.

This construction is pretty technological, marked by a cross-ply technique throughout. The inner and outer plies all run horizontally.

The reputation of DW in lacquer finished is evident in these sets. Hence PDP can be described as a market leader.

· Hands-on

I was impressed with the setup. Even though there were some issues at first, but that is normal. In the end, I would expect a thunderous blend of attack notes, depth, and air with each stroke.

· Sound

The bass drum produces superb sound. It comes with a pillow that provides just the right amount of muffling, creating wet sound with great punchy warmth underneath. The pillow controls the tone, keeping it focused.

The snare, on the other hand, did not turn out as I had expected. It produced too many overtones, which is not my taste. And even after tuning all the way tight, the effect remained. But many drummers don’t mind such. Besides, I was able to figure it out, and now it is in the perfect state, just where I can tolerate.

The sound on the mounted toms is out of this world. I have enjoyed the tone balance and the beautiful resonance it produces,

The floor tom does not disappoint either. Even though it is a bit difficult to tune, it will give you the same tonal quality as the mounted tom once you get it right.

Tuning seems to be a bit complicated. You may have to retune several times before it holds. But once done, you can play and never feel like stopping.

It is safe to say the Concept Series is a pretty impressive drum kit. Considering the price for such quality, I would gladly recommend it for a beginner.

One of the standout features of the Concept Maple PDP drum set is its versatility. The kit includes a variety of drums and cymbals, allowing drummers to experiment with different sounds and arrangements. Plus, the drums are easy to tune and maintain, making them perfect for live performances and recording sessions.

Another benefit of the Concept Maple PDP drum set is its portability. Drums are designed to be light and easy to transport, making them perfect for gigging drummers. Drum sets are also easy to install and remove, which makes them a great choice for those who need to move drums from one location to another frequently. Overall, the Concept Maple PDP drum set is a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable, and versatile drum set.