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Getting the best drums in the current market isn’t a walk in the park. There are so many drum kits available in the market, thus giving a drummer a hard choice to make. However, we work tirelessly possible to ensure that drummers know the features of Sonor drums.

Once you have read and understood the different features of a drum, it will be easier for you to decide. I once bought a drum kit that appeared good to me from the way it was designed. I liked it because it was attractive, but when I started playing it, I was embarrassed.

Therefore, I do not want the same thing to happen to my fellow drummers. I will take you through the Sonor Hilite drum kit made by this Sonor company. It is a beautiful and attractive kit in terms of appearance and the sound that it produces.

Sonor Hilite Drum Kit

Sonor Hilite drum kit was manufactured some years ago. It is an exceptional drum kit that offers the best sound quality and durability. Sonor produces kits with the apparent central theme of ‘no compromise,’ making them remain outstanding in the drum’s industry for such a long period.

Therefore, we have a kit that is amazing and suitable for every drummer. We will look at the features of this kit in details;


This Sonor Hilite drum set was produced in the latter end of the production run Circa 1993/94. Sonor has produced so many drums over the years, which remain relevant in the current music industry. The Sonor Hilite kit looks and sounds formidable.

The Sonor Hilite kit features fantastic innovation in every part. The features of this kit made way for the company’s future offerings, such as the Designers, Prolite, Delite, and the SQ2 series. The specification of the maple shell in the Hilite series makes the drum exciting and exceptional.

Sonor offers more Maple shell options, but nothing replicates this maple shell used in the Sonor Hilite drum kit. This makes the Sonor Hilite kit sonically unique and outstanding among all the available Sonor drums.

The maple used is the highest grade, and they are 9-ply, 7.5mm thick, and cross-laminated. The sound produced by this kit is warm with excellent definition and stick attack. The good thing is that this kit comes as a full pack with a full Sonor Hardware pack.

The four toms feature a factory standard Sonor Medium resonant heads, and the original Gold Logo on the Black EP bass drum head is fitted. This enhances the look and originality of this unique drum set.

Everything available in this kit is original, and they all work perfectly as predicted by Sonor over 25 years ago. The kit comes as a five-piece with a stunning Red Maple lacquer finish, which does not fade the color even under extreme conditions.

The Sonor Hilite drum kit is an exceptional drum that suits every drummer looking for an attractive and excellent sounding Maple drum kit.


  • HG22 – 22 x 17 Bass Drum
  • HT10 – 10 x 9 Tom
  • HT12- 12 x 10 Tom
  • HT14 – 14 x 12 Tom
  • HT15 – 15 x 13 Tom
  • 9-ply, 7.5mm Cross Laminated Premium Maple Shells
  • Chrome Fittings
  • Red Maple (RM) Lacquer Finish
  • Ferro Manganese Steel Rims
  • Beautiful Tubular Lugs
  • Snap Locks
  • All hardware is rubber insulated
  • Slot Head Tension Rods (two Sonor Slot Head Drum Keys included)
  • HLZ5280 Signature Straight Cymbal Stand Included
  • Z5270 Phonic Plus Straight Cymbal Stand Included
  • HLZ5285 Signature Double Tom Stand Included
  • HLZ5480 Signature Hi-Hat Stand Included
  • HLZ5580 Signature Snare Drum Stand Included
  • Z5533E Double Tom Holder x 1
  • Made in Germany circa 1993/1994
  • Preloved – Drums 7.5/10 Condition – Back Bass Drum Hoop Pedal rash. Hardware – 6.5/10 Light Surface Marks and Pitting on the hardware due to moving parts, everything is functional and original.

You can get this drum kit on our online platforms. Shipping can be done for you once you contact THE DRUMMER’S DRUM STORE. Anything and everything in your order will be delivered while at incredible prices while stock lasts.

Sonor Hilite Snares

The snare drum of the Sonor Hilite series is made of 9-ply shells with 7.5 millimeters, cross-laminated maple, rugs with rubber insulators, and snap-lock. The rubber insulators help give high projection and avoid sound absorption by eliminating the contact between the metal parts and the wooden shell.

The shells produce a full and warm tone that has a precise attack. The sound of this snare is produced by kits made of high-grade maple. All Sonor snare drums have a lacquer finish that make them appealing to the eye.

The snares also feature throw-off snare release with snare adjustment knobs on both sides, 24 strand snares, Ferromanganese steel rims, extra heavy steel rim for batter head that gives a precise tuning and powerful rim shots.

The Sonor Hilite kit is available on various platforms. They have everything from Sonor that you need and I can promise that you will miss nothing. They all have fantastic lacquer finish with amazing sounds and tones.

There are several products on Sonor Hilite that include Sonor Hilite hardware packs, bass drums, toms, snares, and other accessories. It is up to you to get the best out of the fantastic deals that are available while stock lasts.

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