Having Hi-hats without stands is like having nothing because you cannot work with hi-hats placed on a surface. They must be freely suspended with an adjustable stand. The stand will allow you to make adjustments to locations that are suitable for you.

The hi-hats are two cymbals and a pedal, all fixed to one stand. The stand serves the purpose of holding the two cymbals and the pedal used to control these hi-hats. Therefore, you can notice that the stand plays a vital role in any drum setup.

There will be no flavor in your music if you use drums without cymbals and hi-hats. The crash of the hi-hats is what brings the need flavor. Therefore, looking at some of the hi-hats stands from Tama available in the market. Stay with me throughout this review, and you will learn a lot.

1980’s Tama Hi-Hat Stands

Most of these old stands and cymbals are cleaned and furnished well before they are sold back. The description of each stand is done, paying attention to every detail so that you can get a clear picture of the product at hand. Therefore, let us look at some of its amazing features:


The 1980s Hi-hats and cymbal stands were designed for the drums’ setup of those times. It was made with high-quality, durable materials, and that is why you can come across some stands now. There are those with a single pedal, but others had double pedals.

Therefore, you can get the one you need based on the number of pedals that you are comfortable with. The stand has an adjustable knob that helps drummers configure the stand to levels that they can access without straining.

The stand is still attractive since the 80s because it was well polished and finished with a metallic color. It might have a few scratches now, but that is normal considering the years it worked.

The 1980s Tama hi-hat stand is heavy-duty with sturdy double-braced legs and thicker tubing. The drum pedals have a little bend that does not affect anything at all. A loose hinge makes this hi-hat stand move from side to side but is still in one piece.

The legs are stable with no wobble, and all the rubber on the legs are present with minor wear and tear. The height can be adjusted smoothly, and it has a memory lock that helps reduce frequent adjustments of the stand.

You can shop for this old stand at reverb.com at any time. They have different categories of old stands and other items that are still in one piece. You can search for the model you want, and you can get a customer’s review of the items.


  • It is durable and attractive.
  • It works perfectly for all drum setups.


  • It is a bit tricky to get it.

TAMA Hi-Hat Stand (HH55F)

Tama Hi Hat stand is a fantastic single-pedaled stand with a lot of fantastic features. The features of this stand will make you want to own it. It has the following features.


The stand features single braced double flat base tripod legs that offer a lot of stability. The stand cannot fall if when used by vigorous hitters. It also has a smooth footboard that makes work more manageable because you do not need to place a lot of weight.

You can adjust the height of the kit so quickly because it has individual adjustment spring tension. You can change the drum pedals angle to get the angle that you are comfortable playing in. This stands’ design was inspired by the vintage hi-hat stands of the 1960s.

This stand is extremely lightweight, meaning you won’t have trouble transporting it. It is a blend of vintage style with strength, adjustability, and modern design reliability. The kit has a compact folding design that makes it easy to transport and store.

It also features a memory lock that helps keep the stand in a specific position for the entire period. The height adjustment range is between 650mm and 950mm. You can shop for this kit on Amazon that allows you to make a choice on different accessories that you can buy.


  • It is suitable for all drummers, including beginners.
  • It is affordable, durable, and reliable.


It is not suitable for those who need double-pedaled stands.

Tama Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-hat Stand

The Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat is an easy-to-use stand because of its sensitivity. It has all that a player needs in a stand. The incredible features of this stand include:


This Iron Cobra Lever Glide stand is compassionate and has lightning-fast action meaning that a slight pressure exerted on the footboard will work miracles. The kit has maximum adjustability that allows you to change its height to your desired location.

The fantastic thing about this Tama Iron Cobra stand is that you can use it in your apartment because it is completely noise-free. Also, the stand has a quick-set clutch-matching that allows hi-hat cymbals to be attached and removed quickly.

The hinge guard lock on the footboard holds the bearing more equally, reducing stress and increasing smoothness. Included in the pack is a shorter cymbal rod. This Iron cobra stand uses roller bearings at the lever fulcrum to attain smooth footboard action.

The super-strong Kevlar strap joins the footboard to the pull rod for even and noise-free performance. The clutch offers the top hi-hat cymbal a chance to be suspended freely; hence, increasing the cymbals’ neutral resonance.

Tama Iron cobra stand is available in several online shops; thus, it is your job to search for it and get it for your band. It will never let you down considering its features. you will never get a stand with all these features at such an affordable price.


  • The kit comes with an extra shorter stand; hence you can use it when need arises.
  • It is much convincing and reliable stand ever.


  • It is on-demand; thus, it might run out of stock.

Tama Iron Cobra 205 Series Hi-Hat Stand


The Tama Iron Cobra 205 series stand protects your feet from any harm because it has a toe guard security clutch. You shouldn’t be worried about anything when playing your drums. It is much sensitive and has a direct-pull action that makes it easier to use.

It has double-braced legs that offer a lot of stability to the stand, even at strong hitting. Each of the double-braced legs has a rubber that prevents the stand from moving. It also features a swivel foot and non-loosening tension rod that keeps the stand in position and reduces frequent adjustments.

Also, you can make adjustments to the angle of the footboard to your desired angle away from the bass drum. The stand is well polished and made of high-quality material that makes it last for an extended period. The stand has five distinct levels of tension that can be achieved quickly using the five visible settings.

The rod’s end has rubber insulators that prevent the rod from loosening and minimizes noise caused by metal-to-metal contact. You can rotate the foot pedal around the tripod base, and the swivel foot expends the floor space and setup flexibility.

This 205 Series Iron cobra stand is available on Amazon online shop at an affordable price. The product and other related products may come with the best offers on the platform. The online system allows you to search for the items you need and buy your products of choice.


  • It is affordable and durable.
  • You can find it on various online platforms.


  • It is only suitable for players who like single-pedal stands.

Tama Iron Cobra 605 Series Hi-Hat Stand

Tama Iron Cobra hi-hat stand is another amazing kit from this renowned company. It has the best features and works perfectly for all drum setups. The stand is multicolored, meaning that those who like colors will like this stand.


It has a swing-lock hi-hat clutch that prevents the kit from wobbling at any time. The 6-way tension settings will help you configure this stand to your desired angles and locations. You can configure the angle of the footboard to make it easy to play and access the footboard.

It has double-braced legs that provide a lot of stability to the stand. The legs have rubber fittings that prevent the stand from slipping even when under pressure. It can support any cymbal that has great power and in a good condition.

The stand is long-lasting because it is made of high-quality material carefully selected from the best. This 605 series stand offers advanced features at an intermediate cost. The stand is equipped with the new spring seat and swing lock clutch that enhances hi-hat cymbals’ sound.

The stand also has a 28.6mm diameter base pipe and double-braced legs that provide reliability and sturdiness. The stand is lightweight, making it easy to transport and store. The stand will offer you everything that you need as a player.

Shop for this product and good other related products on Amazon. You will like its design, so add it to your cart now because it is the best choice for you. Purchase one now while stock lasts and discounts available and you will like it.


  • You can use it with all types of drums.
  • It is durable and reliable.
  • it has a reasonable weight and may not be like one of overweight stand.


  • It has a hefty price tag.

Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-hat Stand


Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat stand features a dual-leg construction and six-way tension adjustments that help you configure the stand to your desired positions. The tension adjustments deliver setup flexibility in tight spaces.

The stand can be easily transported because it is easy to set up and tear down for portability. The stand offers functionality and stability reminiscent of the highly regarded Speed Cobra 915 hi-hat stand.

The stand has a dual-leg construction, which is relatively uncommon at this price range. It delivers a lot of flexibility in tight spaces. This kit is much easier to set up in limited space and more secure than the standard three-leg design.

It is attractive and durable because it is made with well-selected materials. The cymbals and hi-hats will deliver high-quality sounds considering that they are suspended on a reliable stand.

The stand has a smaller stabilizer below the footboard that shifts the balance of the stand toward the player. This stand is also available on Amazon, and you can buy it at any time. You can get it at an affordable price, and I am sure you won’t have a problem when you decide to buy it.


  • It is portable and durable.
  • It is affordable considering the features it comes with.


  • It might be unavailable due to high demand.

Tama HH315D Hi-Hat Stand w/Cleaning Cloth and Drum Key


It is a dual-leg stand that offers a lot of stability, considering different types of players. It has a 6-way tension adjustment that allows the player to configure the stand to the desired position. The kit suits all the players who are looking for a cheap and standard stand.

It has a non-loosening tension rod that keeps the stand intact for the entire period. The point of concern when it comes to stands is the security of your leg. This stand has a security clutch that helps protect your leg all the time.

The stand offers functionality and stability of highly regarded speed cobra 915 hi-hat stand. The stand is portable because of its quick setup and tears down. Search this stand on Amazon and buy it at an affordable price. It is the best choice for your drum setup for a lever and bass drum.


  • It is stable and reliable.
  • It is affordable.


  • It can run out of stock due to high demand.

Tama 205 vs. 605 Hi-Hat Stands

The 205 and 605 Hi-Hat cymbal stands are two perfect stands that are excellent for all drum setups. They both have double-braced legs that help get the right stability for players. They have security clutches that play a significant role in protecting the toes of the players.

However, the 605 Hi-Hat stand has 6-way tension settings, which is not available in the 205 series hi-hat stand. Therefore, you can make a few adjustments to the 205 stands. There is a difference between these two products’ prices, meaning that there is one with unique features, which is 605 stand.

Both stands are attractive and durable because the same artisans and the same company make them. The stand cannot get loose because they have a non-loosening tension rod and the rubber fittings help keep this stand in position all the time.

Both of these stands will make you smile while playing your drums. It is only that another one is more comfortable than the other. You will get the best results with the 605 series hi-hat stand because it has been modified from the previous versions.

These two stands are available at Amazon, and they will offer to ship once you have made a choice to buy them. Therefore, look at each kit’s features separately and make wise decisions on the type that suits your needs.

For those who need double pedal stands, you can consider other categories of these stands. The current model of 605 series and 205 series are being modified frequently based on the reviews and suggestions of the customers who have bought it.

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