Sonor 10 Jungle Snare Top Rim

Sonor makes impressive drums, and there is no denying that they have some of the top-ranking products. When it comes to delivering high-end performance, the company has an excellent reputation.

And here is one of their most popular drums, the Sonor Jungle Snare. If you have ever used any Sonor drum set, you can already relate to the kind of quality we are talking about here.

The snare drum is at the heart of every drum beat. It is often considered the most important piece in a drum set and a game-changer in any musical style.

Get a good snare, and you will be in control of your performance.

In this guide, I will be reviewing the Sonor Jungle snare.

Sonor Jungle Snare Drum

Sonor Snare drums are inspiring components that will get you to enjoy every performance. They are designed to deliver incredible performance, which is why they inspire a lot of other manufacturers and drummers.

I have been playing with Sonor drums for a long time, and hence, I know what they stand for. This little snare can be used as a side snare, although there are many drummers who use them as main snares.

If you are a gigging drummer, traveling with your gear all the time can be tiring. Carrying around all drums in one place is never easy.

This is why a compact drum could be a perfect solution. In this case, consider the Sonor Jungle Snare. It may look small, but it’s the closest thing you get close to the full sound in a small drum set.

Above all, it is a good-sounding drum. It still lets you feel the impact of playing the snare drum.


The first thing you will notice is the compact look of this snare drum. It measures 10-inch by 2-inch, which is among the smallest sizes you can find in any drum.

As such, you will be using a very small snare drum to achieve high-end tones.

This size makes it easy to fit in any space. For those who travel a lot, you can put this snare in the booth of your car, and it will fit just perfectly.

You can use it as a side snare in a full-size drum kit or as the main snare is a small drum set. Such size is also good for kits for are interested in learning drums.


After the size, you will also notice this small and sweet snare is made from top-quality standards. It features a carefully selected natural drum skin for a perfect sound.

Many of the drums you will find at this price range are normally very poor in construction and sound. But Sonor is known for placing a keen focus on every product they make.

This Sonor snare drum is finished with natural color. Hence, it’s perfect for any drummer, no matter what color you like.

Sonor 10″ Jungle Snare Top Rim

Another good feature you will notice is that the snare comes with a nicely done top rim. This part features 2 by 6 tension rods, making it easy to set the snare sound,

The drums also come with 12 steel snare wires. They make a strong component that will handle a lot of pressure. This also allows you to play the snare in any music setup.

Many drummers know that small drums are only effective in low-volume setups. But Sonor has tried to change this by offering something more.

In addition, this snare is equipped with 16 silver jingles. This is perhaps more than what you would expect from a drum of this size.

The Sonor Safari Jungle Snare 10×2 is a highly portable piece that lets you easily carry wherever you go. It is a perfect piece for a gigging drummer who does not have enough room to play.


This snare drum is very snappy, allowing it to deliver cool timbale sounds. Keeping the shell tight for a long time delivers a sharp and thin sound that penetrates well through the other instruments.

Keeping it loosened ensures a nice, warm, and medium depth sound. The snares could be less noticeable if you use a tighter tension level.

It is all about setting it right to get the high pitched, ringing rim shots. Whether you use it as a side or a main snare, it will still get you there.

Sonor Select Force SEF 11 1002 SDJ Jungle Snare

Sonor’s Select Force series is the top model in the new Force range. The whole Force line is designed specifically for beginners and advanced users. However, even semi-professional drummers can use them for a good alternative.

The Sonor Select Force SEF 11 1002 SDJ Jungle Snare is a special edition of this line. It measures 10 by 2-inches, which is much smaller than the normal snare size.

The shell material is wood, with a matt finish on the surface. The rims are steel and come with 6 tuning screws.

Chrome hardware in a natural color complete the drum’s design. It also comes with 16 cuffs as accessories, making it easy to set the snare in place and start playing.

It is a cool sub snare, but it does not offer enough power, in my opinion. It offers a decent sound, but there is not much to expect in its tambourine jingle out.

This snare promises a good concept, but it may not work as many drummers would expect. You may find it a little too shy.

But there is nothing much you can expect from such a small snare anyway. Still, it’s a compact choice for a gigging drummer who needs freedom to travel easily.

Sonor Jungle Snare Drum Pros

• A good tone even when you place it in different tunes. It can also serve perfectly as a little tom echoing your 10-inch tom.

• Great volume. It has holes on the side for a big volume.

• Stylish and versatile. You can use this drum for a wide variety of needs.

• Portable

• Affordable


• The finish on the maple is quite boring.

• It does not fit in the traditional snare stand.

• The tambourine jingles sound weird when using it as a tom or timbale.

Bottom line

Sonor is a reputable brand that makes good products. The Sonor Jungle Snare may be pricy for this reason, but you get what you pay for. This is a nice accessory for your various drumming needs.