Steve Negus – A Great Versatile Drummer

Steve Negus who was born on February 19, 1952, is a Canadian drummer and a talented songwriter. He was a member of the progressive rock band Saga for twenty-six years. In the late 80s, he and keyboardist Jim Gilmour left Saga and formed GNP (Gilmour Negus Project).

Steve Negus Early Journey as A Drummer

Steve Negus began playing drums at the age of seven. He started out on a little kit that his dad had brought home. He would play along to records and before he knew it, he was hooked! His first big gig came when he was eleven years old when his friend invited him to play in a band that played local dances.

Steve Negus
Steve Negus

Steve Negus and his family moved to London, Ontario when he was twelve. He started taking lessons from a local drummer and his teacher turned Steve on to jazz. At the age of sixteen, Steve auditioned for a spot in Don Thompson’s high school band which would lead him into playing in some top-notch Canadian talent bands such as Northern Lights. At this time he also started playing in the London dance scene working four or five nights a week.

Steve Negus’s professional career began at age eighteen when he was invited to join the band, Riff Raff. They recorded an album titled, “Riff Raff” which became quite successful and made Steve Negus famous throughout Canada at the age of twenty. They were on the bill with such acts as Deep Purple, April Wine, and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

He has also been a member of several other bands including Riff Raff, The Denny Laine Band, and FM. He still actively tours in Canada and Europe with his own Steve Negus band.

Steve Negus As A Versatile Drummer

Steve Negus is a versatile drummer who has played rock, progressive rock, pop-rock, jazz fusion, funk, and even country music. He is best known for his work with Saga and has appeared on 11 of their albums.

The band Riff Raff was signed to MCA Records in 1973 and their next album “Saga” was a big success. The Steve Negus Band began recording albums and touring extensively through Canada and later in Europe as well. In 1976, Steve Negus left Riff Raff and joined the band FM where he recorded two albums with them.

Joined Saga Band

Steve Negus Drummer
Steve Negus Drummer

In 1978, Steve Negus was asked to join a new group called Saga. The group had been formed by Michael Sadler and Jim Crichton a year earlier in 1977. They were looking for a drummer and keyboardist so they asked Steve Negus to join the band. Michael Sadler, Jim Crichton, and Steve Negus all knew each other from London days so it was an easy transition for Steve Negus.

Steve Negus has played with Saga ever since 1978 on eleven albums including “Heads or Tales” which reached number 42 on the US Billboard chart. Steve Negus plays drums on every Saga album except for three of them; “Saga”, “Wildest Dreams” and “Generation 13”. Steve Negus is also co-writer with keyboardist, Jim Crichton on many of the band’s songs including their biggest hit, On The Loose which reached number seven on the US Billboard chart.

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