Roland Td 1Dmk 2

Roland has been on the market for several years now, creating some of the best electronic drum set on the market.

And their all-mesh sets have been reserved for mid-level and high-level needs. However, the introduction of the TD-1DMK changed this for better.

For those in need of a quality e-drum set but running low on chase, the Roland TD-1DMK could be a great choice for you.

This is an entry-level drum that comes with great features. Hence, it will help you enjoy easy and realistic drumming all the way.

It comes with double-mesh drum heads on the toms and snare. As is that is not enough, it bears an adjustable tension that stimulates the feeling of acoustic drumming.

And for these features, even professional drummers will find it applicable. A lot of users have found it applicable for all-round usage.

Is Roland a good e-drum brand?

I have been reviewing Roland’s products for a while now. And I can say with confidence that it is a pretty decent company. Here are some reasons.

They produce a market quality product

If you ask anyone who uses Roland e-drums and accessories, very few will tell you they had problems. Roland has been dedicated to providing only the best, which has given them a great reputation across the market.

You may also know that most of Roland’s products are designed for higher-level drummers. They are dedicated to serving professional and more experienced drummers.

It may only be after Alesis came up with their entry-level options that Roland felt the need to cater to this level as well. Hence, you can now find a solution for all your drumming needs.

A top brand

For many years, the world of electronic drums was a two-horse race involving Roland and Yamaha. And since Roland production is majorly on drumming solutions, it was always a better option.

Things have not changed. The reputation of the brand goes beyond the border and a trustworthy manufacturer.

Roland warrantees

When it comes to investing in a good electronic drum set, I always advise drummers to look for warranty policies. And this is one of the areas that Roland has really made things great.

As we all know, there is never surety than any product that will serve you as expected. There are certain manufacturer flaws that can make you lose money.

If you bought the Roland TD-1DMK today, Roland promises great returns. And in case of any issues, you can always contact them for assistance.

About the Roland TD-1DMK

One of the most interesting features of the Roland TD-1DMK is that it comes ready to use straight from the box. In other words, it comes with everything you need to start playing.

From the box, you will get a module, the Roland bass drum pad, the snare pad, three cymbal pads, and accessories.

Generally, he is an electronic drum kit that will offer you great convenience for your playing needs. It comes with ten built-in coaching functions, which is a great feature for beginners. The coaching function helps users track their progress while gaining more motivation to play.

The Build

The Roland TD-1DMk comes with eight-inches dual-zone snare, six-inches tom pads (3), three ten-inches dual-zone cymbal pads, and a bass drum.

It also features a hi-hat pedal controller so that you can start playing quickly. It offers excellent value for money.

Using the H-shaped central section lets you attach horizontal bars when you pick the four-post rack.

It features a pretty impressive design that lets the user work with the onboard rubber bass drum trigger pad. The is an upright pole of the frame included, with which you can have better control.

Note also that this pad features a wide surface, enough for double bass drum beaters. For double-bass drummers, things can never get any better.

The adjustable steel mounting plate lets you connect the bass drum pedal with easy. Note that setting up the frame is extremely easy.

Unfortunately, there are mounting brackets on the posts, which makes positioning the rack tom a bit limited. But you can resolve this the top bar, just like many other kits work on the market.

When it comes to setting up the unit, it is much easier. A drummer can adjust the overall size based on what makes them comfortable. It is one of the most versatile e-drum sets on the market.

The pads

The Roland TD-1DMK comes with a standard number of drums. You will get a standard snare-and-three-toms setup. Unless you need a Terry Bozzio sized kit, this setup should be enough.

All the pads feature mesh material with two-ply layering. This makes them sturdy so that you don’t need to replace them all the time.

The snare measures 8-inches, and it has two trigger zones. This gives you a chance to produce varying sounds according to your playing style. The toms are 6-inch in diameter with single-zone functionality.

When you hit mesh heads, they sound pretty amazing. And if you want better sounds, simply tune them using a drum key to get the right stick rebound.

It is prudent to note that mesh heads are a signature for Roland. This is what makes the TD-1DMK comes as one of the best choices.

The kit is compatible with single and double bass pedals. This has taken care of both drumming needs.

You may want to note that the ‘bass drum’ is not a complete drum pad. Roland has made it as a small soft oval-shaped pad. It only has enough space for the beaters. This feature is pretty important when referring to portability.

But rubber pads are not the best. They make too much noise, compared to the mesh. For this price range, though, there is nothing much to expect. You can resolve the noise issue by using a soft bass drum beater.

Many drummers don’t find a bother in the noise that comes from normal use. It is not too loud, though noticeable.

The bass drum pad is a feature in this price category. It is not only compatible with a double bass pedal; you may like the real drum pad included. This is a standout from many kits in this range that feature a pad-free pedal.

About the cymbal pads, the TD-1DMK comes with two rubber cymbal pads ( a crash and a ride). They are echoed by the rubber hi-hat pad.

I really like the responsiveness of these pads. Their playable is another notable feature.

The cymbals are all dual-zone. This means you can hit the bow or the edge to alter your sound production. Also, when you grab the edge, you create a chocking effect, which is pretty impressive at such a price.

The hi-hat comes with a separate control pedal. With this feature, you can play open and closed sounds.

In case you want an extra cymbal, you can simply add using the extra pad input provided. This is a great feature for those who need more versatility.

Sounds and kits

One of the major limitations you will face with the TD-1DMk is the lack of customizability. The module highly restricted.

There are only 15 built-in drum kits and nothing more. You cannot even edit or mix the samples like other standard e-drum kits.

If you just want to practice, this not a bad thing. But it has enough to keep you working on your music. And you can use midi through the USB, which lets you trigger various sounds. With a computer, you are good to go.

There is nothing interesting about this module.


The Roland TD-1DMK comes with a solid frame. It is sturdy and stable, similar to what you find in a more advanced Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK series.

Also, the frame lets you adjust it; however, you want. And you can moderate how many adjustments you want. This lets you, for instance, change the height and placement of the cymbals. And if you wish, you may swivel the drums, more so the snare, which takes care of the may drumming needs.

But there is nothing much with this frame. It did not get my setup exactly how I wanted it, but it was right for the function all the same.

Who is the TD-1DMK for?

The Roland TD-1DMK comes with all the features you can expect from a standard drum setup. Considering its quality, it is good for:

  • Beginners. An easy-setup and well-built kit that is the TD-1DMK from Roland is definitely designed for the entry-level market. It comes with excellent drum pads and a sturdy starting point that is long-lasting. Hence, if you are looking to start out, this kit works perfectly. It comes with ten couch functions and an auxiliary input, which helps you train easier.
  • Intermediate and professional drummers. This kit comes with all-mesh drum pads. It is perfect for this category because of its features. The double-pedal functionality and the rest of the features combined with affordability makes all worth a choice. But don’t expect advanced features.


  • Excellent built and great features.
  • An excellent price.
  • Suitable for all playing needs.


  • It does not come with bells and whistles.
  • Rubber pads on the bass drum are not the best/


If you are looking for an excellent practice e-drum kit at an affordable price, I would recommend the Roland TD-1DMK. It is not only affordable, but it comes with all the basic features for all drumming needs.

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