Sonor Birch Infinite

The Sonor Birch infinite is among the latest editions of drums made by Sonor. They are German made thus you know the quality of drums that you should expect. The kit was recently launched, and it received a lot of love from Sonor fans.

The kit is impressive because it has the current features that are needed by drummers. Sonor saw it better to combine all the features that drummers want. We have been listening to various professional and amateurs’ views, and we offer them want they want.

The good thing is that the kit is sold at affordable prices that won’t affect your budget. However, this does not mean that the quality is compromised. The woods that are used to make the kit are selected from high-quality wood available.

Therefore, we need to look at the reviews of this new edition kit. You will be amazed by the different features that are cultivated in this kit.

About Sonor birch infinite

Sonor announced the Birch infinite Special edition after the success of the 2010 Beech Infinite series. The Birch Infinite drums are made of hand-selected premium Birchwood shells combined with the latest Sonor shell hardware components.

The shells are made of cross-laminated 9-ply Birch that offers rigidity, tone projection, and resonance. The Legendary Chris Coleman has used the Birch drum kits at his Drum Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba, thus showing that the kit is outstanding. The kit is made in Germany by skilled people.

The kit features three stunning stain semi-gloss finishes that have offset stain Natural color hoops on the bass drums, hence paying tribute to the Vintage era. you can use it in different music genres.

This Birch kit’s greatest strength is that it gives an enormous versatile sound, punchy, well balanced, and resonance. The kit is described as the wood to record with because of its sound characteristics and reliability.

The kit features four pieces of drums with the following dimensions:

  • 22 x18 inches bass drum.
  • 10 x 8 inches and 12 x 9 inches tom-toms.
  • 16 x 16 inches floor tom.


  • Shell material – hand‐selected premium Birchwood
  • Shell construction – 9‐ply on all drums / 8 mm bass drum / 6 mm all other drums
  • Bearing edge – 45 degrees
  • Finishes – Vintage Azure / Vintage Amber / Vintage Onyx
  • Shell hardware – chrome (Prolite based featuring Tune Safe)
  • Snare strainer – Dual Glide System
  • Snare wires – SW 1418 S (18 wires stainless steel)
  • Drum hoops – stain Natural color hoops on bass drums, 2.3 mm steel hoops on snare drum, tom-toms, and floor toms
  • Drum heads – made by REMO USA
  • Badges – “Birch Infinite” Special Edition badge with embossed SONOR mallets / round vent hole badge.

The incredible thing is that the drum set comes with a performance warranty that will help you protect your investment. The Long & McQuade musical instruments located in Canada provide customers with a FREE one-year Performance Warranty.

To get more information and reviews, you can visit their website or send them an email. You can create an account with a strong password and get access to an uncomplicated menu. The warranty conditions service cover any error. They also have guitars and many other unique products. You need to remember to leave your opinions in the comments section.

Sonor birch infinite 8 tom

The tom that comes with the Sonor Birch infinite kit is made of cross-laminated 9 ply Birch. The wood is hand-selected to enhance durability and to achieve high-quality sound. The drum kit has been in existence for more than five years; thus, several upgrades have been made.

The drum kit is much more attractive because of the lacquered finish options that are available. Most toms feature a Vintage Style finish with veneered natural drum hoops on out ripping. Remo USA makes the toms with unique features that make it exceptional.

The tom produces a perfect sound that can match the sound of other drums. I once used this tom with Sonor Force 3005 series, and I loved it. However, it can be quite hard to get a tom alone because most sellers only offer full kits. The size of this tom plays a significant role in the quality of sound that it produces.

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