Tama Granstar is among the drums that have been in existence for decades. The kit was used introduced in the 70s, and several world-renowned drummers have used it. It has the best reputation because of the natural sound that it produces.

The kit is well designed with durable materials that are carefully selected. Great Tama’s artisans made it. I have used the kit for over a decade now, and I have enjoyed the great sounds it produces. It has remained new for the entire period, and it has no single scratch.

The Tama kit has an attractive appearance that is welcoming and makes every drummer yawn for it. Therefore, you will know more about this kit with this review, especially for the young generation drummers. Therefore, stay tuned and get the best features of some of the amazing kits in the Granstar series.

Tama Granstar ii

This kit has solid drums that are much durable. The shells are made of carefully selected materials. They have heavy birch shells and a redesigned hardware that makes the kit perfect for several music genres.

The snare produces a high-pitched sound that can be tuned further for great sounds. The rarest Granstars were designed in traditional drum sizes, and the red power toms are a bit common. However, the toms are a bit deep in this kit, giving a little setback to the drum set.

The birch drums are known for great tone, good tuning range, and tough as nails. These drums’ sizes will handle all kinds of drummers’ needs, and you will not yawn for another drum type.

The adjustments made to shell molding and bearing edges made it better and effective. The updates that justified the new launch reflect the time, power toms, long lugs, new lacquered finish options, redesigned hardware, and double-braced cup holders to make things better for the kit.

There is uniformity when it comes to the sounds produced by the floor tom and the tom-tom. The mounts on the smallest and the gigantic toms are correct for the era. Most people like the white finish and floor tom with deep sounds.


  • The drums have standard sizes that contribute o the great sounds.
  • All drummers, including beginners, can use them.
  • It produces a wide range of high-quality sounds.
  • it is readily available.


  • It does not come with cymbals, mounts and stands.

Tama Granstar custom

The Granstar custom kit is another fantastic kit made by this great company. It features several attractive finishes even though it was made many years ago. The kit now comes with brand new gig bags that make it portable and easy to transport.

Although it is a kit used in the early 90s, it is durable, and it is made of carefully selected birch shells. It is hard to secure the available Granstar custom kits because they are scarce. The people who understand much about this kit are the professional drummers who have retired.

The kit features lacquered finishes that cannot be easily scratched, and when you come across an old kit, you might even fail to realize that it has been used for years.

The kit has a lot of positive reviews in different online shops that I have visited. It has an amazing price tag and high-quality sounds. The drum sizes are standard because many people often avoid undersized drums and mostly bass drum.

Those with these Granstar kits usually receive a lot of proposals from people who want to possess them. I have been in a similar situation, but I cannot give away such a precious gift even with a convincing proposal. Check for much amazing features of these products at our websites.

The drum can be used in the studio because of the great sounds. The custom kit came in to replace the Crestar’s, which had some setbacks. However, the kit does not come with many hardware components that we get today. There are a few location that you can find similar used kits and other products. Check om the websites that sell refurbished products for the latest brands.


  • It is durable, original, reliable, and useful.
  • All drummers can use it.


  • Its availability can be a bit tricky considering its age and performance.

RARE – Vintage Tama Granstar Drum Set – “Nile Blue” – Made in Japan

Vintage Granstar drum kit is a scarce kit with a Nile Blue finish. The kit is much attractive, and it will ‘attract your eye from a far distance. It was made so many years ago, but it may appear new and modern. The kit is made in Japan, which means that it is made of highly durable materials selected from the world’s best materials.

The kit consists of several drums with different sizes based on the drum type. They include a 22 x 16 inches bass drum (non-original claws and t-rods on resolution side), 16 x 16 inches floor tom with all three original legs, 13 x 12 inches rack tom, 12 x 11 inches rack tom, and original bass drum double tom mount.

The drums are in perfect condition, although they have very few tiny scratches and scuffs. However, the sound of this kit hasn’t changed at all. It also has some normal hoop wear on the bass drum, but that does not affect the quality of sounds produced. Every drum would shop for a drum that they like its appearance and the readily available.

The kit is also equipped with lever lock mounts that make it much stable and can hold different components correctly; the kit is stunning in every way, starting from the rare finish to the exceptional sounds it produces.

There is international shipping for this kit at an affordable fee, so you do not have to worry about the transport. You can shop for this kit at reverb.com, and it will be delivered to your location. You will always get the sounds that you need.

You can get the latest updates once you check the website, and the engineers will be ready to help you.

With a similar kit, you will spend a lot of time playing it and producing great music. The vintage and finish will make playing music more enjoyable. Shop for the kit and you may receive great discounts that may make you like the place.


  • It works perfectly even if it has served the longest time possible.
  • It can be used with other drum components.
  • It would be the best option for drummers on a tight budget.


  • It is on-demand, meaning it can run out of stock.

Tama Granstar Artstar 12″ Back Drum

Tama Granstar Artstar kit is another perfect drum kit designed so many years ago. It is the real definition of “old is gold” and has a fantastic look. The kit is in good condition; hence, you will steel use it for an extended period. Shop for the refurbished version of this kit because it is hard to get a new kit.

You will produce the most incredible music with the kit because it is suitable for a wide range of music genres. It has a beautiful shell that has no scratches and scuffs because it has been maintained well. The kit features long Artstar lugs for great design.

It has drums with different sizes based on the drum type, but they are standard and recommended sizes. It will never disappoint because the materials used were carefully selected from the best materials. Thus, the materials make the kit more durable and reliable.

The kit is available on an online reverb shop at an affordable price of $199 plus a shipping fee of $90 regardless of your location. Get your kit today while stock lasts, and keep checking for the latest updates on the product.


  • It is readily available.
  • It can be used with other drum sets.


  • It doesn’t include cymbals, stands, and other accessories.

Tama Crestar vs. Tama Granstar

The comparison between these two unique kits interests many people. The Crestar and Granstar have a similar shell and bearing edge. They are made of 6ply, 7.5mm birch shell, which make both durable and have great sounds.

Tama thought that the 8ply shells plus the wrap on the Granstar would be a bit thick or too thick to use in their existing wrap machine. Tama claimed that the wrapped Granstar was a bit darker than the Crestar customs.

The visible wood on the bearing edge of the Crestar kit is far lighter than the unmodified bearing edges of the Granstar kit. However, the sound produced by these two kits is almost similar, and an amateur might not notice any difference in the sounds.

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