Pearl S022 20 Strand For 14 Inch Snare Drums, With Straps

Pearl is one of the brands that are very common in the world of drums. The company has been making drums and accessories for several years now, making it one of the world’s best companies.

If you have a Pearl drum set, you may want to know where to find some replacement parts for them. Getting original parts from Pearl can save you a lot of cash.

This article will review some of the drum parts options you can get from the company. This should help you make more informed decisions.

What are Pearl Drum Parts?

In a drum set, you have a kick drum, a snare drum, the toms, and the cymbals. All of these components are put together from different parts.

For instance, a bass drum has hoops, shells, lugs, and heads. The snare drum features the heads, the snares, a strainer, a muffler, and many other parts. This is the same with the toms and the cymbals.

These parts can get damaged or simply need upgrades. Things line the heads, get old, and start sounding bad. Or loose wingnuts may cause issues with the tonal quality of your drums.

When this happens, you need to know where to get the right replacement parts.

Pearl drum parts are these components, made specifically by Pearl but not for Pearl drums. Note that most of the brands offer compatible parts with other manufacturers. This is why you will get Pearl drums using Remo heads or other parts that are not originally theirs.

Pearl drum parts include:

Pearl drum replacement part

A Pearl drum replacement part includes things like drum heads and shells. When they become old or damaged due to constant playing, they can no longer produce the best sounds.

Finding these parts can be a bit of a challenge. Hence, you need to identify a good dealer who understands the parts and can advise you appropriately.

Pearl drum hardware parts

When the hoops on your bass drums or the mounts on your toms become loose and cannot hold the drum anymore, you need replacement parts.

This is where Pearl drum accessory parts come in. You get things like drum keys, snare strainers, bass drum hoops, or wing nuts and tom mounts when the ones you have become useless.

In this group, we also have the stands, which ensure you play your drums with ease.

Pearl marching snare drum parts

A marching snare is an important component in a marching band. It can be a bit hard to make good sounds or perform as expected if you don’t have a good-sounding snare drum.

Marching snare drum parts include things like the strainer, keys, snares, and removable legs. Of course, the entire drum, the shells, and the wing nuts/mounting gear/straps are all part of the marching snare.

You can get Pearl marching snare drum parts with ease, which is another advantage of using Pearl drums.

Pearl Snare Drum Parts

The snare drum comes with different parts. Some of them include the snare strands, straps, heads, and many others.

The best Pearl Snare Drum parts were found with several trusted dealers online. But you need to be careful where you buy them to get a good deal.

Pearl Drum Parts Reviewed

Pearl S022 20 Strand for 14-inch Snare Drums, with Straps

What makes a snare drum sound good? For many, it’s the heads.

However, there is so much to snare parts than you may know about. Some of the best marching snares from Pearl line, the Championship FFX series, are a bit more complex.

The Pearl S0222 20-Strand is one of the aspects of these drums that give them sounding capabilities. They can make your drums sound incredible.

This strand is a replacement snare wire for 14-inch snare drums. It comes with plastic straps, which are durable.

The strands offer a perfect solution for top-sounding snare drums.


• 20-strand wire

• Suitable for 14-inch drum

• Comes with wire straps


• It’s only good for 14-inch snare drums

Pearl Nylon Bushing 7/8″ for Cymbal and Snare Stand 2 Pack Bundle

Setting your snare drum and cymbals in place calls for more than just good-quality stands. Well, it begins from the stands.

But there are other parts on the stands that should be considered, and one of them is the bushing.

Pearl’s nylon bushing 7/8-inch for cymbal and snare stand two-pack bundle comes with everything you need to have a strong snare in place.

It is a strong drum replacement part that comes with durable features. It is durable and sturdy, making it a good accessory for your snare.


• Durable and sturdy

• Good-quality

• For snare and cymbal


• There is no complaint yet about this product

Pearl T062/6 Tension Rods M5.8 x 52mm, Pack of 6

Tension rods are another drum part that requires attention. They are used for setting the tension of your drum heads, giving you the sound you need from the drums.

Tensioning them lightly gives you low tones while tensioning them tight assures high tones.

Pearl T062/6 tension rods are 52mm long replacement parts that come in a pack of six. This means you will have new tension rods across the drum head, leading to the best tonal ranges you desire.

M5.8 by 52mm drum tension rods, long enough to set your drums in the best ranges. They are made from durable materials, which keep them strong for a long.


• Durable

• Long and sturdy

• Functional yet cheap on the price


• Some users have complained that it is a bit expensive

Pearl FTB07/C Floor Tom Bracket

Setting your floor tom in place is one of the best ways to get top sounds. And this means you need to get good quality parts.

Pearl’s FTB07/C Floor tom bracket is one of these replacement parts worth investing in.

This is chrome hardware made by Pearl. It measures 3 x 1 x 2 inches and comes with mounting screws/washers. Everything you need to set your floor tom in place has been included.

The bracket fits the EXX series, and it’s made in China.

It is made with mounting screws and washers to keep your floor toms in place for a long time. This is the reason they are very popular.


• Top quality and best the price

• Durable

• Fits well on the snare


• It’s not versatile to use with other brands or models

Pearl SR018 Strainer, Piccolo, Complete

A snare drum is defined by the sounds it produces. And there are a lot of things that make your drum deliver that perfect sound.

The Pearl SR018 is a strainer, complete and made for Piccolo snare drums. They measure 0.4 pounds, which makes them good for any setup.

Setting your snares in place requires good strainers. This snare strainer made for the Piccolo Snare drums could be a good addition to your accessories.

The complete set delivers a perfect combination of strainer functions to keep your snare sound in check. This functional set is designed by one of the top manufacturers and for one of the top lines of drums.

Pearl has made this strainer to serve the needs of modern drummers. They are strong and durable, with great functionality.


• A high-quality snare strainer

• Complete for the Piccolo line

• Top performance


• It would be better if it were made for other sets too

Pearl JG16 Jungle Gig Adapter

One of the best ways to make your drum kit versatile is to transform the 16-inch floor tom into a bass drum. The Pearl JG16 Jungle Gig Adapter is the right tool for this.

It will convert a 16-inch floor tom into a bass drum, helping you manipulate your kit anyhow you want.

The adapter does this by lifting the tom off the ground, which allows you to add a standard bass drum pedal. This way, you can have another bass drum to expand your kit.

It is very portable and good for any small gig. You won’t carry a huge 22-inch bass drum if you are going for a small gig. And if you don’t have a smaller bass drum for this, the 16-inch floor tom will become one.


• Turn your floor-tom into a bass drum

• Durable and sturdy

• Perfect for small gigs 

• Great price range


• It needs an OPT1516

Pearl RJ50 ICON Rack 6-inch Mini Extension Bar

Are you looking for the best solution in joining two DR501 drum racks? Consider this extension, and you will be glad you did.

Pearl RJ50 ICON rack is a 6-inch extension bar that will get your drum rack together, making it easy to use the drums together.

It weighs 1 pound, which makes it portable. But this lightweight does not mean they are not strong. The extension bar will not easily break, no matter how strong you hit the drums.

It’s concise 6-inch long. This ensures you get enough space for the other drum while getting it close enough for easy playing.

The extension bar is made with market standard quality materials, ensuring high-end performance.


• Made with Pearl quality

• Strong and durable

• 6-inch to connect two DR501 sessions


• It’s only fixed for DR501 rack sessions

Having good replacement parts for your drums is key to good sounds. These Pearl drum parts can be a good place to find the solution.