Pearl is one of the biggest drum manufacturers in the world. The firm has been making high-end drums for a very long time, and they are known for their attention to detail.

Most of Pearl’s drum sets are 5-piece. However, there are unique configurations that come with 7-pieces.

In this case, you will get one bass drum, one snare drum, three toms, and a dual floor tom setup. Pearl has a reputation for producing professional drums on the market. And this seven-piece kit can be an excellent piece for any drummer.

Another advantage of the Pearl drum packs is their affordability. Pearl has become most popular mostly because of its main targets, budget-buyers.

Despite their affordability, these are some of the highest quality drums you can get.

Now, the 7-piece configurations are mostly found with the Export series, which is the starter line of drums from Pearl. They are mainly aimed at offering everything a drummer will need to make good music.

They are well-build with industry-standard quality.

Pearl Export series drum set 7-Piece

The Pearl Export series is the most popular line of drums the firm ever made. The company discontinued them, opening a way for the Vision series, which was also a good option for beginners.

However, Pearl introduced the Export EXX line in 2013, bringing back tone the most famous and coveted Export drums. It came as the replacement for the Pearl’s Forum line.

The drums are made from Asian Mahogany and Poplar shells. They also come with improve suspension mounts.

Nevertheless, the original Pearl series is still a good deal if you find a willing seller.

With the Pearl Export series drum set 7-piece, you have all the drums you need to start playing. It comes with one bass drum, three tom-toms, two-floor toms, and one snare drum. They come in various sizes, but the most basic one is the full sound 22-inch bass drum configuration.

The quality of these drums is unbeatable. If you have some good cash to spend on a drum kit, then this could be one you can rely on.

Today, you will either find these kits in the EXX line. For instance, the Pearl EXX725 comes with a 22-inch bass drum, 12-inch, 13-inch, and 16-inch toms, while the EXX725S has 10, 12, and 16-inch toms.

And the best part is, not setup is better or worse. They are all designed for high performance, making sure you get a good performance.

The shell hardware is pretty solid. The tom holder and the tom arms are all designed to let the drum resonate fully.

It’s even hard for anyone to tell the setup you are playing with because they all sound good. Besides, a drum set is only as good as the drummer.


• High-quality drums with strong floor tom legs

• Good sounding

• Affordable


• These are basic sets, which means you cannot expect much from them.

Pearl Export 7-Piece drum set

I bought my two Pearl Export 7-piece drum sets a few years ago, and they have always been with me. You may have heard or read many conflicting reviews about the whole Pearl Export series.

This should be a surprise because, by 1995, Pearl had already shipped there the millionth kit from this series. Hence, you can expect to get thousands of views about the series online.

Many of their reviews will not say which of the many version they have from the past 30 years.

In my review, I will be giving a full review based on hands-on experience. I don’t know much about the previous kits, but the mine comes from the EXL line introduced in 2013.

My kit is a 7-piece set in Satin Blackburst configured with a 22-inch bass drum, 8, 10, and 12-inch toms, 14 and 16-inch floor toms, and a 14-inch snare drum.

A strong tom holder is necessary. This is why the tom arms on this shell pack are reliable.

The snare drum

The 14-inch x 5.5-inch snare included is a quality piece, similar to that of the reference series, only that it’s made from a poplar-Asian Mahogany combination. This results in a loud and punchy snare sound perfect for beginners.


Warm and punchy sounds come from the tom shells. They also borrow some features from the Reference series, ensure full-bodied tones.

Pearl has applied SST construction, which ensures good roundness and bearing edges. This also assures strong and durable shells.

The kick drum

A full sound comes from the bass drum with so much energy. It’s well round and punchy, delivering a perfect tone for modern drummers.

If you are looking for a good beginner drum kit, this bass drum will make your time worth it.


Pearl hardware never disappoints. And I have used it long enough to know how much strength it holds.

This kit comes with a Pearl P930 Demonator pedal. It may not be the most expensive bass drum pedal, but it’s good enough for a beginner.

The hardware is generally strong and durable. That’s all that matters for many drummers.

There is a boom on one of the cymbal stands. This means you can mount the ride cymbal over the bass drum if you wish to.

Opti-Loc mounting system

The technology used in Pearl’s Opti-Loc mounting system is theoretically incredible. It does not allow for drilling holes on the small tom shells, which caters for better tone.

And it makes the drum sound great.


• High-quality set

• Affordable

• Best money-for-value kit


• Using the OptiLoc is a bit cumbersome

• Sometimes the toms fall off if not well secured

7 Piece Pearl drum set

Pearl is known for making high-end drums, and that is one thing that pulls back many drummers. Apart from this, there are very affordable.

There are many 7-piece Pearl drum kit options out there. And perhaps this is the most convenient set you may need to enjoy a full-sound kit.

Some of the most popular Pearl 7-piece Acoustic drum sets can be found online with ease. For instance, the Pearl Decade Maple 7-piece shell pack -22-inch kick – Satin Blackburst comes with a 22-inch bass, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch toms, 14 and 16-inch floor toms, and a 14-inch snare.

Other finishes with similar configurations and price points include the White Satin Pearl, Satin Browburst, Redburst, Ghost Kobalt Fade Lacquer, Classic Satin Amburst, and Solid Yellow.

The Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure shell – 7-piece, Turquoise Glass kit is a more expensive kit. You can find it with the high-end lines.

It comes with dual 22-inch kick drums, 10-inch and 13-inch toms, and 16-inch and 18-inch floor toms. These are some of the best drum options on the market, delivering a perfect tonal balance.

7 Piece Drum set Pearl

With so many 7-piece drums set Pearl lines to pick from, one can be confused about where to begin from. My favorite kit is the Pearl Decade Maple 7-piece Shell pack-22-inch kick in Redburst finish.

It comes with 100% Maple drums. It is a large kit worth considering for top-quality shells at a good price.

Each of the 6-ply shell material promises a large, well-balanced sound that will work with almost any music genre.

The Decade Maple shells are designed for top-tone and durability standards that every gigging drummer will appreciate. Especially, at this price range.

Pearl pays close attention to detail, which pays off with great-sounding drums. The hand-treated interiors, great-looking mini shield lugs, and the resonance-increasing tom mounts are more than what you can expect at this price range.

Generally, this is a set you will love to have, especially considering the price.

Maple is a standard shell wood found with both respected manufacturers and players. It gives out a warm low end and clean midrange that work for any music.

This 7-piece Decade Maple shell pack is played live and in the studio. You will get an exceptional tone and wonderful construction.

The 6-ply shells are built on SST technology, with overlapping scarf-joint seams and AcoustiGlue, offering incredible resonance.


• Opti-Lock suspension mounts

• All-maple kits

• Excellent quality

  • 6-ply shell material makes this good sounding drum set


• It still not the best quality of drum choices from Pearl

Pearl Drum Set, Gloss Deep Red Burst, inch (DMP927SPC261)

Pearl has focused on creating high-end drums set designed for the modern drummer for the past ten years. Their new Pearl series is the real taste for performance, sound, and value.

The Pearl drum sets, Gloss Deep Red Burst (DMP927SPC261), comes from this line.

It features even 6-ply, 5.4mm maple shells, pro-level features, and incredible lacquer finishes. This drum set is specially designed for affordability and performance.

It is configured with a 22-inch bass, 16-inch floor tom, 12-inch, and 10-inch tomes, and a 14-inch snare drums.


This kit is the first all Maple drums set to come with a lifetime. These drum sets come under $1000.

Even 6-ply, 5.4mm 100% maple SST constructed shells deliver a beautiful sound. And for the first time, this line is available as a professional kit at the lowest price.

You can get it in five custom colors, where lacquer finishing is applied for a smooth performance.

It comes equipped with Pearl’s three-way Opti-Loc mounting system, which produces a clear tone. It offers incredible stability, suspending each tom at a good tuning point.


Pearl is known for its focus on high-end tonal features. As such, you can always be sure that of good excellent sound from this kit. The rack toms deliver a full blast.

Besides, this is a professional drum set offered at an affordable price. You will ask for nothing more in terms of tonal value and affordability if you have this kit.


• SST Shells

• Full-sound kit

• Affordable


• Nothing to complain yet

Pearl Drum Set, Satin Brown Burst, inch (DMP927SPC260)

Peal is dedicated to ensuring every drummer gets the best value from their drums. Investing in a Pearl drum set is therefore considered a good thing.

This Pearl Drum Set, Sating Brown Burst, inch (DMP927SPC260), kit comes as the first of all maple drum sets under $1000.

Pearl has been trying to bring high-end drum features into the budget-market for the past ten years, and they seem to have succeeded. Most of the features you will find on this kit can easily be linked to more expensive options.

For the first time, you can buy Pearl Custom professional drum kit at the lowest price. This makes it a perfect choice for every drummer, from beginners to professionals.

It comes in five custom colors, all of which look attractive. Also, the Pearl Lacquer finishing process is used on each shell to excellent vibrancy from the exterior.

Pearl applied its new three-way Opti-Loc mounting system, which promises a clear tone. The system ensures stability in suspending each tom at two turning points. This suspension also touches one of the two air vents on the drums. It eliminates the need to make holes on the tom heads.

The tonal features of these drums are unbeatable. The bass and the snare drums deliver a warm and punchy sound that is perfect for any music style.

Note that this only a shell pack, with bass, snare, floor toms, and rack toms. Hence, it does not come with cymbals and hardware.


• High-end pro-level drum sets

• Affordable

• SST shell construction with good tom mounts


• This is only a shell pack, without all hardware and cymbal.


If you are looking for a full-body kit, for a Pearl 7-piece set. Pearl is a reputable brand and offers affordable sets.

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