Sonor Ascent

I love reviewing Sonor drums because the brand seems to offer something extra with every production.

The Ascent series is one of their drum sets that any drummer will fall in love with.  And I will be telling you while you should also love or hate it.

Come along.

NAMM2011: Sonor Announces New Ascent Series

The release of the Sonor Ascent was announced during the NAMM2011 press release. It is, therefore, among the recent lines of drum sets from the manufacturer.

This new production came as the revival for the popular beech construction that has marked Sonor‘s footsteps for years. It bears the latest features and technology for the modern drummer.

In other words, there is nothing you will need is a drum kit that Sonor’s Ascent series will not deliver. This line is made with a perfect mix of the Sonor Select Force and S Classix Series drums sets features.

No matter your playing style of experience, you will appreciate the timeless quality invested in these kids. And the sounds they give could be unlike nothing you have ever heard.

The drums are marked by incredible High-Quality Sparkles, Solid Lacquered finishes, and beautiful wood veneers that give it an expensive look. You can easily confuse the Ascent Series with other higher-end drum sets.

Black chrome hardware is a feature of Sonor’s SQ2 premium line drums. It comes with certain finishes underlying the timeless designed offered here.

You will get electrified with the perfect blend of high-end features and top-notch sounds of this series, all at an affordable price.

The Sonor’s Ascent Beech is simply an amazing line of drums that will impress any drummer. Its release promised a perfect solution for the modern drummer seeking an affordable solution for the perfect kit.

Sonor Ascent Review

The Ascent series’ design team worked closely with top Sonor Artists to create this perfect sound instrument. Every aspect of the set is designed to deliver high-end results.

Coming from a German manufacturer, you can never expect anything less. Sometimes I think they over-engineer their products. But that is just what makes them unique.


The drums feature a 9-ply configuration for the tom-toms, floor toms, and the snare, measuring 8.75mm. The bass drum is 7-ply and measures 6.35mm, which makes it sound loud and clears.

Every drum comes with a 45-degree bearing edge and a new light-weight tension lugs with TuneSafe functionality. TAR (Total Acoustic Resonance) tom mount system makes tuning the toms fast and easy.

Also, the comes in 9 incredible wood veneers, sparkle, and solid faced and Burst finishes. With these is are black chrome shell hardware with certain finishes. Each drum matches the rest of the kit with perfection.

Besides, this series is equipped with REMO USA drumheads and rubber padded bass drum claws. These are some of the features that set it apart from other manufacturers.


Ascent Series drum kit is configured with a 22-inch bass drum, 10 and 12-inch toms, 16-inch floor toms, and a 14-inch snare could be all you need to get your drumming skills to the next level. They come with the latest technologies, making them a good option for the modern drummer.

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