Tama Imperialstar Drum Set

If you have been playing beginner drums for some time now and think you are ready to upgrade, I suggest you try out the Tama Imperialstar Drum set.

Well, you must have a starting point. There are many beginner-to-intermediate levels. Tama designed this for more than just beginners. For this reason, it will help you upgrade your skills faster.

In this review, I am going to tell you all about this drum and why I think it is the best. Come along.

What you need to know about Tama

Tama is one of the biggest names in the music industry. The company is born of Hoshino Gakki, a Japanese musical instrument company. It carries the brand name for many drum kits, among other musical instruments.

The brand features in two manufacturing lines. There is the line for high-end, professional drums. This one is in Japan and produces the most expensive drum set. It competes with other musical instruments like Yamaha and Roland.

The other line produces beginner to mid-level Tama drum kits. As you may have already guessed, these are much cheaper options. This brand is located in Guangzhou, China.

The Tama Imperialstar 5-piece drum kit falls in the second category. But this does not mean they are not of good quality.

Tama has been one of the best drum makers in the world. The company has built a reputation in the market as a manufacturer of quality kits. 

It has been doing so since 1965. Therefore, you can tell how much experience the company holds in terms of meeting the drummer’s needs. Many professional drummers still count on this brand for their drums.

A good example is Robert Searight and Anika Nilles. These are some of the greatest drummers of all times who are committed to Tama. There are many others on this list, including legends like Lars Ulrich, Stewart Copeland, and Kenny Aronoff. 

They all have signature drum sets from Tama.

Introducing the Tama Imperialstar Drum Set

Tama Imperialstar Drum Set is a 5-kit full drum set that comes with many things a drummer needs to start playing. It comes in a beautiful blue finish that glitters under stage lighting. This feature makes the drummer feel in control.

It is made with poplar. Each shell is crafted with precision, bearing the ages. This simply means the metal rings around them are designed to take heavy blows. 


When you open the Tama Imperialstar Drum Set package from Amazon, you will receive a heavy box. This is because it carries more than just the drums. 

Inside the box are cymbals and other hardware. All these fit in a box measuring about 46 by 46 by 50 inches. It might weigh 75 pounds, more or less. 

Inside, you get:

  • Drums: 18inches by 22inches bass drum with mounted 8 by 10inches and  9 by 12 inches toms; 14 by 16 inches floor tom; and five by 14inches snare drum.
  • Cymbals: Meinl HCS 14 inches hi-hat cymbals; Meinl HCS 16 inches Crash Cymbal, and Meinl HCS 20 inches ride cymbals.
  • Hardware: HP2000P iron cobra bass drum pedal; boom cymbal stand; straight cymbal stand; hi-hat stand; snare drum stand; and drum throne.

Overview of the Main features 

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This drum kit comes with black nickel hardware with a wide range of finishes. You chose from vintage red, blacked out, and sugar-white. 

Whereas some drum makers only use glue to wrap such finishes around the point of contact, Tama utilizes the whole shell. With this, you can be sure nothing will be falling apart while you play.

Every shell comes with a poplar finish. This means you can expect quality sound, not as good as maple or birch, but good enough to let you enjoy drumming.

Poplar produces a bright and focused tone. Many people really like this kind of tone, though some prefer different ones.

The lugs look excellent. Besides, they are smaller, which allows more resonance and a better tone. 

The drums and sound

As stated above, this set comes fully packaged with an 18 by 22 inches bass drum. It also carries mounted 8 by 10 inches and 9 by 12 inches toms. Also, there 14 by 16 inches floor tom and the 5 by 24 inches snare drums complete the setup.  Personally, I love the size of the snare.

The floor tom offers a warm sound with decent sustenance. The only issue is it’s not very clear. 

But I like the large booming sound that comes from the base. You can control it by including some drum pedals inside. 

Perhaps the snare is the biggest plus on this kit. It produces a sharp attacking sound that all drummers need. The sound is dark but it’s lightened up when you play the rim shots. But the snare generally offers a higher sound you can find in other higher-end drums.

I didn’t like the stock drum heads that come with this set. They are not for professional use. If you need a better option, there are good quality heads in the market too.


One of the best things about the Tama Imperialstar is that it comes with sturdy hardware. As a drummer, the last thing you want is everything sliding off while in the middle of a performance.

And this is why it is vital to look at the hardware.

In this case, it holds the whole drum kit together while providing strength and flexibility. It is crucial that your instruments don’t shift with heavy-hitting.

The flexibility features allow you to make precise adjustments with ease. You can set the drums and cymbals in the positions you see fit.

Tama’s “Stagemaster” is everything you need to play without interruptions. The stands come with double-braced features, and the legs come with two supporting metal beams.

The hi-hat and the bass drum pedal are excellent. The hi-hat stand offers a 360 rotating capability that allows you to position anywhere without disturbing your legs.

Other features 

The Imperialstar comes with the Iron Cobra HP200P kick pedal. It features the same high-end capability of the Iron Cobra 900 series pedal.

It gives a smooth feeling, providing the best approach to beginner drumming. The drum pedal plate at the bottom makes it more stable.

Also, you get a free ten-inch splash cymbal from Meinl. This comes with its own stand. It is a perfect product for beginners as well as mid-level drummers.

What I liked about Tama Imperialstar Drum Set

  • The sound of the snare compares well to higher-end drums. And since it is the most hit drum, this makes this drum kit a wonderful choice for a drummer. You will not be disappointed.
  • The package comes with double-braced hardware. You can bash the cymbals with all your energy, but the cymbals will hold in place.
  • The bass drum pedal comes with a metal base, which cannot be found with many sets at this level.
  • It is quite affordable. Looking at everything it comes with, one can easily tell this kit is extremely cheap.
  • The drum throne is comfortable. I can’t stress how important it is to have a comfortable drum throne, as that’s where you spend all your time.

What I disliked about the Imperialstar

  • This drum set comes with an Omni-sphere tom mounting function. This means you cannot position your toms anyway you prefer. Experienced drummers can be frustrated using such a system.
  • The quality of the stock heads is not good. You can tune them for better sounding. But I would suggest you just buy a new and high-quality set.


Pearl Export

The Pearl Export is the most immediate competitor to the Tama Imperialstar. They both have poplar shells; hence they produce similar sounds on the toms. 

The main difference comes with the hardware. There is Tama’s “Stagemaster” on the imperial star, whereas the Pearl Export features Export hardware. 

Also, the Imperialstar has the Tama HP200P Iron Cobra bass drum pedal. Export, on the other hand, has Pearl Demonator P-930. 

Frequently asked questions 

Are Tama Imperialstar drums good?

Well, it depends on your drumming needs. If you are a beginner, the Tama Imperialstar Drum Set is a real value for money.

I would recommend it for professional gigging. The Poplar finish on the shells, however, does not produce the best sound.

Looking at the pros and cons above, you can easily tell why this is an amazing kit by Tama. I would advise you to consider the other alternative around first before making a decision.

Which Tama drum kit is the best?

This set comes with an ultra-resonant mounting system and a unique mixer of modern and traditional sounds. It is made for professional and experienced drumming needs. 

Tama is a company that has been making all-levels of drums. The best top-notch quality drum set that is currently famous is the Tama Star Walnut 4PC drum set.  

How much is a Tama drum set?

There are different Tama drum sets for different needs. As stated above, there is the high-end category and the low-end category.

In this case, prices vary depending on the level of quality. For the ones mentioned above, simply click on the link to get the price. 

My verdict

Tama Imperialstar Drum Set is an excellent kit for beginners. It features everything you will need to start drumming. Besides, if there is anything you don’t like, just buy new ones and replace them. 

I would highly recommend this drum kit for a starter, especially because of the snare sound. Tama has been known to release many beginner-friendly kits. But for professional gigging, the popular heads will disappoint.

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