Tama is not a new name in the world of drum sets. The company has achieved domination over the past few years by creating a wide range of modern drummer solutions.

When choosing the right snare drums, one must consider all the best factors that make the drum good. And Tama understands just how important that is.

Hence, they never disappoint in terms of quality and incredible sound in their snare drums. Many top drummers swear by Tama drums. And that is what makes them trustworthy.

One of their newest lines of high-end snare drums is the Warlord collection. Based on their name, one can argue that the Tama’s Warlord snare is not a very new product.

When Tama decides to bring a new idea to the market, they make sure drummers get the most value from it.

In this review, we will be looking at what the Warlord snare has to offer.

Tama’s Warlord snares

What makes a snare drum worth considering? For most drummers, it is their sonic value and durability. A snare is one of the most important components of a drum set. It defines the sound you make with your kit.

Tama’s Warlord delivers a deathblow average, run-of-the-mill performance. You can notice the drum anywhere as it does not hide its looks.

This series was recently unleashed as part of Tama’s higher-end snare drums. The Warlord line offers unique features on a whole new level.

It normal to be concerned when you hear a word like Warlord and may want to look it up. Well, it generally means a military commander. The term is very common in ancient kingdoms and war stories where they use force to rule a limited region.

Using this characteristic, Tama has created a line of snare drums that rule the market with power. This line features:

• The Maple Valkyrie

• African Bubinga Masai

• The stainless-steel Spartan

• The bell brass Praetorian

Every name has a meaning, and it stands for a dominating power in a particular area.

Note that these are some of the most expensive snare drums around. The maple, African Bubinga, and the steel Warlord shell go for about $899. The Praetorian list for about $2599.

Review: Tama Warlord Collection Snares Achieve Sonic Domination

When you meet the Warlords on the battlefield, your opinion of snare drums will change. And when you play them, it will be hard to look for something else.

The moniker is just right for these drum accessories. Based on their performance, it’s easy to say the Warlord snare rules the market – but in limited areas only.


So, what makes the shells Warlords so unique? Several features have stood out from the rest of the market.

First, the drums come with looks that could kill. The way Tama has approached the lugs and badges on Warlords is something new. Most lugs you would find on the market are simple-looking tubes, circles, squares, rectangles, and similar common shapes.

Also, most badges on modern drums come in such shapes or with painted writings. They have nothing new to offer.

Things are different on the Warlords’ badges and lugs. They are designed with unique detail, featuring Gothic-looking crests carrying real Swarovski crystals. The hardware is then accentuated with special Antique Black matte plating.

They also come with die-cast hoops and a MUS80 layer-type strainer. This strainer and the butt end are particularly impressive. They allow for more precise tensioning and positioning of the tension wire.

The shell is also a killer. The one we have for this review features a sunburst maple shell, a quilted Bubinga shell fading into black in the middle, and a mirror stainless steel bearing a matte inner stripe.

Tonally, the 14-inch by 6-inch Warlords are eardrum destructor. They are extremely versatile and loud.


• High-quality construction

• Great performance

• Durable


• Expensive.

Tama Warlord Collection 6″ x14″ Valkyrie

The Tama Warlord Valkyrie 6″ X 14″ Maple Snare Drum is a stylish decorative drum. Its name comes from wolf-riding battle-maidens who rode through the skies with a heroic slain warrior. Drummers knew them for their fierce attacks and war tactics.

Tama has brought out the same idea in these drums, offering products that don’t only look fierce but outperform the rest. Having a Warlord Valkyrie snare is having domination with your kit.

The most important aspect of the Tama Warlord Valkyrie 6″ x 14″ maple snare drum is that it comes with a 100% maple shell. It crafted like a Viking warship, featuring a matching deep-cutting sound.

On the outside is a wooden ply of figured maple that gives a stunning visual appeal. You will love this snare right from the box.

If you are looking for a snare drum that will stand up to the challenge, nothing would be more useful than the Warlord Valkyrie. The package includes a hard-shell snare case.


This snare drum is configured with a 6″ x 14″ shell, made from a 15-ply 13mm 100% maple. The outer side has figured maple.

Concerning the hardware, you will find everything good that makes a good snare drum. Tama has used a new approach on the lugs and badges, which does not only improve its visual but performance as well. They now feature jet black Swarovski crystals.

The heads are Evans Genera G1 coated batter and a 300-snare resonant side. Sensitive Hi-Carbon Steel snappy snares with a MUS80AAB strainer completes the figure.

In a nutshell, this could be the best sounding snare you have ever had.


• Hold-tight washers

• An excellent construction

• High-end performance


• Expensive

Tama Warlord Collection Masai Bubinga Snare review

The Warlord Masai snare is one of the best snare drums ever made. It comes in dark brown color, featuring a 10mm 12-ply shell of 100% of African wood with quilted Bubinga on the outside.

Normal snare drums are about 6-8mm, which means these products are cumbersome. They are not something you want to be carrying every day to and from your shows.

The shells are finished in gloss lacquer, which makes them appear very beautiful. They have fashionable two-tone fades in a rich chocolate color that will leave you greatly impressed.

Like other drums in this line, the Warlord Masai features metal fittings finished in brushed black nickel. This is a perfect complement for dark wood finishes.

Top features

Apart from the looks, another feature that you would find interesting is the hardware. This snare comes with heavy-weight star-cast die-molded hoops and new chunky lugs. They all contribute to the striking looks of this drum.

A short-throw radial action lever on the strainer is very smooth. Such is a feature you would want to from a high-end snare drum.

The 20-strand hi-carbon steel snares feature brass end-plates. They are also strung with super-tough Kevlar cords and can be tension from either the strainer or the butt ends.

Thin shells for toms and thick shells for snare drums – a rule of thumb. Warlords are even heavy, full loud, and responsive. The sound may vary depending on where you strike and how you tune them.


• Excellent looks

• Exacting build quality

• Top-notch sound


• The snare may not match the rest of your kit

Tama Warlord Bubinga snare

This is an African wood known for producing excellent sound. It has been used for generations to make a wide range of musical instruments.

Tama’s Warlord Bubinga snare drums are uniquely useful. They come with all the top-quality features of a snare drum, which is expected of the brand.

They are characterized by a dark brown finish, with a 10mm 12-ply 100% Bubinga shell. The outer ply features quilted wood Bubinga.

Normal snare drums are about 6-8mm. Hence, this snare drum is extra heavy.

But that should not be a huge concern, considering that snare drums should have heavy shells. That is what makes them sound great with a piercing crispness.

Gloss lacquer finish completes the best part of its visual dominance. Their metal fittings come finished in brushed nickel, which makes them look even better.

Enough with the looks. It’s the sound that matters most in the snare drum. The Bubinga Warlord snare sound varies over the batter head based on where it’s hit. Centre sound is thick and short, while the edge has a bright ping with a much longer sustain.

Tama’s Warlord Collection Masai 6×14″ Bubinga Snare Drum

Tama has attempted to create something that might not have been possible before. The Warlord series does not only look unique, but it sounds out-of-this-world too.

You will notice the most distinctive feature on the Masai 6″ x 14″ Bubinga is the Warlord’s new lugs. With the Tama has set in place a new trend of drum fittings. They are just tube lugs, only that each tube has been decorated on both ends to include heavy, gothic-style squared posts. They are also designed as large stars.

Each lug and badge feature a small Swarovski crystal at the center. Apart from the jewelry, the ten lugs with their bolts greatly enhance performance.

Tama’s Hold-Tight cup-shaped stainless-steel washers are incredibly effective. They come with rubber rings that hold everything tight in place, no matter how hard you play.

A drum key is supplied. It’s longer than usual and easier to use without dropping.

Tonally, you will find everything perfectly right with these drums. They come with Evans G1 Coated batter head and a perimeter damping O-ring. They deliver a keen balance of attack, tone, and an after ring.


• Excellent sound quality

• High-end products

• Durable


• Heavy

• Expensive

Tama Warlord Collection Praetorian 6×14″ Cast Bell Brass Snare Drum

Bell Brass snare drums are the most expensive snares on the market. This is because of the materials used and the process that goes into their manufacturing.

But they are worth the price. These snare drums offer the widest tuning range with the most significant performance.

Tama calls their Warlord line of snares Praetorian. This name has a great significance to how the drums work, as it gives a picture of what to expect.

Simply put, this a stylishly decked-out snare. The title comes from celebrated warriors of the ancient Roman empires. And that is what these snare drums stand for.


The snare drum Praetorian is configured with a 6″ x 14-inch 3mm cast brass shell in an antique finish. It also includes Warlord collection lugs and a badge featuring black diamond Swarovski crystal.

It’s equipped with Evans Genera G1 coated batter and a resonant 300 snare end. The snare is Sensitive Steel snappy, with a MUS80AAB strainer.

Every aspect of this snare drum has been well thought out to ensure the best performance. This includes the hold-tight washers and the free hard-shell case include.

The most crucial feature, which puts the Praetorian price above the rest, is the shell material. Tama says the drums are constructed in the same manner as cymbals, using brass.

Concerning sound, this snare is everything that sounds great.


• High-end snare drum

• Great sounds

• Excellent construction


• Expensive

• Limited


Tama’s Warlord snare is a true definition of power and performance. Although they are cumbersome, these drums will not disappoint you. But you must be ready to dig deeper in your pockets.