Sonor Desinger

If you want to attract customers, then you need a variety of drums and percussion instruments. Everyone needs options that they can choose from by considering the different features that come with that product.

However, one you offer limited options, people will lose interest easily. Sonor Company knows this, and that is the reason they have been making a variety of drums. The company has been in the production of drums for more than a century now, so they know what you want.

Having drum sets that have no Sonor drum is like having no drum kit at all. I know this because I used other drums without Sonor drums, but the sound produced was different.

Therefore, we have a product from Sonor that we need to look at its features and functionality in detail.

Sonor Designer

This product has been voted as the best drum set of all time. Sonor drum experts and followers have all agreed that the sound produced by these sets cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Drums from the Sonor designer series are characterized by remarkable artisanship and sound.

The Sonor Designer made way for the SQ2 series regarding wood selection, colors, shell depth, finishes, etc. This Sonor designer drum can be included in the current vintage category because it is eye-catching and has all it takes to be in the category.

One professional drummer tested the sound of the Sonor Designer drum kit. He used a Tama Seamless Steel PL 106 snare drum set and impression cymbals: prototype 14 inches hats, a 19 inches smooth crash, and a 22 inches Leon Collection Ride.

He kicked off by testing the bass drum’s sound then played each of the toms at distinct levels of dynamics, only to complete with few rhythmic patterns on the entire drum kit.

The Sonor drum kit that was tested here is an excellent instrument for everyone who likes the Sonor sound. This kit is cheaper than the SQ2 series; thus, you can save many Dollars by going for this drum kit.

The bass drum produces a punchy sound that is a combination of a warm and rich low tone. The toms’ sound displays a lot of warmth, rich tones, and depth, almost similar to that of bass drums, but the toms are married with a clear stick definition.

All Sonor Designer drum kits respond well at all levels of dynamics. This is the ultimate drum for all the Sonor fans and everyone into the slightly newer vintage sound from the 90s. The good thing is that they have a powerful and bright attack and an outstanding projection.


Producer: Sonor

Model: Designer

Configuration: 8 inches x 8 inches, 10 inches x 9 inches, 12 inches x 10 inches, 14 inches x 14 inches, 20 inches x 18 inches.

Material: North American Maple

Shells: Maple Light (9 plies on the toms, 12 plies on the bass drum)

Heads: Evans EC2/Remo Emperor Clear (batter heads on the toms), W.S. Classic Clear (resonant heads on the toms), Remo Power stroke 3, Aquarian Studio X (resonant head on the bass drum), Remo Ambassador X (on the snare drum).

Finish: Stain Blue

Year of manufacture: 1995

Hardware: STARS tom holder + bass drum plate for 10 inches and 12 inches toms, D.S.S. The rims suspension system for the 14 inches floor tom, Sonor T.A.R. mounting system for the 14 inches floor tom, tom holder Sonor 600 for the 8 inches tom


It is much affordable than the SQ2 series.

The Sonor designer drum set produces the best sound ever.

It features the 1990s excellent design.


Mainly available in online markets.

Sonor Designer Series

The Sonor Designer Series is the precursor to what we know as the SQ2 series. The wood types used to make the shell of this excellent drum kit are keenly selected, and the thickness of the shells is considered okay. They are somehow expensive, but they give drummers value for their money.

I have seen just a single set of designer series, and they looked fantastic and sounded very nice. The original Sonor designer Series was made with an enormous tom mount on the bass drum that utilized a sizeable bulky rail and had a good post that swiveled on it.

The original kit also had rubber insulators between the metal and the shells. The bass drum tuning rods all had a round tension adjustment rather than the standard drum key or T rod. This drum kit has an incredible sound that you will like to hear, but they are a bit heavy and have a tom mount of 20lb, known as the ‘rocket launcher.’

The Designer series was made after the era of thicker shells that were used to reduce the harmonics. The designer series reflect the lighter shell, isolated hardware principles, and produces a greater range of tones.

Being German drums, the drummers must learn how to operate some widgets, but they are far much adaptable drums. You can find this number one kit online but the site uses cookies you should accept.


They offer the best sounds ever.

It gives drummers value for their money.


It is a bit expensive.

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