Sean Dalton – The Awesome Drummer From The Trews

Sean Dalton is currently a singer/songwriter with The Trews. His career has taken him across the country. In fact, his current livelihood provides drum lessons in Antigonish.

The lobster fisherman also makes musical work. Between 2002 and 2015 Dalton was the drummer in the successful Canadian rock band The Trews and performed throughout Canada and the United States.

Besides headlining tours, the group has also played legendary musicians such as The Rolling Stones Guns N Rose, and Kiss.

Sean Dalton was born on the rugged island of Newfoundland, the easternmost point in North America. As a child, he grew up studying classical, jazz, and African music under the great Don Wherry, the head of the percussion at Memorial University N.F.L.D.

Sean Dalton
Sean Dalton

Basically, Sean Dalton drums and provides backing vocals for The Trews, performing alongside his cousins: John-Angus MacDonald, and Colin MacDonald. The Trews have gained the reputation of Canada’s hottest live band! They have spanned all around the country

Leaving school for a life on the road

Dalton’s life was quite simply confined to the Trews. In 2002 the band members told him they wanted to hire an experienced drummer, and he asked if he wanted to join. During his first year, he travelled around the world learning to play music. The band shifted quickly and gained a loyal fan base and released their first full-length album “Hourhouse of Ill-Famous” in 2003. There, it went on and on.

Dalton once entered the jazz program at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. One day he received a phone call from one of his cousins from Antigonish who, at the time, he was playing in a great rock band called Trouser. Their drummer was calling it quits and they asked him to join, so he went for it. he packed up his stuff and hitched a ride to Antigonish.

They jammed for two weeks and realized that for their music to be heard, they had to hit the road. They piled into the van with the clothes they had on their backs and drove to Ontario.

They also slept in the van, in campgrounds, and on people’s floors–anywhere we could crash.

Sean Dalton Leaving The Band

Seems like the packed-up touring schedule filled with many sleepless nights began to take Dalton’s health.

Dalton said that he was also drinking too much and recalls a conversation with a doctor who asked him if he drank more than three to four drinks in a week.

Sean Dalton
Sean Dalton Performing

In January 2015 he left the band because he felt unable to leave the road because of family difficulties and was unable to continue his work. He lived in Toronto at that time and then moved to Antigonish where he lived with his mom.

While he deposited cash to help with his move, he did not know where he would go. He knew that it would take him a moment of solitude. There wasn’t an option.

After moving to Antigonish, he has started a company, Dalton Drum Academy, and provides lessons in his apartment for about 3-4 hours daily for students.

For now, he’s earning a living offering drum lessons in Antigonish. He also lobsters fish and is still making music.

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