Sonor Company has been a great manufacturer of drums and percussion instruments for about two centuries now. They have been making state-of-the-art drum kits for the entire period. They have introduced several kits, which have received a lot of love from drummers around the globe.

Sonor drums are made in different designs and classified into different categories that we usually call series. The Sonor Force series is one of the primary series that have been made in the entire period. The series has shells that are durable because they are made from current technology techniques.

The company is well renowned for its advancement and the quality of kits that they make. I have been using a Sonor Force 3005 kit for over a decade now. I enjoy the kit so much because the quality of sound produced is ear-catching.

Therefore, I will take you through this kit’s major features because I have been using it. I have all its features at my fingertips, and I need you to know it better before going for it. Therefore, stay tuned and keep learning. You will also get to know news and offers available for this product.

Sonor force 3005 drum kit

Sonor Force series has received several upgrades since its launch. The series has received a lot of endorses and reputation because of its unique design and first-class quality. The company’s most striking and outstanding Force series was launched in 1999 with the mind’s affordability feature.

The drum kit under review has had several top upgrades to make it better and suit drummers’ needs. However, despite the major upgrades, the kit still bears the same price tag as the replaced kit.

The essential upgrade made to Sonor Force 3005 involved the shells. The previous shells were made of Sandwich of six plies of maple surrounding three central layers of unspecified hardwood. The new shells are made of nine-ply construction with several maple layers.

The incredible thing is that the new upgrade has shells that are 6millimeters resonant on the toms and the snare. On the other hand, the bass drum boasts of a sturdy 8 millimeters shell.

Apart from the improvements to the shell, the 3005 kits come in three different new lacquer finishes that are attractive and appealing to the eye. The first lacquer among the five existing finishes is the Sunburst High Gloss Natural Maple and Autumn Fade.

There is one finish that is no longer produced by Sonor: Purple Caribic, which was discontinued because of the interests of balance. However, there are still two more finishes of the 3005 series as compared to the old kits.

However, my favorite finish among all these is the Autumn Fade Finish that looks cool and classy. It melts from a rich, burnt orange into warm ivory that continues over the wonderful bass drum’s wooden hoops.


The Sonor Force 3005 Series is available in four shell packs, unlike the previous kits with three shells. Two versions of the ubiquitous fusion setup are the bass drum ( 20 or 22 inches), and two are different in terms of the customary rock kit blueprint.

Our kit is Stage one kit and comprises 12 x 10 inches, 13 x 11 inches toms, a 16 x 16 inches floor tom, 22 x 17.5 inches bass drum, and 14 x 5.5 inches snare drum.  On the other hand, the Stage two kit features the same bass drum, snare drum, and floor tom but combined with 10 inches and 12 inches toms on the fusion kits.

There are extra drums available individually, and alternative bass drums in the form of in and 24 inches models can be added.

The Sonor-like-lugs that are rectangular with a central round bulge encircle the drums. The bass and snare drum is equipped with a complement of ten lugs. The snare drum and the bass drum are the two most useful drums in any kit set up; thus, this pro-spec makes sense.

The drums are capped with Power Hoops while a pair of ball and socket holders support the toms. The toms are kept free from intrusion by the Sonor’s Total Acoustic Resonance mounts. Sonor Force 3005 kit comes with several hardware packs that include two boom stands, a snare stand, hi-hat stand, and bass drum pedal.

Sonor Force 3005 drum kits are solidly engineered and littered with Sonor design features that make it hard to confuse with other drum kits. The quality of sound that this drum kit produces makes it exceptional and outstanding in the drum market.

Force of Nature

The Force 3005 drum kit is loud and extremely powerful because of the number of plies and the drums’ sizes involved; thus, it should not be a surprise. The bass drums produce the type of sound that is a shudderingly dark response that can only be possible with maple shells.

When the bass drum is tuned low, sharp blat of attack is heard first, making a counterpoint to the enormous note that follows.

As you tune the drum, the attack fades, leaving a dry and intensely dark note. This is the only drum that you can feel as you hear it. On the other hand, the snare produces a no-nonsense woody crack equalized by the maple warmth.

When the snare drum is tuned down, it retains its crispness while the note gets fatter. When cranked up, it bites, and the rim shots hurt positively. The toms are authoritative, and they deliver strong fundamental tones that possess a command of the mid and lower frequencies.

The thing that makes this drum exceptional is the set up that offers an extremely well-equipped package at a very competitive price. The all-maple nine-ply shells, lacquered finish, and reliable hardware offer a potent combination.

The longish toms of the Sonor kit combine well with the thickness of the ply to produce withering amounts of power.


  • The kit has high-quality maple shells.
  • It also has distinctive looks and a big sound.
  • It is affordable.


  • The kit lacks shorter depth options for toms.

Sonor force 3005 bass drum

The Sonor drum kit has an all-maple that makes it produce an exceptional sound. The bass drum is much attractive because its finish is layered, expertly applied, and hand-rubbed lacquer to enhance the drum’s maple shell beauty with depth and luster.

The bass drum produces a warm, bright tone and full sound with an excellent projection. It has different sizes of bass drums that offer the same quality sound. The sizes are 18 x 16 inches, 20 x 17.5 inches, 22 by 17.5 inches, and 24 x 17.5 inches.

The good thing with Sonor bass drums is that they can last for an extended period because of the quality maple shells used in making it. I have a 20 x 16 inches bass drum that produces fantastic sound, making everyone like my music.


  • It is made of full maple shells.
  • It is durable and produces exceptional sound.


  • It is somehow heavy because of the materials used.

Sonor Force 3005 Snare Drum

There is no way that you can play your drums without a snare drum. Sonor Force 3005 snare drum is well designed to suit the needs of all drummers. The snare has undergone several upgrades to make it much better than the previous snare.

The kit features excellent condition preowned ten lugs and a thin maple shell. It has 2 3 millimeters hoops and measures 14 x 5.5 inches in size. The bearing edges are in perfect shape, and the kit features a perfectly applied lacquered finish that makes the kit more attractive.

The kit has a free shipping offer on various platforms, and there is a pickup option. The construction of this shell is exceptional because the technology used has never been featured elsewhere. The snare has mid to high tunings that allow the player to make suitable adjustments.


  • It produces fat and retro sound.
  • It works perfectly well for a wide range of drums.
  • The snare is reliable and durable.


  • Not compatible with other snare stands.


The Sonor Force 3005 is an ideal kit because it has been used for decades. They say old is gold, and I think the saying is perfect for this drum kit. Your audiences will love it, and you will spend part of your time playing it. I know you will be the next buyer of this drum set. There are awesome deals and offers on these amazing products. It will always give value for your money.

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