Sonor Jungle Kits Drum Set

Sonor musical instruments Manufacture Company has been in existence for centuries now. The company has made a wide range of drums and other percussion instruments for the entire period. It is well known for the manufacture of high-quality instruments.

The good thing with this company is that it has undergone several years of advancement to develop products that suit drummers’ current tastes and preferences. The company currently makes drum kits and hardware.

Sonor drums have unique features such as undersized shells, round tension rods, and slots that took the traditional square style. If you have been looking for the best, then hear this from me, you can get it at any Sonor site.

Sonor jungle kit is among the most fantastic drum kits made by Sonor. It has features that suit all drummers, making it the most fantastic kit to review in 2020. Therefore, we will make the best review of this product, and you will get the best out of it.

It is good to know much about a product before making any decision on whether to buy it or not. However, I can promise you this one will not let you down. Thus, please stay tuned because this can be what you have been waiting for.

This spectacular set does not require a switch to proper heads before making judgments on the sound quality. I have been playing with this kit for over 10 years now; thus, I have a comprehensive experience owning this excellent new drum set.

Most drums from Sonor possess a signature sound that is warm, fat controlled and wide-open tone. The kit is Chinese-made and not German, but that does not change the quality of sound you have always been yawning for.

The good thing with this jungle kit is that it can suit any drummer starting from beginners to amateurs. This can be an alternative drum kit for professional drummers who know the type of music they need.

A wide range of pre-configured sets, components, and the very recent professional series features make Sonor Jungle Kit outstanding among the rest. The kit features 7-layer maple shell claws with Rubber Padding Tune safe Equipped Tension Lugs on the kit.

This kit’s drums’ sizes are 16 inches by 16 inches bass drum, 10 inches by 8 inches tom-tom, and 14 inches by 12 inches floor tom. The bass drums are big enough; thus, it will give you enough surface to get the best sound quality.

This kit is a shell pack only, meaning no hardware other than the tom mount and floor tom legs. The kit has no snare; thus, you will have to get the best snare drum to support your sound production during a performance.

Sonor jungle kit is well designed to last for an extended period. The materials used are well selected from the best, and the artisans who work on this kit have many years of working in the industry. The company has former drummers working on this kit to get you all that suits you. This kit is affordable as compared to other products in its category. It produces high-quality sound. It is durable, effective, and reliable.

The Sonor jungle kit is popular because of its portability, and it has been in existence since the ’90s. Part of the Force 3007 series tops Sonor’s semi-pro level manufactured in China with hybrid shells of Canadian and Chinese maple.


The Canadian and the Chinese maple shells have a negligible difference, but the most considered maple is the Canadian maple. Sonor uses the Canadian desirable and professional maple in its outer and inner plies of the Force 3007 series.

This kit includes a construction thickness of 5.8 mm with 1.7mm Canadian maple on either side of the Chinese maple with 2.4 mm thickness. This kit comes in a glittering Blue Sparkle lacquer, which is my best option, but there are ten other finishes that you can choose from.

The bearing edges are set at 45 degrees and carefully trimmed to get the finniest of round-overs to the outside. The bass drum measures 16 inches x 16 inches, but it is a converted floor tom.

This kit has wood hoops that are rounded off and furnished to match the shells, making it appear excellent and warm. When using a bass pedal, the beater strikes the center because of a 7cm lift that is a simple welded steel plate that slots into the leg of the floor tom leg bracket on the shell’s underside.

The two toms measure 10″ x 8″ and 14″ x 12″, with the latter having three legs sporting big isolating rubber feet. The small tom can be mounted to the bass drum through Sonor’s Total Acoustic Resonance (TAR) mounting system.

TAR mounting system is a T-shaped plate that clamps onto two upper tension brackets while the bass of the T bolts is screwed directly into the shell for stability.

This review kit has no snare, although Sonor makes a skinny jungle measuring10″ x 2″ attached from a unique tom stand bracket.


No one expected big sounds from the bass drums, especially after seeing the jungle on the artist’s DVDs. However, after pedaling it, the bass drum sounded raunchy with an aggressive and unexpectedly rich tone.

The kit produced a fat blast with more breadth than it seemed possible. The bass drums cannot be tuned for maximum bass, but it gives an extra turn to the front to liven up its projection. For jazz or electro music styles, top tensions all around give authentic and bloomy sounds.

You can get everything right with small toms that have punched above their weight. The little 10″ x 8″ is impressive, and I find myself playing rim shots on it thus, making a stunning racket. The 14″ x 12″ tom has many attacks but benefits from the bright warmth that is a characteristic of the maple.

You can get free shipping from different online platforms. you can also get help from the Sonor team at any time through their website. the latest drums still exist thus, you can search and get the better from us. I have a black finish thus you may get the one that you like.

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