The Pearl Snare Drum is a great snare model if you are looking for a reliable snare, at a good price for live performance and drum practice.

I remember very well when I was new in the drumming industry. I never paid attention to the other sounds because I did not see them as necessary. But then I progress in my music career and now I know how important are sounds. As you know, kick and snare are the most important sounds, together with drum cymbals.

Snare drums produce this staccato sound because it is made of a series of stiff wires connected under tension against the lower drum skin. The snares inside this type of drum range from 8 to 18 snares, and they are responsible for the crisp sound of the snares.

The snares are occasionally used in concert bands, parades, drumlines, drum corps, marching bands, orchestras, and more. Thus, before purchasing a snare, it is good to consider its functions.

When I realized that snare drums existed, I was eager to know how they work. The snare drums, also known as side drums, orchestral or military percussion instruments, have guts, wire, and nylon. The wires are stretched across the lower or snare head; thus, the snares vibrate with the lower head.

The vibration is transmitted from the upper or batter by air vibrations inside the drum, leading to a sharp, penetrating, relatively high-pitched sound.

Let us go through some of the best snare drums available in the market, but we shall start with the 13 inches snare drum.

13 Inch Snare Drum

Which size of a snare drum do you think is the best? In my view, a more massive snare is the best because it produces a louder sound. But the quality of sound depends mainly on shell materials, thickness, head type, drum depth, and rigidity.

The majority of professionals prefer 13 inches snare drums because of their right size. Having a larger snare drum can make your drum arrangement hard to manage. But you should always consider the pitch that you need in your music.

Pearl snare drums

Pearl is among the largest manufacturers of musical instruments. The Company is well-known for the manufacture of quality products that are convenient, reliable, and durable. They manufacture several snare drums. One of the most unique types is the Chad Smith snare drum.

The various snare drums manufactured by this multinational corporation include:

Pearl Snare Drum (SK910C)

Beginners now have a chance to start their career on a higher note. Most professional drummers started their careers on drums that are not meant for beginners. They did so because they lacked knowledge on which drums to start.

SK910C is a quality instrument from Pearl and is also known as the educational kit. Since it is designed for beginners, this kit has components that are easy to assemble. Thus, any beginner, even with little knowledge of drums, can do it.

The most recent type of this educational kit has a professional feel and full-size format that helps prepare the beginner for the future. The most important feature is that it comes with a rolling carrying case that makes it easy to carry.

The carrying case is durable because it is made of durable reinforced zippers, heavy-duty and retractable handles. It also has convenient pouches, easy-to-roll wheels, and compact size. The size of this snare is 14 x 5.5 inches, which is the right size for you. Its shell is made of durable steel.


  • EKS1455 14″ x 5.5″ Steel shell snare drum
  • SKBC91 Padded Rolling bag w/retractable handle
  • S710 Student Snare Kit Snare Stand
  • RPG14 14″ Two-Level Rubber “Gladstone” Style Practice Pad
  • SPK5A 5A wood tip drumsticks, pr.
  • PXB6 Phenolic Bell mallets with Birch Shaft, pr.
  • Comes with one Year Limited Warranty

Pearl Snare Drum, 10-inch (SFS10/C31)

SFS10/C31, well known as Short Fuse Snare, is made of single-point dual lugs. This snare is a snippy little addition to any percussion kit. It is designed from 6-plies of poplar and a 4-inch depth that provides a high-pitched pop and crack that sharply runs through any mix to bring a different taste.

Pearl short-fuse snare is piano black and comes with a titled clamp mount that helps you mount it on a rack. This snare is manufactured in Taiwan, but shipping is done throughout the world. Other agents offer free shipping services, thus make a wise decision when purchasing this kit.

The shell is made of durable steel; thus, you are guaranteed durability and reliability. Also, this snare comes with one-year warranty terms. The drum head’s size is 10 inches in diameter, making it the most preferred snare drum in the music industry.

This snare weighs 6 pounds; hence it is the right weight for any snare drum. You should not go for a snare drum that might break your drum rack..

Pearl Snare Drum, Satin Black (MUS1270M227)

Pearl has everything for everyone. This fantastic product is designed with modern technology making it suit the current generation of professional drummers. This modern utility snare makes your gig to be great, and your work won’t need explanations.

It is appointed and priced for a modern active and working player eager to get the best out of his/her drumming. This modern utility snare is flexible; hence it can fit into any kit setup. Also, it is made of durable material that makes it withstand harsh conditions and constant play.

MUS1270M227 snare weighs approximately 6.55 pounds. It comes in the correct size of 12 inches by 7 inches that offer the player a vast surface of action. The modern utility five snare models are designed from a 6-ply/5mm Maple SST shell.

Also, it has CL Bridge Lug and a smooth strainer that provides an expanded voice. You can get yours today and enjoy the best taste of this snare. It is Satin Black in color, giving it a great appearance.


  • 6-ply/5mm all Maple SST shell.
  • CL Bridge Lug.
  • Thin Matte Lacquer Finish.
  • Smooth SR700 Strainer.
  • 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops.

Pearl S1330B 13 x 3 Inches Black Steel Piccolo Snare Drum

The Piccolo snare drum is another beautiful product from Pearl. It is the most widely used and best-selling snare drum because of its effects on your performance. It is a tight snare that comes at an affordable price with plenty of snap.

It is made of black-lacquered steel that can withstand constant play. This snare measures 13 inches by 3 inches, making it suitable for various sounds that you require. It produces a crisp, brilliant attack and tight sound.

The piccolo snare drum’s sound has an excellent projection, making it the most used drum as a secondary and primary snare. These piccolo snare drums are available in three different materials: Brass, Maple, or Steel shell.

Each type of material offers a different tone, but the tones do not vary that much. With the different tones, you can fine-tune the pitch to your desired amount. When purchasing it, it is good to pay attention to every detail of the snare.

This product weighs about 3 pounds making it more appropriate for any drum rack that you might be possessing. It is designed to have 8-lugs and 1.6mm quality hoops that are durable.


  • Perfect for secondary effects or as a main snare
  • Size: 3″ x 13″
  • Shell: Steel
  • Hoops: 1.6mm steel
  • Lugs: CL-05
  • Rods: 8
  • Tension rods:T-055
  • Strainer:SR-018
  • Snares: S-029N
  • Black

Final thought

The various descriptions above will now give you a hint on which products you need to purchase. We do not want you to have difficulties while purchasing these products.

It is now your job to get the best for your band or your child. With these snare drums from Pearl, you will take your drumming to a higher level.