Sonor Phonic Drum Kit

The foundation of the Sonor drum program is Phonic and Phonic Plus drums. The Sonor Phonic is an extensive series that has superior sound and fantastic versatility. It is a drum that everyone yawns to have as far as sounds are concerned.

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Sonor Phonic Review

We are usually advised to drum smarter and not harder. Sonor Phonic is an excellent kit that I have been coveting for a couple of years. It is the tiger tank of bop drum sets because they are cumbersome, and look it.

The floor toms weigh as much as the 12 and 14 together from the Slingerlands Artist Custom set the Sonors replaced. The Slingerlands are not light drums at all. The Sonor Phonic drums are tuned low, and the bass drums are two inches bigger than they look.

The bass drums sound and feel large, like driving a huge car. However, you can get a rock-sized Phonics in standard depths that are pretty and cheap. The Sonor Phonic drums have a lot of presence and clarity with massive round sound when it comes to jazz tuning.

The beechwood used by Sonor is very expensive today and makes a world of difference in the acoustic value in the shell. The Sonor Phonic kit has been in existence for decades now, and its finish has remained outstanding with white metallic looking wrap.

Sonor phonic rosewood

All Sonor Phonic drums have a 9-ply shell made from high-quality beech. They are popular with their full sound and high projection. The Sonor Phonic snare drum kit offers the most extensive choice of shell sizes within the Sonor program.


This is an incredible Sonor Phonic drum set made in the 80s. It comes in the very rare standard depth toms and has an even rarer 20 inches by 14 inches bass drum kit. The exceptional finish of this kit is Gloss White that is eye-catching.

The phonic drums laid a strong foundation for the Sonor drum program. Others have imitated the 9-ply beech shells’ sound, but no one has ever replicated it. All Phonic drums are manufactured in Sonor Germany from high-quality beech of the 9-ply format.

The full sound and high projection make this kit exceptional. Like the Signature Series, the Phonic has the same Ferro Manganese rims on the bass drum’s toms and hoops. The floor tom brackets have snap-lock tension rods and prism clamp systems, and bass drum spurs.

This kit’s finish shows age, but the metalwork is all original and clean and phenomenal shells. If you are looking for a great playing set, this is the drum to check, especially if you like standard depth toms.

These Sonor Phonics kits are in high demand for both collectors and players who want one of the Sonor’s iconic ranges. Free shipping and delivery are done in the United States and you can get something more.


  • 12 inches x 8 inches and 13 inches x 9 inches Mounted Toms
  • 16 inches x 16 inches Floor Tom
  • 20 inches x 14 inches Bass Drum
  • Bass drum double tom holder
  • 9-Ply Beech Shells
  • Gloss White finish
  • Ferro Manganese Hoops and Rims throughout
  • Made in Germany Circa 1980’s
  • Preloved – 6/10 Condition – Immaculate chrome, Gloss White wrap has aged and is stained in places

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