Dw Performance Series Low Pro 3-Piece Shell Pack

As a beginner drummer, you will want to buy a portable drum kit that is affordable and easy to set up. This article will recommend some of the best portable drum kits for beginners in [currentyear]. We’ll also give you a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for you.

Portable Drum Sets

Even at domestic, a full size drum kit may be an trouble in case you don’t have sufficient area. Not simplest are they big, however in addition they take a long term to disassemble.

A typical kit may include four to a dozen pieces of equipment, such as shells, cymbals, and foot pedals. That’s a lot of messing around, taking things apart, and reassembling them.

Are you ready for the good news? Because of technological advancements, there are notably transportable, mild, and compact alternatives to be had.

The compact drum kits is a new type of drum that is causing quite a stir for all the right reasons and has emerged as a viable alternative to a full-size rig.

So, if you are looking for a portable drum kit that is easy to set up and use, read on.

10 Best Portable Drum Sets

Pearl Midtown

Pearl’s Midtown Kit is essential for the gigging drummer in the metropolitan groove, whether on the street or stage. The shells of these drums are 6-ply, 7.5mm poplar for softer mids and highs, and a complete low end.

The hardware includes 1.6 mm triple-flange hoops for crisp rimshots, Pearl OptiLoc suspension for improved tom resonance, and a pedal lift for proper kick beater positioning. The kick drum’s matching wood hoops provide a classic contrast to the drum wrap. Remo’s heads are also used on the drums.

The compact size of the Midtown makes it ideal for tight spaces, and it quickly breaks down into an optional two-gig bag set for easy transport. This portable shell pack is less expensive than many snare drums.


  • It’s so small! Ideal for small-scale productions.
  • Excellent construction and design
  • Best value for a reasonable price


  • Power is insufficient for certain gigs.

Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit

The Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit is a 3-piece portable drum kit that includes a bass drum, floor tom, and snare drum. It also has a cymbal, hi-hat stand, kick pedal, and snare stand.

This portable drum set is perfect for traveling musicians or those who don’t have a lot of space. It is also an exceptional preference for novices who want to try out drums without spending a good deal of money.

The Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit has 6-ply poplar shells and 1.6mm triple-flange hoops. It also comes with Ludwig’s OptiLoc mounting system, which provides superior tom resonance.

If you’re looking for another great portable drum kit from Ludwig, you might also consider buying Ludwig Breakbeats.


  • The price variety of this package is inexpensive for a variety of households. Because it can be performed using each kid and adult, you do not have to shop for units of drums. But, Ludwig creates any other drum package the Ludwig break beats with quest love. It’s miles greater appropriate for adults even though it is the equal length. It’s miles from a higher best and, as a result, includes a better price tag. The pocket package is pocket-pleasant, a superb kit for the price, and you do not have to interrupt the financial institution to buy it.
  • It is constructed with hardwood and metallic, making it durable and lengthy-lasting.
  • It has an outstanding sound. 
  • It is simple to transport for a drum set. The shipping package deal is no more significant than 62 pounds, meaning a person can carry it around. It may be moved from one room to another or some other vicinity absolutely out of the residence.
  • The components are adjustable without problems while you play. You may modify the cymbal far away from your bass drum even as gambling.


  • The feet might have been more solid. It has some significant imbalance and wobbling, but it is not anything plenty to worry approximately.
  • The Heads are pretty hard and do now not make sound proper out of the box. It calls for a few tuning to get them to sound right.
  • It would have been extraordinary if it got here with a manual, so one doesn’t have to surf to get simple installation commands. The web motion pictures circulate speedy and alternate angles speedy, meaning that a novice can wander away without problems. A bit step-by-step pamphlet with published instructions and pix that wouldn’t require a login password would have been outstanding.
  • The throne can, on occasion, be too high for a child. Its miles are too excessive on the shortest placing for the average 4-year-vintage maintaining the foot pedal a few inches away. So in case, your four-12 months-vintage can’t appear as ‘tall’ for his age, you may need to hold off getting the drum kit till they are a little taller or use a substitute chair. The irony is that it’s far too small for a tall adult.
  • The drum sticks are sometimes too heavy for a child. Luckily you should purchase a child stick, and your child will do just pleasant.

Tama Club Jam

The Tama club-Jam kit is Tama’s providing to the less expensive Bop size kit. It fits in among other Tama’s shallower kit configurations, including the movie star traditional NEO-MOD & the club-Jam Flyer.

Priced at $399.99 ($499.99 for the Satin Blond end), The Tama club-Jam kit is a Bop size package with shallower shells, 7×10 tom, 7×14 ground tom, 12×18 bass drum & 5×thirteen snare drum.

Tama gives the package in four specific finishes: Aqua Blue, Charcoal Mist, Galaxy Silver & Satin Blonde.


  • Active sounding poplar
  • Visually and sonically dazzling
  • A quite compact drum set
  • Elegant and functional retro-inspired hardware


  • Basic Tama factory drum heads hooked up
  • Un-sanded bearing edges – but doesn’t affect sound significantly

Tama Cocktail Jam 4-Piece Portable Drum Kit With Hardware & Bags

The Cocktail-JAM kit is a TAMA authentic in both appearance and sound. This package is portable. Handy drum set alternative best for hip-hop, jazz, or any song fashion requiring a decent sonic theory. Especially in intimate acoustic settings and individual practice session rooms, the Cocktail-JAM kit can be installed within the conventional drum set role but with a far smaller footprint.

Sonically, this kit produces extra full and wealthier tones than the package may seem because of 100% birch shells, which might be equipped with TAMA’s Sound Arc Hoop. The extra of a new bass drum mute gives a punchy and fat kick sound.

Moreover, the Cocktail-JAM package and its hardware can be packed into simply two pieces of luggage (protected with the package), making it extraordinarily transportable and easy to transport to any gig


  • The complete compact drum set can nevertheless qualify as a professional, excellent drum set.


  • Because the toms are made to be compact, they do not have bottom heads, which gives the tones a slight timbale form of sound. It’s a plus if that’s what you want.

Pearl Compact Traveler Kit 2-Piece Shell Pack & Bag

Take the rhythm on the street with Pearl’s highly portable Compact vacationer 2-piece drum package. With tunable 18″ and 10″ metal drum frames to pitch every drum head right into a playable drum set, the Compact vacationer offers a genuine tone in a tight placing. The easily interconnected hardware device folds up flat for easy storage and transport to wherever your drumming takes you.


  • Extremely portable
  • Affordable
  • Tunable metal drum frames for real tone in a small space
  • Easy to set up and break down


  • No kick drum or snare included
  • Not as sturdy as a full-size drum set
  • Drum sizes may be too small for some adults

DW Performance Series Low Pro 3-Piece Shell Pack

With the popularity of extremely-shallow, unmarried-headed drums, which includes the layout series Pancake Gong Drum and the greater recent Pancake Bass Drum, it changed into decided that it’d be tremendous to provide a whole travel-friendly set.

It’d need to be lightweight and easy to transport but produce rich tones and feature an expert construct-first-rate. It is introducing the overall performance series Low seasoned package. The united states-made set includes a unique, integrated bi-pod design for stability and superior functionality. The stand acts as a bass drum stabilizer and tom stand, allowing gamers to set up speedy and in shape in tight spaces.


  • Beautiful maple shells produce excellent tones
  • Shell’s nest into every other for area-saving functionality
  • Compliment a wide variety of musical patterns
  • Satisfactory small drum package for expert musicians


  • No snare drum covered
  • Pricey transportable drum set

DW Design Series Frequent Flyer

Peter Erskine approached the DW design crew with a unique query,” What if there has been a tour package that didn’t sound like a travel package?” it seems obvious sufficient. Still, the minds at DW had never tackled the predicament head-on because it wasn’t an easy mission. So they went to paintings on a package that became simply small enough to be travel-friendly but also huge enough to sound like a ‘real’ drum set.

After years of R&D and dialogue, the sizes had been hooked up: a 20×12″ bass drum with low-mass spurs and lightweight ratchet bass drum mount, a 14×eleven″ floor tom with aluminum legs, a conventional 12×8″ rack tom with an STM mounting device, and a matching 14×five″ snare drum. The package additionally comes generally with authentic-Pitch™ tension rods, magazine™ throw-off, real-Tone™ snare wires, and DW Heads by way of Remo®.

The kit is offered in two finishes: a durable White Onyx FinishPly™ and a gloss lacquer Tobacco Burst. as with any layout collection™ drums, the shells are 100% North American maple with no reinforcement hoops.


  • Super DW manufacturing traits
  • Compact package with complete-sized shells
  • Exceptional snare drum tone


  • Greater costly than the opposite kits on this list

Yamaha Stage Custom Hip

If you want to position your groove on the move, you may do it with the Yamaha SBP0F4 stage custom Hip Drum Set. This shell p.c. provides massive sound in a compact configuration, a 100% birch shell with a small footprint makes it perfect for tight spaces – an appropriate solution for drummers on the move. 

Another unique feature is that the 13 “x8” ground tom comes with 20-strand snares and may be converted into a deep snare drum, or “snom.”; This allows you to play musical genres while not holding a different snare drum. Rounding out the configuration is a ten “x5” and a 13 “x5” snare and a single tom arm.


  • Cost for cash. Generally, high-quality Yamaha build.
  • Effective, focussed sound.


  • Not a great deal, given the charge factor.

Sonor AQ2 Safari

With the AQ2 Series drums, you could sound like the pros. All maple shells and our new SmartMount facilitate this.

We offer five widespread configurations initially, presenting our popular 7-ply all maple shell production (4 plies of Canadian maple, three plies of Chinese maple). The drums share fittings and finishes, imparting the power to mix and fit the whole AQ2 series.

The AQ2 Series drums come with newly designed shell hardware and a new tom mounting system: the SmartMount. This minimalistic but purposeful mount has the original German layout and engineering spirit interior: the most appropriate sound maintained with a minimum amount of hardware at the drum shell.


  • Snare Drum is staggering
  • It May be tuned to sound notable despite the cheap heads it comes with
  • Extremely good for jazz, fusion
  • Small sufficient for amateur


  • Requires additional purchases to be entire
  • Does now not come with setup instructions

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

The Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Drum Set blends conventional Bebop configurations and sound with sleek, contemporary hardware innovations. Catalina membership four-piece designs are constructed upon 14″ deep bass drums for vintage, punchy, and heat tones. This collection showcases new hardware components and supplies a one-of-a-kind “new Gretsch” flair that pays homage to the Gretsch way of life while projecting a modern persona.

The mounting hardware consists of a spherical “gasoline cap” bass drum mount plate, shallow profile GTS mounting device, reduced-mass tom mount brackets, and new single and double tom holders. Both tom holders include a publish hollow for a 7/eight″ cymbal tube publish (now not covered). The ball/socket 12.7mm L-fingers offer position freedom and a relaxed hold for stability. Gretsch T-Wing screws and bolts are included on all fittings for drummer pleasant sense. To finish the balanced layout aesthetic, a new black/silver Catalina membership spherical badge is covered on all drums.


  • Incredibly famous kit for jazz drummers
  • Mahogany shells have rich tones
  • Effortlessly portable
  • Incredible end alternatives
  • Lower priced rate tag in comparison to comparable services


  • The rack tom isn’t very clean to place quite simply
  • The bass drum has a variety of resonance and growth
Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Review

Is portable drum sets good?

Yes, portable drum sets can be good. They offer great flexibility in size and configuration, making them ideal for smaller spaces or those who want to move their kit around quickly.

Final Thought

Portable drum sets are an excellent option for those who want the flexibility to move their kit around quickly or for those with limited space. However, it is essential to remember that they are not as sturdy as full-size drum sets, and the sound quality can vary significantly. Therefore, choosing a high-quality portable drum set that will suit your needs is vital.