Sonor Delite Series Drum Kit Birds Eye Amber

We bring you another fabulous kit that you will love from Sonor. Sonor Company has the best artisans in the world dedicated to producing the best drum kits for you. We have a variety of drums for you; thus, we need you to make the best choice.

Sonor Delite kit is a drum set that I yearned for many years before I bought mine some years ago. It produces a sound that will make your audience yawn for more. When I first struck this drum, I was not sure it was what I needed.

You will be surprised by how it will suit your drum needs. Therefore, let us take a journey of the features of this awesome Sonor Delite Series.


Sonor Delite Series drum kit is quite a well-used drum kit around the globe. It has well-designed shells, bearing edges, re rings, and hardware. They are all sound, and the kit has been used for decades now, but it is still going strong, which is only a statement of its build quality.

The shells of Sonor Delite Drums are sort after; thus, it is an excellent opportunity to get a complete classic drum kit for your band or choir. The kit is fitted with new Evans G2 clear tom drumheads and a new Evans EMAD clear bass drum head.

The Sonor Delite Series features drums of different sizes that include 10 x 9 inches, 12 x 10 inches, 14 x 14 inches, 16 x 16 inches, and 22 x 17 inches. The kit comes as a shell pack only, meaning that the stands and cymbals are not included. Their finishes are outstanding and tom mounts are well-designed.

You can get all the additional items by contacting shops or online stores. You can send messages to them in case you have any issue. The kit also has TuneSafe Lugs, Premium Vintage Maple Shell, CLTF shell impression System, Low Mass fittings, Advanced Projection System, and United States Maple Shells.


  • TuneSafe Lugs
  • Premium Vintage Maple Shell
  • CLTF Shell Compression System
  • U.S Rock Maple Shells
  • Low Mass Fittings
  • APS (advanced projection system)


It comes with floor tom legs

It is an affordable and durable kit.


Stands and cymbals aren’t included in the kit.

Sonor Delite vs. Prolite

The Sonor Delite series is the predecessor to the Prolite kits. The thing that you should know is that the two kits are almost identical. They both have thin vintage maple shells, 9 plies on the toms, 12 plies on the bass drums, and 2mm rings.

The cross lamination process is similar for both Sonor Delite and Prolite kits. The difference in these kits is a slight change in the Total Advanced Resonance mounting system and the snare throw-off. The Prolites kits come with four-point TAR mounts, while the Sonor Delite kits come with three.

I like the Sonor Delite finish more than the Prolites finish, but that is as subjective as it can be. You will never go the wrong way with any of these fantastic drum kits. The good thing is that both drum kits produce the best sound that will be difficult for you to get the differences. The items shipping is done globally.

The Sonor Delite series is a unique set that will always remain outstanding for decades. Many people discuss this kit because of the sound that it has to offer. Some several websites and forums are devoted to chatting about this kit.

We are trying to make people understand more about this kit through,, and The love given to this kit in different forums makes it remain at the top of the craigslist. You can get Facebook forums as well.

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