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About DW And the PDP Maple Series

One of the primary reasons I chose the PDP as a brand for my drum sets is because I researched the company. It is not one of the major brands like Pearl and Yamaha, but it has set a footprint in the market worth noting.

DW (Drum Workshop) started operating in 1972 as a drum school. In 1977, the school purchased tooling from Camco Drum Co. to begin working on a 5000 drum bass pedal.

I reviewed in another section of Zerotodrum the most famous model of the DW, the PDP Concept Maple.

Since then, the company has been producing its drums from the facility. Over the years, it has grown into a significant plant in Oxnard, California. It has become a famous brand in many parts of the world.

PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion) came into the picture as a subsidiary of DW in 2000. Its main goal was to provide affordable-high quality drums.

DW produces high-end drum sets for professional players. But many cannot afford them, so PDP offers the solution.

PDP creates high-quality, affordable drum sets because they share most of the manufacturing methods and benefits with other DW lines. They use computerized prices to create high-quality drums faster.

Buying drums can be a bit tricky. But there are certain areas one must put their focus on. The PDP Concept maple review above has offered a detailed approach to such areas. In a nutshell, money is one of the primary considerations, but quality comes first.

Are PDP Drums Worth Buying?

This is the same question that led to my exploration. When buying drums, many people don’t just look at the price but the quality of the sound.

And one of the main factors to put in mind is the manufacturer. As stated above, PDP is an affiliate of DW, hence a brand worth considering.

When I first opened the packaged, I was not sure if that is what I ordered. I was mesmerized, thinking perhaps they had made a mistake and sent me a higher-quality product.

The company uses the latest hardware to make its drums. As such, it has managed to keep up with the changing trends and market needs.

The company creates a variety of drums together with accessories. Each drum set uses computerized technology to ensure high-quality.

But the most fantastic thing is the low-price.

Many drum sets in the market are overly priced. They don’t have any quality, as I found in the PDP maple drums.

Every drum set that comes out is an updated version of the former. They start from the New Yorker, the concept series, the Z5 to the Mainstage drums. And these are the types many drummers look for.

When you talk about good quality drums, this is one of the service providers you will come across. The company has made a name for itself over the years. And now, it is safe to say PDP is a market leader.

As such, I can comfortably recommend the PDP Concept maple to anyone. For beginners, this a budget-friendly product that will get you playing as an expert within a short period.

Features of PDP Concept Drums

One of the important things drummers look for when buying drums is what the product can offer. As such, it is crucial to consider the essential features of any drum set.

The PDP Concept Maple is among the most trusted drum kits. They are customized in such a way that they meet the changing market trends.

There is no denying that technology has taken the world by storm. Today, every industry is influenced by technology.

And PDP has brought this into drum production. They use computer-based technology to create more drums in a short period while reducing labor.

Another great think about these drums is affordability. It is incredible how such high-quality drums can cost so low. And that is why they are perfect for beginners.

Then there is variety. The DW 5-Piece Concept Male, for instance, comes in different comes. This feature allows you to choose according to your preference.

Additionally, the bass drums are greatly customized to meet personal playing needs. You can play than in almost all styles and forms of music.

The Concept series is among the new series in the market. It is obtainable in all-birch and all-maple shells. Besides, they come in seven-ply and ten-ply.

The truth is, many reviews out there talk positively about the Concept Maple. It is without a doubt; the quality is among the features that inspire many.

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