Sonor Perfect Balance Jojo Mayer

Achieving outstanding balance and stability during a performance is every drummers’ dream. When all your drums and cymbals are well-positioned, you get some confidence to tackle the task ahead of you. This balance can only be achieved by using high-quality hardware from Sonor.

The bass drums are not just accessories they play an essential role in any drum setup; thus, they must have perfectly balanced pedals. The pedals help the drummer in reducing the workload. Sonor saw the problems that drummers faced and came up with this fantastic bass pedal on the market.

Therefore, let us review this Sonor bass pedal to get a good idea of how they work and the materials used in making them. Before purchasing any kit, it is usually essential to have its features at the back of your mind.

This pedal was introduced some years ago, and it is an impressive pedal. There was an original version of this pedal, which was collapsible, unlike this standard version. It features a center post that is rigid and holds the cam and spring assemblies.

This pedal’s hoop clamping system is a common/generic design; hence it clamps onto the hoop, and you can tighten it through a wingnut. However, the original pedal has a self-mounting clamp system.

The playability and the feel of this pedal are beyond explanation. When you apply pressure to it, you feel the quality sound is produced, and the pedal is smooth. The pedal is lightweight and buttery smooth to make it more useful and reliable.

With this bass pedal, you will never go wrong because it has a minimalist design that is highly functional and comfortable. This pedal is based on a pillar that cannot be folded, and its drive mechanism is made of a ballistic fiber belt.

It has screws in the place where the footboard and the footrest meet; thus, you can eliminate any loneliness at that location. This bass drum pedal reflects the impact’s energy, and the playing dynamics do not cause any effect.


  • It is stable and durable.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It works perfectly in all bass drums.


  • It is only available as a strap drive; thus, there are no direct or chain drive models.

Sonor drums perfect balance pedal by Jojo Mayer

Jojo Mayer is a well-known person who developed his hand and foot technique to a great level. He is among the few drummers who can play fast with one hand or foot. Many intermediate drummers can do it with the two.

Mayer tried pedals on the market but found out that they were often fast on the “throw” but slow on the “return” due to their design intended for volume and power. This led to him developing a modern bass drum pedal that has a vintage feel.

The pedal arrived in a tastefully made black shoebox. It is a nice shoebox with a smooth skin-like outer surface and even contained a small pouch of silica gel inside it. Inside the box are detailed instructions, Sonor stickers, and other product literature.

The good thing is that this pedal comes with a padded carrying bag that has a shoulder strap containing the pedal. The pedal is gleaming silver with a smooth and mirror-like footboard. The smooth footboard provides no bumps, engravings, logos, or other textures to impede the sliding motion.

This pedal is cleverly and uniquely designed to fold flat and fit inside the bag without having to disconnect the beater from the pedal. The pedal has a black button pressed to release the frame post, allowing it to fold forward.

The pedal is attached to the bass drum similarly to other pedals but in reverse because it uses a novel self-clamping mechanism. If you push the column forward when positioned on the hoop, it causes the pedal to self-mount and grabs your hoop.

This perfect balance by Jojo Mayer has a sizeable linear cam that mirrors your actions – what you offer is what you receive. This makes the pedal different from other modern pedals that feature oblong cams, which deliver a quick and mighty wallop.

The pedal has a strap similar to vintage pedals, but this pedal employs a ballistic fiber strap that is durable, unlike the leather straps used on vintage pedals. This pedal has an extended footboard; thus, it is perfect for drummers employing the heel-toe technique.


  • It is of high quality and a beautiful pedal.
  • It features an extended footboard perfect for every player.
  • It works perfectly in all sets of bass drums.


  • It is a bit heavyweight.

Sonor perfect balance pedal review

Sonor JoJo Mayer Perfect balance design aspires to bring some of the calibration and balance qualities of pedals to the modern era. The out comings are beautiful; the pedal is a vision of minimalist elegance, thus the dilemma of whether to play it or mount it on a plinth.

The Sonor Perfect Balance pedal features a single post, chrome-plated footboard, round cam, strap drive, and classic felt beater. These bass drum pedals allows you to tweak a few vital areas to personal preference. When you use this pedal for the first time, it feels a little light compared with our pedal that hurls the beater into the drumhead with more gusto.

However, prolonged playing makes us more acquainted with the pedal, to the point of finding it almost effortless. Its fiber strap doesn’t lag, flatter, or impede the action.

This pedal folds for easy packing, but the fantastic thing is that the strap does not scratch the footboard, as the chain would have. When you reverse the folding action to set the pedal, it tightens the clamp straight onto the bass drum hoop without the need for adjustments.


  • Packing can be quickly done.
  • It has superb build quality.


  • It has a hefty price tag.

Perfect balance pedal Sonor

This pedal is a new release that is a slightly refreshed version of the well-known JoJo Mayer Perfect Balance. The Sonor perfect balance bass pedal is decently made, and its appearance is minimalist and contemporary.

One thing that distinguishes this new model from the old models is the rim mounting system. The pedal is based on a single non-foldable pillar, and the drive mechanism consists of a belt made of ballistic fiber.

This new Sonor Perfect Balance pedal has regular screws where the footboard and the footrest meet, thus eliminating any looseness that arises at the spot. The resignation of the self-mounting hook to the bass drum is another distinguishing factor.

The pedal features drum key, felt beater material, round drive cam, and ballistic fiber strap. The pedal is durable and affordable because of its amazing design.


  • It is durable and affordable.
  • It works perfectly for all sets of bass drums.
  • It features an outstanding rim mounting system.


  • It has a non-foldable pillar; hence hard to pack it.

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