Rockjam Portable Midi Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit Set

I cannot deny that technology has really improved the drumming industry. Over the past few years, there have been major improvements in the industry.

And one of them is the number of electronic drums that have come up. There are so many to choose from that sometime it becomes overwhelming.

In this article, I am going to review one of the best picks out there – the RockJam Electronic Roll Up drum kit. 

First, I would like to appreciate that roll up drum kits have taken portability to a whole new level. Not one would have imagined there would come e-drum that you would simply roll up in your bag and go.

Overview of the RockJam Roll Up Drum Kit

This drum kit that features its own powers source and produces drum sounds just like a fully electronic kit. But it’s not like the traditional drums. It is also slightly different from normal e-drums.

According to the manufacturer, this is the best way for anyone to carry their drumming with them anywhere they go. It comes with its own power supply – batteries. And you can improve this by buying several batteries, just so that you don’t run out of power.

Also, it features USB and MIDI connectivity. For drummers who want to do much more with their kits, this is the feature for you. They can connect to a computer and upload their own pre-recorded tracks. 

You will also realize this device is quite different from other e-drums. It is easily rolled up and kept in a container. No one will even notice you are carrying a full drum kit with you. 

It is an entry-level model, though. This means you should not expect a lot from the drum. This does not mean it does not have great functions. You will be surprised to learn it comes with some of the best features on the market. 


Here are some of the features that impressed me. 

The drum pads

This drum kit is designed for newbies. You will not find many such devices at this price that come with as many drums as this one has. It is an excellent selection.

You get nine drum pads, which exposes you to excellent experimentation for your music. 

And the best part, the pads are highly sensitive. This feature means they are very responsive. Even just a light touch will produce wonderful sounding. 

At first, they did not sound very convincing to me. I even thought this was the worst electronic drum kit I have come across. But after a few adjustments, I was able to personalize the pads, which gave me so much more.

The Ins/Outs

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Other things you are going to love about this drum kit are the input and the outputs. Even though they are not as many as you would expect in a more advanced device, it serves the purpose.

It comes with a USB MIDI connection. This will help you connect with your compute and upload your own custom sounds.

Connectivity is a vital part of electronic drums. And with the RockJam Roll Up electronic drum kit, you can easily connect to your smartphones. 

In terms of portability, this is a great feature that lets you work from anywhere. You can literally go with it anywhere you want. 

Also, it comes with a headphones jack connection. This means you can play silently without disturbing your neighbors.

Built-in speakers

 Note that there are several versions of the RockJam Roll Up e-drums. There are those without built-in speakers and others with.

Here, I am referring to those with speakers. This means you don’t need to look for external audio.

Even though their sound quality is not that great, it is decent enough. But if you need better sounding, you should either look for higher-end models or look for great sounding external speakers.

The pros 

It may not be easy to be convinced about this device. However, there are a few features that should convince you. 

Very affordable 

Having your own home studio is great. You can make sounds using your computer and upload them without much trouble. 

This kit is one of the most affordable MIDI electronic drum kits. It is designed for entry-level drummers, but even professional drummers will be glad to have used it for their music creation. 

In addition, it is highly portable. You can carry it anywhere and perform without much struggle. 

Sturdy and easy to set up

This device is built to last long. It comes with nine drums that you can play for a long time, and they will still work well. 

And the sound module is pretty impressive. It replicates every beat, giving you an amazing output.

Also, it comes with built-in speakers that make it easy to use. For those who live in quiet neighborhoods, you can practice silently while connected to the headphones. This is a pretty impressive feature, considering how difficult things can sometimes be. 

A compact kit

I love this kit, especially because it can roll it up and walk around as if there is nothing I am carrying. Hence, it can be taken to a different place without sweating.

These are the same benefits you find in other products like Jacksoo Portable Roll Up Drum Pad.


Despite the good things above, the RockJam Portable Drum kit also comes with a few negatives. 

It does not have its own power source

You have to connect to an AC adapter. It would have been better if it came with battery power. Hence, this limits its portability.

If you are looking for more starter options, I would recommend you try out alternatives like the Alesis CompactKit 4.

It looks like a toy

Many people don’t like this drum kit because it seems to look more like a toy. And because of this, you may find the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit and the Roland Entry Level V-drum set TD-1 DMK more useful.  

Who this kit for?

Looking at the features, the built, and the functionality, this kit is made more kids. It would help them easily get started. 

Drumming: How to strengthen your left arm

Learning to drum is one of the most challenging things. Some people will tell you it is easy, but trust me, you need to be ready to give in all your best.

Apart from learning metronomes and time signature, it is vital to learn proper coordination. 

Also, the way you handle the sticks in both hands is very important. Most drummers use the right hand more than they do the left. 

As a beginner, it is important to balance the power in both hands. That way, you can be sure your sound comes out naturally.

Here are a few tips to help you get more power with your left hand.

Train your hand 

There is a lot of power in training. For instance, you train your ear to listen to different sounds of drum heads. You also train yourself to keep time without needing a metronome.

In the same way, you can train your left had to drum as hard as the right hand. But this depends on the type of music you are playing.

Jazz, for instance, does not require loud drum sounds. This is why dedicated jazz drummers find it very difficult working with hard rock bands.

For this reason, you need to learn to work in different situations. And when you start drumming, try giving your left hand more energy than the right.

Support the left with your body

I have noticed that when many rock drummers hit the snare drum, they seem to lean a bit. This gives them more power, landing the stick as hard as possible. It really helps. 

In the same manner, train yourself to support the left hand with your body. When you lean to the left, it makes all your power to land on the cymbal or toms. 


Drumming is all about coordination. If you learn how to link every piece of your setup, then you are going to achieve great sounds with your left hand.

The aim here is to have the left hand performing like the right hand. Hence, it would be a great idea to drum simultaneous at times. This way, you can have both hands producing the same velocity.

You can train even without drums

Drumming is hard work. You need a lot of energy, especially where other members are overwhelming.

To make sure I don’t get tired on stage, I always go to the gym. I need to build some muscles in both of my hands. 

If you get used to the gym, I am sure it will not take long before your left hand becomes strong enough.

Also, I try doing with the left-hand activities that I would mostly do with the right. This way, I get my left to capture everything as normal. 

Just like you learned to throw a stone with your right, you can also learn to do the same with the left.


The RockJam Portable MIDI Roll-Up e-drum kit is an interesting piece of musical instrument. I wouldn’t use it for anything. However, it is a great tool for beginners, especially kids. Hence, I would recommend it so.  

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