Choosing cymbals starts with understanding what they are what they do. Cymbals come in different types, and each is designed for a specific purpose.

There are six main types of cymbals, and no two are made exactly the same. These types include:

  • China cymbal. These are named after the Chinese bo instrument; the China cymbal offers bright and cutting sounds.
  • Clash cymbals. These are also known as orchestral or concert cymbals played in pairs and struck against each other.
  • Crash cymbal. These are medium-sized cymbals named for their loud and sharp sounds. They offer occasional accents.
  • Effects cymbals produce special or accented sounds.
  • Hi-hat cymbals are two small cymbals mounted on a stand. They are played by foot by opening and closing.
  • Ride cymbals are large and offer a long sustain. They exist as crash cymbals.

No matter the type of cymbal you get, it’s important to consider the manufacturer. And even though Tama is mostly good for drums, it also makes good cymbals accessories.

Tama Cymbals in great shape – 20″ ride and 16″ crash

I have been a drummer for many years, and I have used a wide range of products. Tama is one of the biggest names on the market, known especially for making drums.

When it comes to cymbals, I am not sure if Tama does a great job. I have seen many cymbals from the manufacturer that come mainly with beginner kits.

That said, Tama makes good products, and their cymbals should not be any different. They come at a reasonable price for a set of hi-hats, crash, and ride cymbals if you need to replace your cracked ones. You can use this without spending a lot of upgrades.

Finding a good set of 20-inch ride cymbals and 16-inch crash. All the big names on the market like Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, and Meinl offer entry-level cymbal packs.

Just understand that these drum sets are made from sheet bronze of much cheaper alloys. You should not expect a lot from them.

Despite that, Tama cymbals are very good. I have always been a Tama fan, but that does not mean I would say everything is ok.

If you are looking for the best cymbals for great performance, I would not recommend you take these. Nevertheless, these cymbals are great for the price. And for beginners, you don’t need very expensive cymbals.

Tama Stagestar 13″ Pair of Hi-Hat Cymbals #R7499

Tama is a company best known for making high-end drum sets. Concerning cymbals, there is no much to expect from them.

Nevertheless, they still make some good beginner cymbals, among them this Stagestar 13-inch hi-hat. The pair consists of two small-sized cymbals that offer a reasonably good sound.


The first thing you will notice about this pair of cymbals is their build quality. They are designed to look impressive and offer great performance.

They are greatly durable and versatile. You can play these cymbals with any setup, and they will stand up to the challenge.

It offers sharp, focused, and full-bodied hi-hats. These pieces do ring well through the mix, and they do offer excellent performance.

Another great aspect of this pair is that it’s well suited to integrate into any setup. They are ideal for styles.

This piece is a wonderful beginner set. Therefore, if you are interested in beginner drum sets, then this pair is right for you.

Note that these cymbals are made from low-quality material, which explains their price. So, once you buy the Stagestar kit, it would best if you replaced them.

Or use them to learn different moves for playing cymbals and then get better ones.


• Affordable

• Excellent design

• Compact


• Not the best quality

• They are not durable.

Tama Stagestar 16″ Crash Cymbal #R7500

Tama’s Stagestar drums are built with the same quality, durability, and sound as the Swingstar series. It is a beginner line designed to offer an incredible solution for those who want to learn drums.

But that is not all; its quality makes them useful on stage and in the studio. The shells are made with 8-ply, 9mm Philippine mahogany shells.

Tonally, these drums deliver an impressive punch. It makes you feel great, as though using a top-quality drum set.

Apart from these features, it’s a complete drum set configured with a full set of cymbals. The most interesting piece is the 16-inch Crash Cymbal.

The cymbals are crafted from brass metal. This is not the best material out there for making cymbals, which explains its lack of top-end punch.

Also, this cymbal is quite bright in its sound. No matter how long you have been playing drums, it matters the cymbal sound you get.

Nevertheless, these 16-inch crash cymbals perform better than most beginner cymbals you may have seen out there. I must give it to Tama here. That even though they don’t exclusively make cymbals, they have tried to give beginners and students something to hold on to as they wait for better upgrades.

That said, these cymbals may not be what you are looking for if you are looking for professional performance. In this case, you may want to consider big brands like Meinl, Paiste, and Zildjian.


• Excellent build quality

• Good sound

• Excellent performance


• They are not the best quality

• It may not last long

Tama Imperialstar 5-piece drum set with cymbals

A good beginner drum kit comes with everything a drummer would need to start playing. This is why if you buy the Tama Imperialstar, you get more than just the drums. This five-piece kit comes with cymbals and hardware.

The kit is configured with:

• One 18x 22-inch bass drum

• 8 x 10-inch and 9x 12 inch mounted toms

• A 14x 16-inch floor tom

• A 5 x 14-inch snare drum

Cymbals include:

• Meinl HCS 14-inch Hi-hat cymbals

• Meinl HCS 16-inch crash cymbal

• Meinl HCS 20-inch ride cymbal

Hardware includes:

• HP200P Iron Cobra bass drum pedal

• Boom cymbal stand

• Hi-hat snare

• A snare stands

• A drum thrones

This is everything that completes a drum kit and what you would need to start playing right from the box. The Imperialstar comes with many things that a drummer will find useful.

The shells are poplar, with precision-crafted bearing edges. This means the metal rings around the shells can take a heavy beating quite well.

Poplar is an excellent wood for making drums. It may not be as good as maple and birch, but you can rely on its performance. It gives a bright and focused tone, which people love.

The toms deliver a warm sound and decent sustain. But they are not as clear as you would love them to be. The bass does give a huge booming sound, which you can control with padding inside.

The snare is perhaps the best component. It has a sharp attacking sound. The stock drum heads are not good.


• A superb snare

• Double-braced hardware

• An excellent bass drum pedal


• Poor quality drum heads

• Generally, not the best kits from Tama


Tama cymbals are not what you could call the best, but they offer beginners an excellent option. At this price range, you should therefore find them quite useful.