Tony Thompson The Metronomic Speed Drummer

Anthony Terence Thomson was born on November 15, 1954, and died on November 12, 2003. He was an American drummer known best by his contribution to the development of the Power Station and a member of Chic.

He was raised in the middle-class community of Springfield Gardens, Queens, NY. But it did not stop him from following his dream and becoming one of the best drummers at all times.

Tony Thompson career

Tony Thompson started drumming at a very early age. His interest could have come from his upbringing in a community that loved singing. He may not have been exposed to the best situations for growth, but he took every challenge that came his way and changed it into something great.

Most of his drumming skills were influenced by personal conviction. In other words, it was his devotion to music, and especially drumming, that led him to believe he could do anything that he set his mind on. And for this reason, Thomson soon started featuring in small grooves.

His first serious drum group was the Labelle. He was recruited because of the energy he displayed when he was behind the kit. During this period, rock style was the most rampant and hardest music genre. It took him a short time to gain the experience he needed to go further.

As such, he was soon accommodated by another soul/disco group Ecstasy, Passion & Pain. He also worked with the group for a short time and was able to transform the band from a small team to one of the most recognizable brands of the period.

Soon after, he joined Chic. And it was with this group that he made a real contribution to the industry. He got the power, the time and the space that were essential in the creation of hits like “Dance, Dance, Dance, (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah),” “Le Freak, “and the “Good Times.”

He was also among the Chic members who performed on “We Are Family” and “He’s the Greatest Dancer” by Sister Sledge. And when Diana Ross was performing “Upside Down” and “I’m Coming Out,” Thomson was behind the drums, making sure that the sound that came out was as emotional as the singer.

The Chic was temporarily disbanded in 1983. Nile Rodgers, a former Chic guitarist, and bassist Bernard Edwards become prolific producers, with Thomson’s drumming on high demand.

It was a time when great drummers like Thomson were very scarce, which made it easy for him to take over the industry. Numerous artists, including Jody Watley, Madonna, Rod Steward, Robert Palmer, and David Bowie, all came to Thomson in search of his experience. Thomson was also a member of other groups, including Power Station and the Distance.

Tony Thompson Legacy

Thompson died in 2003 following a kidney cancer diagnosis. At this time, he was a member of the Non-Toxic band. He was known for his energy and power, which accompanies a metronomic speed when he performed. He was majorly involved in creating different styles that have become essential in the modern music industry. 

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