Drums are the trickiest of all instruments, especially when it comes to recording. Should you use one mic or get a whole kit?

Using one or several overheads will only get you the overall sound. But to capture details, one must find a good mic for every component.

And even with a kit, then, you must position all mics in the right places for maximum effect.

So, what should be the best drum microphone for drummers?

This is one of the most challenging questions, considering there are lots of options. I always believe in going for the right brand, and then everything else will fall in place.

This article intends to review one of the best brands around, Sennheiser. We will look at their best mic drum kits.

Sennheiser e600 Drum Microphone Kit

If there is any brand you can count on for quality microphones, it should be Sennheiser. The German manufacturer has been around for many years, creating excellent solutions for modern drummers.

I have always used these mics because I believe in the quality.

The Sennheiser e-600 7-piece drum mic kit is one of the most popular drum microphone kits around. It comes from the top-tier line, and therefore more expensive than your average mics.

If you are looking for an easy way to create studio-quality sound from your drum kit, this should be your solution.

In the kit, you get:

• One e603 kick drum microphone

• Four 604s

• Two e614

Each of these mic lines has been known for offering high-quality sound production. They come with the classic Sennheiser quality that many drummers have come to love.

Recording the bass drum could be the hardest of all drums. But with the Sennheiser e602 in this kit, you should find this very easy.

It’s designed to cater well for the low and boomy frequencies. It’s excellent in amplifying the punch from your kick drum, allowing one to feel the music flow.

With e604s on the snare and toms, you should get the perfect tone from these pieces.

Unfortunately, it does not include dedicated snare drum accessories. Nevertheless, the e604 gets the job done perfectly.

It delivers that crack and musical overtones, making your snare sound live and cheerful. The toms will give you an excellent punchy sound.

The e614s are perfect for capturing cymbals. They can handle extremely high sound pressure levels, ensuring you get everything you need.


• Studio-quality

• Excellent e-614s for this price

• Sturdy and durable


• They come with a high price tag

Sennheiser e609 Silver Drum Mic + Free XLR

Sennheiser has never disappointed when putting together drum microphone kits. Every product promises a unique experience to the user.

The Sennheiser e609 solver drum microphone is one of the most expensive and high-quality mics out there. It’s designed to handle high sound pressures while delivering the best sound quality.


The first thing you will notice about this kit is its build quality. You can tell right away that it’s a high-end piece and that it will serve you for a long time.

It comes with a dynamic element, super-cardioid polar pattern, and a great look. The mic is good for capturing a wide range of instruments.

It features an attractive silver finish that makes it stand out.

Its grill makes placement straightforward and without any problems. The super-cardioid pattern is quite effective in filtering those annoying off-axis ambiance. You, therefore, have a clean sound without noise feedback.

Also, the e609 mic features a dynamic element that is shock-mounted. A hum compensation coils are added to control noises.

Think of durability, and the rugged construction of this kit has got you covered.

Place this mic before your drums, and it will capture its sound with great precision. It’s designed for sound reinforcement and precision.

Its dynamic transducer can handle high sound pressures pretty easily. You never have to worry about noise feedback either.


• Hum compensating coil to reduce noise

• Internal shock mount

• Rugged construction for durability


• This mic is quite expensive.

Sennheiser Consumer Audio Instrument Dynamic Microphone (DRUMKIT600)

Are you looking for an audio recording instrument designed to capture natural sound from your drums? Consider this Sennheiser Consumer Audio instrument dynamic microphone.

Anyone who as has used Sennheiser mics will tell you they never joke with quality. And this packages from the DRUMKIT600 line says it all.


This mic comes with a rugged, lightweight aluminum body, perfect for stable positioning. Put it on long boom arms, and you will not have any issues.

It comes with a lightweight, high-performance coil design. With this, the mic promises durability and great performance,

Its fast transient response is what every drummer dreams about. It only captures the right sounds, kicking away all the noise.

A low-frequency extension means it handles high sound pressures pretty well. It’s suitable for capturing those problematic bass signals. Hence, a great kick drum microphone.

The mic also features a frequency-independence and a humbucking coil. These are the features that make it suitable for stage use.

And integral stand mount and rugged construction give you the performance you need.

It comes with low sensitivity to impact and handling noise. You should get a great deal of performance for capturing your bass drums.

As a low-distortion mic with a hum compensating coil, this piece has everything you need to make good music.

Besides, it’s easy to position. Its compact design allows it to fit anywhere.

The mic is designed for demanding situations with an extended frequency range and high SLPs. You will also find it useful in fast transient response and small size requirements.

Overall, this is one microphone you will buy and never need another. It might be expensive, but worth the trouble.


• Rugged and durable construction

• Studio-quality sound

• Lightweight for convenient positioning


• Expensive

Sennheiser Pro Audio E604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone Kit, 3-Pack

Miking toms and snare drum is not as easy as it sounds. The hardest part is getting the right mics.

Well, if you don’t want to sweat, consider this Sennheiser Pro e-604 cardioid instrument mic kit. It comes as a pack of three, with everything you need to capture your drums naturally.

We all know that the toms and snare require more midrange and high-frequency content. That way, you can bring out their real punch.

The e604 is known for delivering that and much more. This pack can handle high SPLs, thanks to its cardioid nature.

It’s optimized for use with drum sets and other percussion instruments. It’s not every day that you find such a dedicated kit, making this your ultimate solution.

Another great feature of the e604s is they feature an integrated, pivoting mount. This allows one to screw them directly to the mic stands or attach them to the rim of their drums.

In terms of efficiency, you will never get a better solution than this.

You will also love the balanced, clear, low-distortion signal from these mics. It serves as a high-end studio condenser mic.

They feature a lightweight voice coil that delivers and extended high frequency and rapid transient response.

The mics come housed in a tough, reinforced glass fiber body. It will handle that huge noise impact.


• Three microphones with high handling power

• A rugged and durable construction

• Studio-quality sound


• A bit costly

Sennheiser e904 Cardioid Dynamic Mic for Toms/Snare Drums

The Sennheiser e904 cardioid dynamic mic may be one of the most expensive tom/snare drum mics, but it’s worth it.

Recording these drums has been a challenge for many drummers. A lot of mics on the market can’t handle their high sound pressures.

Sennheiser is a reputable brand that does not leave anything to chance in terms of quality. And this mic is a perfect example of what you get.


Let’s start with the construction. You need a mic that can handle high noise impact with precision.

The Sennheiser e904 comes built with the highest-quality materials for such a job. Its rugged design allows one to play without any worry.

It delivers a full, impressive, lively sound for drums and percussion. No matter the music you are playing, this mic will bring a natural sound.

It comes with an excellent sound profiling performance. It adapts well to all percussion styles.

Its construction and design are ideal for mounting on toms and snare drums. And the robust metal casing protects it from stray strikes.

While they have a bit more weight, e904 mics perform better than e604s. It’s all made of metal, which assures durability and performance.

Compare to the 905s and 906s; the 904s have the most balanced mid-range. And that is what makes them good for the toms and the snare.


• Excellent construction

• Durable

• Perfect solution for recording your toms and mics


• none

Frequently asked questions

What is the best drum mic kit?

The best drum mic kit should come with every piece you need to capture your drums. Also, it must be from a trusted brand.

Among the most popular choices is the Sennheiser 600 line. These kits are designed specifically for recording drums and make excellent amplification.

Another good brand is Shure, especially with their DMK57 kits. They offer the same quality as the Sennheiser and Audix Studio Elite 8.

You need a condenser microphone with high SPL handling capability on every kit. This should make your gear complete and ready for action.

Are CAD drum mics any good? Well, yes. Consider the CAD Audio Stage7 for your drum set, and you will not regret it.

How Many Mics are in a drum set?

A good mic drum kit should have eight microphones. This package includes overhead mics, mics for each drum, and one for the hi-hat.

Different drum mic kits come with a different number of components. The least features three mics, which could only be for recording the toms and the snare drums.

A rule of thumb is top but a mic kit according to your needs. Luckily, there are lots of useful options, like the Sennheiser kits reviewed above.