Sonor Force 3003

Sonor Force 3003 Kit is among the kits that have the best reviews from customers. You can make conclusions on any drum based on the reviews that other users have given. I bought this drum set years ago, and I have been enjoying it.

The kit has undergone several advancements; thus, this final product is a fantastic piece. We will review this kit in detail to make you understand more about it. It is so wrong to buy a kit that will embarrass you after a few days of use.

I usually advise most drummers to do their research before settling on any product. Every drummer has his/her taste and preference; thus, it is useful when searching for the qualities you need in a drum kit.

Therefore, let us go through the amazing features of the Sonor Force 3003 5 piece drum set. Follow me through, and I am sure you will get the best out of Sonor Product.

SONOR Force 3003 Standard 5-Piece Drum Set

Sonor Force 3003 5 piece Drum sets are made a highly advanced technology method. The kit is made with a Total Acoustic Resonance (T.A.R.) sound enhancement system. It is constructed with 9-ply wood, cross-laminated, and tension-free maple basswood shells that produce fantastic tone and projection.

The fantastic finish for this kit is flashy sparkle makes it attract the eye from a far distance. The kit also has pre-muffled Remo bass drumheads, 40 series double-braced hardware, Turbo bass drums that have extended shell dimensions and throw-off snare action are all standard components.

This drum set is durable because it is made of high-quality plywood and has several layers. The shells are composed of maple basswood; thus, it offers a lot of low end with plenty of control. The finish has some minor scratches that add quality to the sound produced.

The tom tree is super heavy and includes a memory lock that helps reduce the number of tunings that can be made to this set. The good thing with this kit is that the spurs, leg brackets, mounts, and throw off all work smoothly to offer you what you need.

Its hardware is clean and has no rust or pitting. This makes the instruments’ hardware last for a prolonged period because of its fantastic construction. The tom heads were improved to Remo Pinstripes that have a lot of play left.

Sonor Force 3003

The build quality and the consistency of this drum set transcend the price tag attached to it.  The shells are well-trimmed, and there is a unique vertical grain in the plies that give the drums an amazingly rich, full, and warm tone.

This drum kit is not extremely heavy; thus, it will not be a problem carrying it around. The bass pedal that comes with this 5 piece drum set is smooth and offers you a lot of comfortability during your performance. When it comes to the sound produced by these 5 piece maple drums, it is outstanding and will leave you smiling.

This drum set is suitable for all sets of players who have a passion for drumming. Once you start working on this kit, you will be amazed by how lovely will take you drumming to the next level. It makes your audience want to hear more from your fantastic drumming.

The Sonor Force Shells are manufactured in the K.H.S. factory, but Sonor artisans under the strict supervision of one of the brothers make it. They ensure that the quality of the maple drums is never changed because that is what the players need.

Some drummers call this kit a ‘solid construction with great sound’ because they have been using it for decades. The Black and White Sparkle is much nicer than any Pro M finish, and they have ten legs on the kick.


22-inch x 17½-inch bass drum

12-inch x 10-inch and 13-inch x 11-inch toms

16-inch x 16-inch floor tom

5-inch x 14-inch snare

Included in the pack are:

Tom holders

Bass drum pedal

Snare stand


Straight and mini-boom cymbal stands



  • Constructed using the highly advanced Total Acoustic Resonance (T.A.R.) sound enhancement system
  • 9-ply, cross-laminated, tension-free maple-basswood shells
  • Sparkle finishes
  • Pre-muffled Remo bass drumheads
  • 400 Series double-braced hardware
  • Turbo bass drums with extended shell dimensions and throw-off snare action are all standard equipment.


Getting a good kit like Sonor Force 3003 is not a joke. I researched different available drum sets before landing on this kit. You cannot trust any drum kit that you see online. You must get the kit features and match them with what you are looking for in a 5 piece drum set.

However, with this kit, you should never doubt it because all the features you need are available. You will need to make comparisons with other kits then pick the best.

With the Sonor Force 3003 5-piece drum set, your audience will be on their feet throughout the performance. Several professional drummers in the world have their trust in this kit. Some amateur drummers have raised to professional drummers because they got a good foundation.

Therefore, it is your choice to get the best out of each drum set you have or plan to purchase because it all starts with you. This drum set comes with one year warranty thus you can add it to cart knowing the condition is insured and it offers value for money.

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