Pdp 5 Piece Junior Drum Set With Hardware &Amp; Cymbals

If your child has a great interest in drumming, you must build a strong foundation for him/her. The best way to build a solid and robust foundation for your child is to get them the best drum sets. It is good to get them a PDP 5-piece junior drum set.

This entry-level drum set is ideal for children from 3 to 7 years old. The kit comprises five drums, a hi-hat, cymbals, a child-sized throne, bass drum pedal, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, hardware accessories, and other percussion instruments.

The stands and heads are designed for use by these young drummers. You can get one for your child on various online shops while stock lasts. It is the right gear and percussion kit that you can gift your kid on his/her special occasion.

Therefore, it is wise to look at some fantastic kids in the brand PDP. It is wise that you read the entire article for all info.

PDP 5-Piece Junior Drum Set With Hardware & Cymbals

PDP player 5-piece junior drum set is ideal for children from 3 to 7 years. The drums are arranged in a five-piece setup, and cymbals are included. The pack also includes all the necessary hardware and hardware accessories.

It comes with a child-sized throne that helps the kid remain comfortable throughout the entire practice session. The main aim of making this kit attractive and comfortable is to make the child more interested in drumming. The love for drums is the beginning of a long successful music career.

 The drums included in this pack are a kick drum, two rack toms, a floor tom, a snare, and a kick drum. This makes it possible for your kid to familiarize themselves with the real drums used by professional drummers across the globe. The tom and a snare drum have unique drum heads. the package includes a kick drum of normal size

Some of the items included in the pack are bass drum pedal, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, snare drum stand, throne, and tom mount. You have everything that you need for your kid to start playing the drums immediately.

The only thing that you will need to add to your drums is a pair of drumsticks. All the instruments in this package come at an affordable price, perfect for drummers who are starting to play. They are great drums at a great price from Pacific Drums and Percussion.

The PDP Junior drum set sizes are 5 x 12 inches snare, 5 x8 inches and 5 x 10 inches mounted toms, 14 x 18 inches bass drum, and 10 x 12 inches floor tom. These sizes are the standard sizes for kid’s drum sets, and they produce incredible sounds. On the other hand, the cymbals measure 10 inches for the hi-hat and 12 inches for the crash.

PDP drums have incorporated the famous DW drums in their designs. This aims at providing the best drums for the drummers, and you won’t have to break the bank to buy a beginner or student a drum kit. The PDP drum offers excellent performance and reliability that a young drummer needs.

The drums feature a tunable drum head that allows them to optimize the drum sound and encourage sound tones. The hi-hat pedals are made with a durable chain that can withstand the energy exerted to it by the young drummer.

The shells are made of well-selected hardwood material that is responsible for the incredible sounds. The shell also can withstand scratches, and it is attractive due to the fantastic polish applied to it. These kits offer the best chances for your child’s success.

Lonestar Percussion sells this fantastic kit, and they have a return policy that allows unsatisfied customers to return the product within 30 days. The customer has given a full refund, store credit, or one-for-one exchange an every percussion instrument in the store.


  • They are affordable and durable.
  • They help nurture a kid exceptionally well.


  • They are on-demand, meaning they can run out of stock.

What age is a junior kid drum set for?

As said earlier, this drum set is suitable for children who are at least 3 years old. However, you should not use this drum set to train a more than 7 years old. The one above 7 years need an advanced type of kit that is almost similar to the professional drum set.

This kit for juniors is designed to help you love the drum first. Without the love for drums and drumming, you will do nothing in the industry. Once you realize that your child likes drumming, do not hesitate to get this kit for him/her.

Is PDP a good drum brand?

Pacific Drums & Percussion is a fantastic company dedicated to making the best drums in the world. PDPs are good drums that sound better than the other drums in the market. They are made with artisans who are well-trained and with exceptional interest in drums.

The PDP drums offer the best sound quality and durability that every drummer is always looking for. PDP also makes the best hardware that you need as a drummer.

What is the difference between a junior drum set and a normal one?

A junior drum set is made to suit the needs of young ones; thus, their sizes are a bit smaller compared to the standard drums. Also, the kit includes one or two generic cymbals that are not the same quality as those that come in a standard package.

However, there are also some smaller drum kits aimed not only at younger drummers, but also at adult ones, such as Ludwig Breakbeats.

Most of the components of a kid’s drum set are designed to attract the child. They are made more beautiful, but the sound characteristics are maintained as much as possible. Also, the standard kit is more expensive than the kid’s drum set.