Bass drums are among the essential parts of a full drum kit. I once tried playing my drum kit in the absence of bass drums, and I can tell you for free, it was pathetic. Therefore, every drummer is always confident with his/her performance if he/she has a bass drum that they can trust.

Pearl knows the types of drums you need; thus, they design them to suit your needs. Their double bass drum sets are unique. I can dare you to try it, and I am sure you won’t regret having it in your band.

Therefore, we shall look at the components of these bass drums. We will also take a good look at the various double bass drums and their functionality.

Pearl export double bass 8-piece drum set

Pearl, so it wise to introduce the export series to help all drummers get back to the right lane. This double bass drum set has improved with age, and it is now much better. It has an SST shell construction together with suspended mounts.

You will get a balanced and full tone because of the 6-ply and mahogany used to make these bass drums. The high-end hardware will bring back the good memories of your best bass drum.

With these export series, you will get a sonically advanced content of well-arranged plies of high-quality wood that increases the frequency response of every part of your drum. An air acoustic chamber is created by passing each shell through a legendary SST process that needs a lot of heat and hydraulic pressure.

This kit comes with all hardware packs that include three BC830 boom stands, two P930 kick pedals, and many others. The cymbals are not included; you will need to buy them separately. It is available on Amazon, which is our trusted seller. Add it to your wish list while stock is available.

Hardware pack

  • Two P930 Bass drum Pedals
  • Three BC830 Boom/cymbal stands
  • One H830 Hi-hat stand
  • One S830 Snare stand
  • One C830 Cymbal stand
  • Three TH70I Tom holders
  • One HA130 Hi-hat attachment

Pearl export double bass seven-piece drum set

This double bass drum has two-floor toms, double bass, and a 7-piece behemoth, giving you more tom-sticking tom options. It is much attractive with its black hardware and a glossy jet black covered finish.

It also has split low-mass lugs, a 6.5-inch wood snare that provides maximum depth and projection. The suspended tom mounts increase resonance.

It comes with two BC800W boom stands, two CH-80 cymbal boom arms that can be mounted to the existing bass drum mount receivers. You can visit Amazon’s website for more reviews, information, and request. Amazon has a return policy for any products that have any defects.


  • Two – 22-inch x 18-inch bass drums
  • 12-inch x 9-inch and 13-inch x 10-inch toms
  • 16-inch x 16-inch and 18-inch x 16-inch floor toms
  • Six-1/2-inch x 14-inch wood snare
  • Two TH88i tom holders
  • Two P-120P pedals
  • S800W snare stand
  • H820W hi-hat stand
  • Three cymbal boom stands

Double bass drum set pearl

Pearl has several bass drum sets with unique features. It is useful when there are several options that you can choose from. Thus, I will give you the product info for various double bass drums and the drum hardware. The different categories include:

Pearl Export EXX 8-piece Double Bass Drum Set with Hardware – Pure White

This is an enhanced version as it has upgraded shells and hardware. It is affordable, and this Export EXX kit’s SST employs strategically organized plies of high-quality wood construction techniques that make its shell durable and have a high-frequency response.

This kit also has an Opti-Loc mounting system responsible for keeping toms wobble-free while enhancing the kit’s resonance.

This bass drum’s shell comprises poplar and Asian mahogany and is constructed by Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology. This technology plays a role in enhancing the durability of the shell. The shells are also outfitted with new lugs that reduce the shell interaction, making them sound even better.

The Opti-Loc mounting system has two tension rod attachments and a triangular design to keep your toms firmly in position. There are rubber isolators fitted at all connections to allow the shells to vibrate freely. The product is available on Amazon, and you can contact them through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for inquiries.

Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain with Interchangeable Cam Powershifter

Pearl P932 Demonator is another fantastic product that has a single-chain drive pedal and also has a Demon Style Power shifter extended footboard. You can customize the pedal to your desired location because it has an interchangeable cam and adjustable beater angle.

The Click-Lock spring tension keepers and control core beater offers the finishing touches that make this pedal outstanding.

In new Pearl’s 930 and 830 hardware packs, the Demonator single pedal is included. The price of this product on the Amazon shopping platform $ 245.00, and it is shipped to several countries outside the United States.


  • Perfect Circle Cam w/ Removable Eliminator-style Eccentric Cam
  • Demon Style Power Shifter Function Longboard
  • Dual Surface Beater w/ Control Core
  • Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle

Pearl P2052C Eliminator Double Bass Drum Pedal-Chain Drive

This is a double pedal complete set that came as a result of the revolution of P-2000C. The Power Shifter Eliminator offers the best in terms of player tenability and control. The player can have full control over his/her bass drums.

It comes with six distinct cams (4 included in its pack and two sold separately). It also comes with four beater faces, Power Shifter functionality, and surface grip, making it the most tuner pedal that you can ever get. 

You should not worry about carrying it around because it comes with custom carry bags. It is well furnished with a silver appearance that will make everyone stare at it. The four comes changes the feel and power of the pedal to give you the desired playing style.

The three-position Power Shifter allows you to move the footboard forward and back to fine-tune the drive angle to achieve a light, regular, or firm feel. The Control Core Quad beater allows the drummer to fine-tune the drum with four switchable playing surfaces.


  • Power shifter
  • Independent Traction Grips
  • Zero Play Hinge
  • Roller Hoop Clamp
  • Quad beater

Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl P3002D Eliminator is yet another fantastic product from Pearl. It is heavily smooth and wickedly fast. Once you have a touch of these pedals, you will notice their unparalleled smoothness. You might end up thinking that your foot isn’t moving because of its smoothness.

It is designed with sleek adjustments that give you a chance to custom fit the pedal to your desired position. This pedal allows you to play all music genres because of its lightning-fast blast beats too deep. You will never regret having such kind of a product.

This pedal is designed to fit into your foot better than your favorite pair of shoes. The bearings fitted into this pedal make it smooth and fast. It has about 16 extraordinary bearings that won’t let you down at any time.

The self-aligning sphere-shaped bearings are responsible for ensuring the footboard and giving direct link is always perfect alignment. O9n the axles, high-speed Ninja bearings are used to offer the smoothest and the fastest double bass drum pedal on the planet.

This fantastic product comes with a carry bag that will always protect your Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal from wear and tear.

You can find this product from our trusted seller, who is Amazon. They have an acceptable return policy, and every product comes with a warranty. You can check the reviews from different customers who have enjoyed this product.