Sonor Martini Special Edition Se Kit Review

Sonor has a reputation for building some of the most admired drum set and hardware in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution that will meet all your needs, look no further; Sonor has got you covered.

The Sonor Special Edition range of drum kits is designed for those in need of something special. They have features that differ a bit from the normal sets we know.

In this guide, we will be looking at some of the kits that make this series.

Sonor Ascent Special Edition

I was recently going through online reviews when on Sonor drums when I came across a post talking about the series. It says, “… I found a kit that was really nice looking, but the seller does not have much information about it. He says it is a “Sonor Special Edition” kit, but that is all he knows. I want to know what the shells are made of as I don’t want to but a poplar kit.”

It was this post and the comments that made me want to review the special edition kits. And on first on the list is the Ascent Special Edition.

The kit is crafted from beech wood in a 12 stage 3 drum set sparkly silver kit. This drum set based on the Ascent series delivers a vintage look and a wonderful overall performance. It is one of those drum sets you will look at and wish you had found it earlier.

It is configured with a 22 by 18-inch bass drum without Rosette, a 10-inch tom, a 12-inch tom, a 16 by 16-inch floor tom, and a 14 by 5.5-inch snare.

The drums are made from 9-layers of beech, except for the tom drums, which are 7-ply. This makes them highly durable and functional.

Sound-wise, they deliver great impact and resonance from the REMO USA heads. The silver color finish makes them stand out from the rest of your gear.

Apart from this, the kit comes with 400-series hardware to ensure a solid double strut. This gets you a high degree of stability and optimum durability.


• A versatile kit for a wide range of drumming needs

• Sturdy and durable hardware

• Sonor three-segment clip offers maximum grip


• The kit is a bit costly compared to other brands offering the same features

Sonor 505 Special Edition

The Sonor’s 505 SE is another kit that you would expect to enjoy at any given moment. Given Sonor’s reputation, you can never double the strength and power that come from this kit.

I got a new one about six years ago. You cannot find a new one because it was a limited edition, unless from a few stores that still have some, or from individuals.

The whole kit came with cymbals and was one of the cheapest Sonor drums I had ever bought. As a beginner kit, this drum set is more than what you can expect at this price range.

You would expect low-end material at this price range. But Sonor ensures you get more.

This configuration includes a 22 by 17-inch kick drum, a 12 by 9 and 13 by to-inch toms, a 16 by 16-inch floor tom, and a 14 by 5.5-inch snare.

All the drums are equipped with Remo’s heads. Also, they are made from good material for maximum performance.

The package also included a 16-inch crash, a 20-inc ride and a 14-inch hi-hat, and a complete set of hardware with stands, pedals, a stool, and many others.

Generally, this is a standard kit that is quite versatile and durable.


• A complete drum set with hardware

• Good sounding

• Versatile and durable


• The cymbals provided are not good

• The heads must be replaced

Sonor Force 2007 Special Edition Rock Set

The current Sonor’s Force drums comprise the entry-level 507 and 1007, and the 2007 and 3007 for more advanced drummers.

The Force 2007 comes before the top ranging 3007 kits. It is made from beech and is strong enough to handle a lot of pressure.

It is configured with a 12 by 8-inch rack tom, 16 by 16-inch floor tom, and a full blast 22 by 20-inch kick drum. The ‘rock’ setup also has a 14 by 6-inch snare and a full set of 200-series hardware.

The Force 2007 SE Rock set is built on this foundation. It’s built from 9-ply basswood, resonant shells that ensure an incredible tone.

It uses a black coated low mass TuneSafe feature on the lugs and hoops to keep the kit in tune for a rock performance. The mounted toms utilize Sonor’s Total Acoustic Resonance system (TAR) for stability and ultimate sound projection.


• High-end performance

• Durable

• Top features to ensure professional performance


• You may have to replace the pre-installed heads sooner than expected

Sonor Bop Special Edition

The Sonor’s Bop SE is configured with an 18 by 16-inch bass drum, 12 by 8-inch mounted toms, 14 by 12-inch floor toms, and a 14 by 5-inch snare drum.

The kit is small enough to easily carry on the road and a perfect choice for acoustic gigs. You don’t need a large amount for volume in using these kit accessories.

Shells feature cross-laminated poplar, which a strong but light wood. TuneSafe lugs are included on the drums to keep them in tune for a long. Also, you can convert the bass drum from rubber to spikes.


• Small and compact

• Made from durable material

• Good sounding


• The kit is not versatile

• Only good for low volume performance

Sonor Martini Special Edition (SE) Kit Review

In a place where space is an issue, a mini kit will rule. The Sonor’s Martini Special Edition kit comes with a tiny bass drum that is appealing for modern drummers. It is a perfect compact kit for a jazz drummer and anyone with limited space.

Portable and undersized kits have become very popular today. And Sonor introduced three options in their Special Edition series, among them this tiny Martin configured with a 14 by 12-inch bass drum. It is one of the smallest kits you will ever find on the market.

The Drum kit comes packed in a single small box, carrying the bass drum, with tom mounts and pedal lifter, 8 by 8-inch mounted tom, 13 by 10-inch floor tom, and a 12 by 5-inch steel snare drum. All drums come with pre-installed heads, except for the bass drum.

Shells are 9-ply poplar, while the bass drum hoops are veer. 45-degree bearing edges a good deal at this price range.

In a nutshell, the Sonor’s Martini SE is a beautiful little kit that you can carry anywhere. It is super compact.


• Super compact

• Comes with a bass pedal rise that is simple but strong

• Features heavy-duty spurs with huge rubber feet for stability


• Not versatile and highly portable

• The shells are cheap quality

Sonor is a top manufacturer, and these drums say it all.

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