Sonor Phonic Reissue Beech Snare Drum 14X6.5 Mahogany

The snare drum is among the central pieces and is designed to be played by a seated drummer. A snare is used in several music genres, and it is suitable for concert bands, orchestras, marching bands, parades, and many more.

Sonor is not left behind when it comes to manufacturing the best snare drums in the world. This snare drum from Sonor is what you need to complete your drum kit. The sound that can be produced by a snare determines the quality of the snare accessories.

Sonor uses modern technology to make their drum kits; thus, you will never go wrong with Sonor drums. The sound of a snare originates from the snares that vibrate on the bottom head. You should know how to tune your snares well so that you can get the best out of them.

If you tighten your snare, it will choke off the resonance, thus producing a crisper sound. On the other hand, keeping your snare loose will open up the drum, and the snare will buzz for a long time.

Before purchasing any snare, you should consider the size of the snare. A snare drum with a width of 5.5 inches or less will always produce a tight pop. Therefore, if you need a loud and open snare drum, go for a fat snare with a width of at least 6.5 inches.

Therefore, let us look at the features of the Sonor snare drum;

Sonar drum snare

There is nothing that sounds like the Sonor snare drum. It underwent superb craftsmanship to give out an outstanding product. Most drummers own at least one Sonor percussion instrument. Sonor drums are made unique by handcrafted high-end lines similar to what they have been doing for decades.

The shells are unique because of shell construction using proprietary molds, making it produce undersized shells. With these undersized shells, the drumhead can float on the bearing edge; thus, yielding greater resonance and sensitivity.

The Sonor Snare drum varieties include:

Sonor SQ2 Beech Snare Drum 13×5.5 Birdseye Maple

This little and handsome snare has a heavy beech shell that projects a crisp and clear tone. This snare features a beautiful Birdseye gloss veneer on the outside, and on the inside is a matching veneer. It has 18-strand steel wires and power hoops measuring 2.3mm, allowing the beefy shell to breathe and articulate.

Sonor SQ2 Maple Snare Drum 13×7 Scandinavian Birch w/ Gold Hardware

The next SQ2 snare drum is a fantastic snare that has eye-catching gold hardware. The shell of this snare is a versatile heavy maple shell measuring 13″ x 7 “. It gives a powerful pop with a serious mid-range tone.

This snare also features matching Scandinavian Birch veneers inside and outside, making it among the most beautiful examples of SQ2 craftsmanship that you can find.

Sonor One Of A Kind Maple or Beech Snare Drum 13 inches x7 inches Mango

Sonor One of A Kind Snare Drum is made of a 9-ply 7mm maple/beech blended shell. It is veneered outside and inside with a ply elegant vertical mango wood. When you combine this deep, thin shell with triple-flanged hoops, 45 degrees bearing edges, precision snare beds, and double Glide Strainer, you will have a dynamic and world-class instrument that sounds as good as it appears.

Sonor produced ninety-nine snare drums of this type worldwide, and they come with a comfortable hard case and Welcome Box. It takes a lot to be outstanding in the Drum Center of Portsmouth showroom, and this instrument can be crowned jewel in the whole collection.

Sonor Phonic Reissue Beech Snare Drum 14×5.75 Rosewood

This snare drum is a recreation of the legendary Sonor beech shell snare drums of the previous year. It features a 14″ x 5.75″, 12-ply beech shell that has a rosewood gloss veneer. This snare is designed to be outstanding both visually and sonically.

The beech shell offers a classic Sonor, balanced and versatile, with and warm low-mid body and controlled overtones. Land on these beautiful Sonor phobic drums at the Drum Center of Portsmouth with all rights reserved.

Sonor SQ2 Heavy Maple Snare Drum 14×6 Ebony Gloss

This fantastic snare drum combines several of our favorite Sonor Specifications into one beefy drum. This drum snare is sonically and visually outstanding due to a heavy maple shell, ebony gloss veneer, and the industry’s fattest die-cast hoops.

Sonor SQ2 Maple Snare Drum 14×6.5 Signal Grey

This is a well-rounded workhorse Medium Maple Sonor Snare. It features several finishes, but the favorite finish is the Single Grey lacquer finish. Its appearance will catch your eye from far. It has triple-flanged hoops and24-strand wires that provide it with extra sensitivity.

Sonor Phonic Reissue Beech Snare Drum 14×6.5 Mahogany

The Sonic Phonic Reissue Beech Snare Drum has 14 inches by 6.5 inches, 9-ply beech shell with a mahogany veneer in a matte finish. The beech shell of this snare projects a sound with a drier body and balanced overtones.

This snare also features German die-cast hoops, slotted rods, ten phonic lugs, a classic Phonic Strainer, and 20-strand steel wires that round out the vintage experienced offered by this drum.

Sonor SQ2 Beech Snare Drum 14×8 Gloss Rosewood

A few people own 14 inches by 8 inches heavy beech shells. It is a fantastic snare drum with a low-end tone and beefy projection that you could need, along with great sensitivity.

It features an Immaculate Gloss Rosewood finish on the exterior together with a matching matte veneer inside. Die-cast hoops increase their beauty together with 24-strand steel wires that round them. This is an ultimate snare for all drummers who need to get the best out of their drumming.

Pros of Sonor Snare drums

  •  They are durable and reliable snare drums.
  • Sonor snare drums are affordable.
  • They are suitable for a variety of music genres.


  • They might be few considering the number of people who need it.

Sonor SQ2 Snare Drum Review

Are you in need of a snare drum that will fit all your drumming needs in one package? Well, look no further; the SQ2 snare has it all.

Gold-plated hardware, shells that increase in thickness with diameter, and incredible finishes are all features of this beautiful and highly effective snare.

I recently reviewed the whole SQ2 drum set. It gave me the impression that there is always something for everyone in Sonor’s lines.

These snares might not be the futuristic dream that every drummer thinks of, but Sonor does know how to impress its customers.

The construction

One thing I love about Sonor is its focus on customer satisfaction. Everything they do is for the good of those who use their products.

They seem to have taken the idea of customer choice to the next-gen grade with the SQ2 system. Every component of your kit can be selected separately and set together until you have your dream gear through their online configurator.

Hence, you can choose your drums from the other lines and include this SQ2, just to feel the beauty of playing professionally designed drum accessories.

The SQ2 website allows you to view the details of your drum set with ease. No matter your configuration, the SQ2 snare comes with the best features for any snare.

It is made with a birch 4-ply ‘Vintage’ 12 by 7-inch inch that is designed with a ring. The birdseye maple finish on the external veneer ply creates a perfect view of a professional drum set. It will sit right in the middle of your kit without any discord.

Apart from that, the drum comes with chrome hardware. What you get in the end is a beautiful kit displaying elegant restraint, rather than a bad raid of options. It is a dream drum for every drummer in need of high-end gear.

The sound and feel

It is not only on the looks that Sonor has gone the extra mile to impress. Hands-on, this drum will make you feel in perfect control of every sound you make.

It features a semi-gloss finish that allows the figured maple veneer to shine through. It almost looks like a 3D moiré shell resonance.

Besides, there is the bright chrome hardware that settles on well-engineered gaskets, increasing resonance. And then there is the medium-weight single-ply coated batter that sounds sweet over the clear resonant head. They both work within the 16-strand snares, delivering voices that you may never have heard before.

I tuned it medium, and it was great as the main snare. It gave a nice projection on the thin shell, bonding with my band setting.

Tensioning the snare still works perfectly, thanks to the independently adjustable snare strainers that help in preventing choking.

And when I backed them off, they give a pleasantly woody foundational tone with the birch shell. It can have some overtones, but they are easy to control.


  • Incredible finish and fit
  • Great projection


  • As a second snare, it could be a bit expensive

Sonor Protean Snare Drum

The Protean from Sonor is another drum you may want to try out. It comes with the same standards you will find in many of Sonor’s products.

This series is known n to come with veneer grain finishes, which gives them a wonderful feeling under sticks. They also project well through the drum setup, delivering distinct tones with every strike.

The name “Protean” comes from a Greek myth. It means “versatile” or “diverse.” And this is exactly what the snare promises -versatility.

It is a signature drum made in Germany. It is offered in two sizes, 14 by5.25-inches and 12 by 5-inches.

The snare is made from 6-ply, premium in selected birch wood made into a thin 6mm shell. The chrome fittings cover the Silky Black finish.

Sonor Brass Snare Drum

Brass drums are not a new thing in the modern drumming world. They have become very popular, and Sonor seems to be on top of their game here.

Basically, the drums are made from brass as opposed to the popular wooden materials. This makes them strong and with a distinct sound.

The Sonor 13 by 5.75-inch Benny Greb Signature Vintage Brass snare drum is a professionally designed drum made for every drummer’s needs.

However, some of these drums are quite expensive. A single snare can cost as much as a complete set.

Sonor Select Force Snare Drum

Select Force 13 by 7-inch snare drums are a unique solution for unique tones. It comes from the Select Force line with is the pinnacle of the Force range.

This is a set for every drummer, made especially for advanced and semi-professional drummers. Professional drummers will also find it quite interesting.

The set is crafted of 7-ply Canadian maple shells, which offer rich and warm sounds. They highlight lower pitches while delivering a great balance for the mid-range and treble.

Sonor Snare Drum Stand

Every product that Sonor offer on the market is made with the highest quality standards. And the Sonor snare drum stand is no different.

After investing in a high-end drum, you could be looking for a sturdy stand of the same quality – go for the Sonor gear. It has everything to help you improve your drumming skills.


Sonor is one of the best drum manufacturers. As such, you can be any Sonor drum will not disappoint. You can get this fantastic product on the website; The most trusted seller is Drum Center of Portsmouth. The contact information address is Drum Center of Portsmouth 144 Lafayette RoadNorth Hampton NH 03862 Phone (603)319-8109.

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