Steve Smith and his Superhuman Chops style

Steve Smith is a renowned drummer known for his unique style, which has been coined “Superhuman Chops“. His impressive technical skills and dynamic performances have made him a favourite among fans and fellow musicians alike.

Steve Smith is the drummer for the American rock band Journey. He has been a member of the band off and on since 1978 and has played on many of their most popular albums, including “Escape,” “Frontiers,” and “Raised on Radio”.

From his early days with the band Journey to his current solo career, Smith has consistently amazed audiences with his mastery of the drums.

Whether he is performing complex compositions or simply keeping the beat, Smith’s skills on the drums are truly superhuman.

Steve Smith Performing 1
Steve Smith Performing on stage

When the band started, it had not been recognized by many people and did not seem to go anywhere, but Steve Smith became an essential member during their peak years – arcade games and everything that made sense in the industry.

The drummer has such energy that it was not hard to recognize his hard in any music. Rock drumming is all about power and timekeeping, and Smith clearly mastered both.

Those who played with him loved his personality as an outgoing member who was free with everyone around him.

One of his most significant successes was his part in the inspirational classic “Don’t Stop Believin.” He came up with an intricated, open-handed pattern that has always mesmerised many. Here, he plays the hi-hat with his left hand as the right moves around the kit.

What comes out is a professional sound that offers a hint into all the emotional aspects of the piece. That is how innovative Smith is, and he seemed to always have something up his sleeves for every project he worked on.

His mind was fixed on developing new styles that would also help him and future drummers. The style he uses in this track is as exceptional as the skyscraping vocals of Perry’s.

Steve Smith Signature 1
Steve Smith Signature 1

Drummer Peter Erskine was Smith’s biggest fan. When the Drum interviewed him, Peter recalled the final of The Sopranos as they played “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey.

Therefore, not only has Smith left a mark in the drumming industry, but he has also stamped the American media with a watershed moment.

Steve Smith, is a fantastic drummer

He is a man who always made everyone around him fall in love with what he did and his character.

When it came to keeping time, very few drummers would beat Smith. He played as though there was an automatic switch. He flipped in the sticks and let them roll by themselves.

Every strike landed with a thunderous output that is hard to recognize. And because of this, the drummer has always remained pivotal in shaping the music industry.

He worked with an innovative approach to every project or performance, always wanting to give it a new touch that would not be heard anywhere else.

Whether playing fast or smooth grooves, the Smith did not disappoint.

Smith appeared in another set playing Jo Jones on the hi-hat. As Erskine recounts, not many other guys could “ drive a band like that and also play the hi-hat.” More than a pro, Smith was then a talented drummer who recognized new ideas without hesitation and put them into action.

Steve Smith On Drum
Steve Smith On the stage playing Drums

He would draw every emotion from his body into the drum sounds, making them sound as though they were replying to his thoughts.

However, over the last 30 years, Smith has spent most of his time touring on the jazz-fusion circuit. He has also been heading up drum clinics, perhaps just to keep up with his earlier days.

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