Velocity Drum Set Toys

The online world is filled with so many drum sets for kids. It can sometimes be hard to decide which one is the best to buy for your son or daughter that they will like.

I have been looking at Velocity Toys set for a while now, and I think it’s one of the best drums for kids. I had to buy one for my son, which comes with 11 pieces in a set. It is not every day that you find a drum set for kids and one that comes with more than three pieces in every drum set.

This is 11-piece Children’s Kids Drum kit, not like any other kits I have seen. It comes as a toy drum kit designed for children, with great melodies and tunes, and it’s powered by batteries, which helps them learn music much faster.

I will be reviewing this kit in this guide to help you decide whether it’s really worth the money.

Velocity toys deluxe jazz drum set for children Review

A lot of kids’ drum toy comes with all the factors mentioned above. They have good tunes, melodies, and even games that help kids learn drumming basics.

But I must give it to the Deluxe Jazz drum set for children. It takes everything to the next level, which is what every drummer hopes for, even kids.

Velocity Toys is not a new company in the world of play tools. They make an incredible toy that takes kid’s fun to a higher level.

They have designed this drum kit for kids that looks like what jazz music bands set on their stages. The 11-pieces in this kit are for every drumming expert and genre out there. It’s a versatile product that can be used for a wide range of drumming needs.

On the outside, it looks like a toy. But don’t let that fool you. But this is a gift to give to kids who may have shown interest in drumming. As if that is not enough, you can use it to instill more interest in drumming in the kit that your children will really appreciate. Jazz drumming is one of the most complex styles in music.

Many drummers do not continue with it long after realizing there are so many things to know, including how to work on the volume. Every piece has to merge with others instead of ringing through or sounding low.

It would be a great idea if you introduced the style to your kids early. They grow learning slowly until they can play with perfection.

It is true that kids learn very fast. However, you need to get them the right gear to enable them to grow their interest even more. A bad drum set may not be the best idea you can ever come up with.

This children’s toy drum kit is a great choice for this kind of task. It’s designed to help the child understand everything required to build their courage while learning new ideas. It might be a good idea to instill their interests with more drumming ideas.

Velocity Toys Black Drum Set Review

My favorite choice is the Velocity Toy black drum set available at cheap prices. I bought this piece because it comes with everything you need to start playing.

When it comes to a beginner drum set, it’s very important to get one that has everything. It makes everything easy since you just start playing straight from the box. Also, it needs to have the right offers and an easy setup. This is what I got from Velocity Toy’s drums set.


Many kids’ drum set options do not offer the opportunity for innovation. We all know that what kids find interesting is not what adult drummers will want to use a lot.

Velocity Toys drum set have found a way of making children love drumming in the drums. At first glance, they are fun first, and then skill development. Not many kits come with this ability, making it a perfect product for any beginner.


The Velocity Toys Kids drum kit comes with 11 components. Most sets at this level will only have three drums or so, which makes this kit incredibly good. It comes with 6 drums. It has one bass drum, three toms, and two kick drums. Hence, it is a complete set, an imitation of a full drum setup.

It also features a cymbal, a kick pedal, a chair a 10-inch drum throne. Every hardware and component is designed to create an easy setup and have you rocking in a few minutes. The dimension of the whole set is 23-inches, while the biggest drum is 14-inches.

This set is not only good for children, but it’s also small enough to fit in any space. It is this portability that makes it a perfect fit for children. You can have them set in your house without taking up too much space.


I was not sure if this would be worth the investment, but I discovered it had everything great to offer perfect performance for kits. At a glance, the black color finish makes it stand out. It looks beautiful and attractive enough for children.

Being a toy company, Velocity Toys understands that children are attracted to pretty colors. But they have left this one in simple black because it opens a wide door for innovation. They can even add on their own graphics, just to create something that makes them feel great. I was very happy to see how my son was thrilled with the kit brought him. He could not wait to start playing, and I was glad he loved it immediately. Setting the kit in place was very easy. He read through the

instructions and started assembling it himself. I even thought he would wait for me to come and help. He went ahead and set the kit alone. Even though he had already learned a few things about drumming from his friend, I was still impressed he could do it alone.

It has been five months since I got this kit, and it is still going strong as though it were still new. The drums and hardware are made from high-quality and durable material that doesn’t break easily. This is a really good thing, considering how rough kids can be at times.

The hardware is sturdy too. It comes finished in black, just like the rest of the kit. They hold the drums in place strongly so that one can play without too much interruption.

This kit comes with a drum throne, which is sturdy as well. Your kid will sit in a comfortable position as they play for as long as they want without feeling too tired.


This set produces impressive sound, considering it’s only a toy. Many buyers have complained about its sound and general quality, which makes me wonder what they expected.

The manufacturer has clearly declared that this is a toy; hence, you cannot expect too much from it. And another great part is, sounds surprisingly good for a kids’ toy. You can easily confuse it with a professional set. It’s a toy on a higher level.

Velocity Toys set 14

The Velocity Toys has 14-inches on the drums. This is a good size for any kids’ set, as it’s easy to use and portable.

The entire set is 23-inches with a 10-inch chair. It’s made perfect for kids playing. Your child will have great fun while enjoying and growing their skills in music. Velocity Toys 11 Piece Children’s Kid’s Musical Instrument Drum Play Set w/ 6 Drums, Cymbal, Chair, Kick Pedal, Drumsticks (Blue)

The most impressive thing about these kid’s drum sets is that they come in different color finishes. You can therefore choose a kit that you think your child will appreciate the most.

This blue set comes as a full kit with drums, a cymbal, a kick pedal, and drumsticks. Hence, it contains everything you need to start plying.


This 11-piece children’s kid’s music instrument drum playset is one of the most impressive drum sets for kids. The drums and hardware are made from high-quality materials, which keeps them strong for a long.

Kids can be very rough with such kinds of play tools. But it’s impressive that the brand has made them strong so that the drummer can play strong and for long.

It has w/6 drums, cymbals, a chair, a kick pedal, and drumsticks. The kit is recommended for kids three years above.


Minor assembly is required for this kit. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to use. Anyone can set it up, even a beginner who has never used drugs before. Besides, it comes with a user manual with easy setup instructions.

This set for kids looks great tool visually. It is attractive enough to get children loving and looking forward to improvement.

Most importantly, the drums and cymbals sound great. Well, you cannot expect much from a toy, but this one is still a toy on another level.


This Velocity Toys Set is worth recommending for toddlers. Even though it’s a toy, it performs better than many beginners’ sets out there. Besides, it’s a full set, which means you won’t have to spend money buying anything else. You will not regret buying this toy for your kids, as you make them feel good.