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The world of drumming has seen many drummers come and go. But there are some whose legacy never departs even when they are long gone. Timothy W. “Tim” Alexander is one such drummer.  This American musician is best known for his work with Primus, a well-known rock band. Alexander started playing drums at an early age of his life. He learned and grew his skills by pushing himself to be the best.

Tim Alexander has played with Primus on most of their recordings. You will hear his work on anything from Suck on This to Tales from the Punchbowl. He left the band in 1996 to try out something new and then rejoined in 2003 to work on their EP “Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People.” His love for this band is evident as he has always found a way to make it grow bigger and better.

Tim Alexander
tim alexander

Alexander is known for his unique “polyrhythmic” approach to drums. Before joining Primus, he was working with Major Lingo, playing and recording with them. At the time, this was a ska-based band where a lap steel guitar was the lead instrument. With Tony Bruno on this instrument, there was not much Alexander would do but just play his drums the best way he knew.

In 1988, Alexander came onboard the Primus bus as a replacement for Jay Lane. He worked with them for eight years before leaving shortly to explore other ventures. His second stint with the band started in 2003 and extended to 2009 when Jay Lane came back to his spot. When Alexander left Primus, he went on to form his own band called Laundry, then released Prawn Song Records by Claypool. 

He has also worked with experimental bass player Michael Manring and guitarist Alex Skolnick. This was always a powerful team, who’s music has rung through ages. Alexander may be known primarily as a drummer, but he is also a singer and plays the guitar. He played live with Born Naked and worked as the lead vocalist on his band’s second album. It’s these talents that make him a great musician and someone worth learning from.

During the 2008-2009 period, he actively participated in a project known as The Presence. It features songs by Luis Carlos Maldonado. At the same time, Razor and Tie Records released their debut. In this project, you will find performances by some of the greatest musicians of all time, including bassist Paz Lenchantin and cellist Ana Lenchantin.

Tim Alexander Performing
tim alexander performing

Alexander suffered a heart attack on July 18, 2014, which forced him to undergo open-heart surgery. To many, this would have been the end of his career – but no. Three months later, the drummer rejoined Prims for their “Primus and the Chocolate Factory” tour. He came out even stronger with more innovative energy moves.

Tim Alexander has never disappointed in his drumming career. His fans describe him as someone who always has something new to offer, which makes him stand out. Whether he is on the drums, the guitar, or singing, he gives his best.

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