Pearl M 80 Black

Drumming needs a lot of planning and getting the right gear. And the snare drum is one of the components you can never get wrong.

And because of this, choosing the best quality for your drums should be a priority.

Pearl is not a new name in this industry. The company is known for making high-quality drum sets. The M 80 snare drum is a good example of the quality that Pearl assures.

I will be reviewing it here.

Pearl M 80 Snare

The first time I came across Pearl’s M80 was when I was looking for a side snare to improve my kit. I needed something portable that would make my set look better.

And the M80 gave me those services. My current snare, a 14 by 5-inch DW Collector, is a bit tuned low. I figured good effects snare would do me a great service.

And it did.

The Pearl M80 snare drum offers a wonderful ‘crack’ with a loud volume. It is also very responsive, a good feature to find in the snare drum.

In this review, I am looking at different sizes of the Pearl M80 snare drum. Generally, this is one of the snare drums that you would always want to have.

It is compact and very useful. As Pearl is known for high-quality products, you can be sure to get the same from this drum accessories.

Pearl M80 Snare Drum 10×4

I was looking for a small and portable snare drum, and the small cannon 10 by 4-inch snare drum from Pearl was just the perfect choice. It can react to anything you through at it, and its tuning range is quite impressive for such a small drum.

It’s made from poplar wood, which ensures and great projection. The heads are not very good, so you may have to replace them to take care of the overtones.

In terms of overall quality, the drum is fairly decent. It sounds great and is strong enough to serve you for a long.

Besides, it’s one of the cheapest snare drums out there.

Pearl Snare Drum, 14-Inch (STA1465FB)

Pearl’s snare drums are new on the market. They form the biggest inspiration for most musicians and their bands. And it’s all because of the quality and affordability.

A full 14-inch snare drum like this one promises all the functions of a standard snare. It delivers a bold projection with a controlled ring sustain that would not easily get anywhere else.

It features a click-lock Strainer system that prevents the snare lever from slipping during performance. Even with low-tension settings, you will still get a smooth and accurate performance.

Pearl promises reliability and a quick switch response in this drum. It is designed with the new Arch-Tube Lug (ARL-15) found on all standard Sensitone Premium snare drum.

It has a low-contact Arch in casting that includes two self-aligning in swivel nuts and nota contiguous tube like the case with many snares.

This snare is designed with a 1.5mm beaded brass shell, which is durable and highly responsive. It carries all the top-quality features you can expect from the brand.

Last but not least is the SuperHoop II feature. These hoops are not like ordinary ones as they reduce the contact space, letting the snare ring out loud and clean.

Pearl snare drums are among the most popular snares, and there is a good reason for that. They are built with precision and performance in mind.


• Bold projection

• Good-sound

• Affordable


• Some users have complained that the batch come off after some time

Pearl Snare Drum, Satin Black (MUS1480M227)

Do you need a snare drum that has all the features and usefulness of a high-end drum and yet affordable? Pearl is the brand you should turn to.

This Pearl snare drum, Satin Black MUS1480M227, is one of the biggest sales from the manufacturer. It is a highly effective and yet affordable snare drum that will stand up to any challenge.

Those who have been drumming for a long understand that modern utility snare drums are vital instruments for good music. But it’s only well-informed drummers who may know and understand this.

If, therefore, you are a current player who does not a flashy name or message, just the weapon to make good music, this snare drum it for you. You would never find a better solution at this price range.

The drum features 6-ply/5mm all maples SST shell construction with a CL bridge lug. The smooth SR700 strainer and the 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops make it a perfect tool for the job.

And to crown it all, the drum comes in Matte Lacquer finish, which a popular finish today.

This snare drum will give you a good performance, and you can be sure it will ring through the setup.


• SST Shell technology

• Excellent sound

• Affordable


• Basic features

Pearl HEK1450 14 X 5 Inches Hybrid Exotic Snare Drum – Kapur With Inner Fiberglass

Pearl Hybrid Exotic snare drum is another product on its own level. This snare drum is uniquely designed with more advanced features for performance.

Its articulate snare punch is great for higher tunings, delivering a tone that will smoothly project through your setup.

It features Pearl’s SR-1000 Glide-Lock Strainer, which has a locking throw-off lever and a tension knob. These parts ensure that you never have to worry about the snare slipping out of position.

All Hybrid Exotic snare is built for high performance, and this one is no different.

The 6-ply 7mm Kapur w/inner fiberglass shells are not only durable, but they offer high-end tonal features. Hence, the sound that comes from these snares could be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Pearl’s new Spin-Tight tensions are added to make things even more interesting. They are elegantly simple and innovative hardware that creates a tension rod-withing-a-tension rod. With this, the rod can expand and lock into place perfectly in the swivel nut.

In terms of sound quality, you get a combination of rich, warm stick definition that creates more volume. The crack and projection that comes out is a sound that every drummer would expect to get from a snare drum.


• Good projection

• Durable shell

• Top-quality sound


• A bit expensive

Many professional drummers have highly acknowledged Pearl’s snare drums. I hope this review helps you understand what you need and can get.