Pearl S1330B 13 X 3 Inches Black Steel Piccolo Snare Drum

A snare drum is one of the main parts of a drum set. And this is why many drummers take a lot of time choosing the right one.

There are many types of snare drums out there, each of them with varying features and applications. Also, there are different manufacturers for these drum accessories.

A piccolo snare is among the most common types. It is used to get a higher-pitched sound from a snare.

In this guide, we will be looking at Pearl‘s piccolo snare drum.

Pearl piccolo snare drum

A piccolo snare drum is a kind of drum used by players who need a higher pitch from their snare. It has a narrower depth compared to any other type. This is why it’s mostly associated with a ‘higher-pitched ‘pop.’

Pearl’s piccolo snare promises a more distinctive, unique sound. It makes it easy to record because of its sharper sound.

Pearl maple piccolo snare

If you are looking for the cheapest Pearl piccolo drum, go for the maple snare. The shell is made from maple, which is a great material, although it’s not the best quality.

Even though a piccolo snare, and especially one made from maple, has its downsides, Pearl seems to have done a great job on this one. It sounds better than anything you may have used before.

Pearl brass piccolo snare

Another great option is the brass piccolo snare. It comes with brass shells, which sound louder and last longer than wood.

A brass snare drum is a great option for recording or someone who needs an easy solution for high pitches.

Pearl free-floating piccolo snare

Pearl also offers a line of high-quality free-floating snare drums. They come in different types, including steel, brass, and maple, among others.

Each of the drums is designed with a Task-Specific shell recipe aimed at creating a unique tonal voice. It can also be used in a wide range of applications.

The 14-inch by 3.5-inch drum ensures a great piccolo sound with a spirit-full expression and style.

Two Best Piccolo snare drums from Pearl

Pearl S1330B 13 x 3 Inches Black Steel Piccolo Snare Drum

Pearl has never been disappointed when it comes to making high-quality drum sets. And piccolo snare for high-pitched sounds is just one of the products that make the brand one of the best manufacturers around.

The S1330B is a 13-inch by 3-inch black steel piccolo snare drum made for the modern drummer.

Pearl has got all for you here if you are looking for the top-notch snap from your snare drum. The S1330B snare will keep you in the mix, wherever you are playing from.

It does not matter how loud the rest of the band is; the steel shells on this piccolo drum will get you there.

It is designed with a 3-inch depth and 13-inch width, making it work perfectly as the main snare or an effects option. It comes with an 8-lug design, standard 1.6mm hoops, and a steel shell. You can therefore expect all-weather durability and a high-end projection.

This drum will give you set instant authority, and you will never have to worry about keeping your sound with the rest of the band.


• Perfect as secondary effects, or main snare

• Steel shell

• Offer huge punch


• The depth may not be well-projecting as a main snare

Pearl M1330102 13 x 3 Inches Natural Finish Maple Piccolo Snare Drum

Effects drums have become some of the highly used and sold snare drums. Many popular musicians are using them because of the value they add to the set.

A piccolo snare can be used both as an effect or a main snare drum. And Pearl has just the perfect solution for you in this.

Pearl’s M1330102 is a 13 by 3-inch maple piccolo snare drum with a natural finish. It delivers a brilliant and tight sound that will project nicely through your kit.

Many players who gave used the Pearl piccolo snare agree that it promises an all-around snare drum’s satisfaction.

The maple shell on this snare ensures and natural and unique tone that allows you to fine-tune for top tonal needs.

This item comes as an individual part drum and not a complete kit.

One thinks you can always be sure of about Pearl’s drums is their quality. With so many piccolo drums on the market, you need something that you can rely on, and this one is a perfect option.

It features a compact and affordable design with a lot of snap. Besides, the black lacquered finish on the steel construction ensures the best sound delivery.


• Plenty of snap

• Steel drum, durable

• Great sound


• It might not be great as the main snare


Pearl is, without a doubt, one of the brands that will never disappoint a drummer. However, you may be looking for something more.

There are several alternatives, which may be cheaper and better.

MAPEX Snare Drum, Black, 14-inch (MPBW4350CDK)

For those who have been drumming for a long, you may already know that Mapex is among those brands that offer the best products. And this is why their piccolo snare drum is a great choice.

Mapex piccolo snare drums are known for producing a wonderful cut and projection. This product will offer a great compliment to your main snare.

This 14-inch by 3.5-inch snare drum has the features and construction of the main snare, which is a great way to make your set sound wonderful.

It is made with a 7.2mm poplar shell that delivers a high-quality tone.

You never have to worry about struggling to reach the rest of the instruments. Mapex is a top manufacturer, and no one can doubt what will meet the needs of every drummer.

Both Pearl and Mapex promise the same quality, which makes them perfect for any drummer. Picking any of them will be a good idea.


• High-quality snare drum

• A great compliment to the main snare

• Durable


• Poplar shells are not the best

Ludwig LW0414CP 4 X 14 Inches Carl Palmer VENUS Signature Green Brass Snare Drum

Are you looking for a piccolo snare drum from a reputable manufacturer that will project perfectly through your set? Ludwig LW04414CP Carl Palmer Venues signature snare could be your ultimate solution.

This is a truly personalized instrument, designed to offer great volume and intricate clarity. As a signature snare drum, it promises the perfection of a professional musician.

The snare drum measures 14-inch by 3.7-inch, which makes it a perfect choice for a main or effects snare drum. It is made to deliver the top-tone with wonderful levels of clarity.

A beaded-brass shell with a green lacquered finish creates a product with stunning looks. The brass-plated separate tension tube lugs ensure stability.

Also, the snare comes with die-cast hoops that promise high-end visual contrast.

Above all, each drum is hand-signed as “Power-Piccolo” by one of the most outstanding drummers today. This should assure any drummer of a trustworthy product.

Between Ludwig and Pearl, it can be a bit tough to tell which one is the best. Both companies have an outstanding reputation and make almost similar lines of products.

However, Ludwig drums are known for their top-notch features. This is why most drummers would pick them.

Pearl, on the other hand, is more affordable. This also is a good reason to make it your choice.


• Ludwig quality

• Signature drums

• Durable


• A bit costly

And there you have it, Pearl’s piccolo snare drums and the best alternatives. Hopefully, you will get something that fits your needs.

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