Yamaha DTX400K Review

The Yamaha DTX400K is one of the best electronic drums sets in the world. It does not come as a surprise considering that Yamaha is a household name in the music instruments industry.

The company has, for years, been building the best electronic music instruments. And when it comes to drum sets, it is a market leader.

The DTX400K is one of the cheapest models in the DTX400 series. And in this guide, I will be highlighting some of the best features it comes with.

About the Yamaha DTX400K and DTX452K

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set Dtx402k Dtx400k
Yamaha Electronic Drum Set Dtx400k

This kit is billed as the perfect drum set for starts. The Yamaha DTX400K us an all-new set with easy set-up. It is priced to meet the needs of a beginner, a seasoned player, and anyone looking for an entry into electronic drumming.

It is among the latest electronic sets to be indoctrinated into the successful DTX family by Yamaha.  

The Yamaha DTX400 and DTX452 K series are appreciated to bring Yamaha quality and technology to those who cannot afford expensive ones. DTX400X is the latest. For this reason, you can expect better features. 


  • DTX400 module with 169 drum sounds
  • New KU100 kick unit
  • Large 10 inch Ride and Crash cymbals and 10-inch Hi-hat cymbal.
  • HH65 remote hi-hat. It offers for half-open, pedal, and splash hi-hat sounds.
  • 7-inch drum pads for excellent playability and durability.
  • 10 interactive training functions.
  • 10 preset kits
  • 10 play-along songs.


 The DTX400K electronic drum set is centered on an industry-standards tubular steel rack. It is a typical five-piece set-up that looks fairly similar to many other kits at this price level. 

The rack comes with two vertical side poles. They are connected to a crossbar, and it stands as the mounts for the two tom pads. There are different amounts for the third, tom, the snare, the hi-hat, and the DTX400 module.

The support for crash and crash-ride pads is constructed with steel rods. They create a fixed tilt angle for the two cymbals. There is an L-shaped rod as well to attach a hi-hat pad directly to the snare.

There is no provision for individual height adjustment, though. This is because there distance between the snare and the hit-hat pad.

Another great feature of this design is the newly-developed single-zone drum pads. They are built with a rubber compound. Hence, they can stick resilient while remaining sensitive enough to respond. 

The cymbal pads are single-zone. However the Yamaha’s “Accent Articulation” it used to add a realistic performance. It makes soft changes to the dynamics account to the velocity of the stick. 

It has a USB socket that opens up the kit. This allows you to integrate any Digital Audio Workstation.

Like many other electronic kits, the hi-hat pad operates in together with the hi-hat controller pedal. This allows the beater to use some of the common playing methods like open and half-closed. 

Additionally, the physical KU100 kick pedal is almost similar to the hi-hat controller. However, it may be designed for silent kick operation.

If you are keen, you may notice the module lacks a display. Instead, there is an LED under each of the 21 push-buttons that keeps the illumination.

You can connect your iPhone, laptop, iPad, iPods, and other digital devices. This should help you tap into Yamaha’s Song beat app for great visual representation.

Another exciting feature with the DTX400 module is access to many acoustic kit sounds. These are part of Yamaha’s wonderful acoustic kits. 

You can pick any from the ten available kits that are pre-configured. They can be changed to create new kits. Hence, you can make your own from the 169 sounds available.

Playing experience 

Each button illuminates in a sequence, bringing the module to life as you start playing. The most basic functions include selecting a kit, choosing and playing a song. There is also a button for adjusting the volume.

More in-depth functions of the module call for extensive use of the manual. It might be hard at first until you become familiar with different aspects.

Another feature that really impressed me is how powerful the module is, despite missing a display. And there are all sorts of training facilities on offer. The playback songs with the ability to loop any section of the song can help in building some beautiful rhythms.

The pads and the overall sound from the drums are not bad either. But the pads work better on carpeted surfaces. 

The hi-hat position is not very impressive. Even worse, it tends to droop, shifting to the side in its bracket. This makes access to the module quite hard.

Perhaps if the hi-hat mount were knurled, things would work better. Doing this allows the module to be placed on the lower mount while raising the hi-hat and the snare.

Even with these few issues, I was able to enjoy this kit. It is built to offer an excellent solution for any drummer. Whether you know your drums or not, it can be a great piece, to begin with.


  • It is an excellent value for money.
  • A decent module.
  • Has a USB socket for DAW integration.


  • Poor high-hat position.
  • The pedal works poorly on a non-carpet ground.
  • Not for serious gigging.  

Why invest in an electric drum

Electric drums are, without a doubt, an excellent option of all drummers. They offer the following benefits:

  • Sound taps beyond limit. Regardless of the music set you choose, digital drums allow you to utilize a wide array of unique sounds. The sounds will enable you to create your own music and sounds. 
  • Versatility and flexibility. And electric drum allows record and record your music without any issues. You can also adjust your settings as you like.

Alternatives to Yamaha

If the Yamaha DTX400K is not in your budget, there are cheaper options in the market. Consider the following:

RockJam Mesh Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Rockjam Mesh Head Kit Eight Piece Electronic Drum Kit
Rockjam Mesh Head Kit Eight Piece Electronic Drum Kit

This is another great module to consider when running on a budget. It is cheap, customizable, and offers easy set-up. It looks like a toy, but it is ideal for beginners and novices. It is more portable. Place it on the table, or your lap, and you are good to go.

Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit

Alesis is a leader in electronic musical instruments. And the Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit DM10X is an impressive set from this company. It is perfect for professionals and those seeking extra punch in music recording.

They come with several great features. Although it is a bit heavy on the pocket, the drum set can be a great solution for your drumming needs. It may also not be the best choice for beginners.

Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit
Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit

What is the best electronic drum set? 

Electronic drums sets are the best option for beginners and expert players together. They offer portability and better training options than acoustic drums.

However, there are so many manufacturers in the market today. Each brand comes with different features and promises. 

Hence, it is important to pick the best electric drum set. 

How do you know the best?

The following features should give you a clue about where to look for. Consider the following.

They should offer versatility and flexibility for songwriting and studio recording

The best budget electronic drums should come with great recording features. You will be able to benefit greatly from the feature. 

Digital drum sets allow you to adjust your music timing easily. And then, it provides an easy way to record your songs and performance. A great set should, therefore, come with a wide array of options and features. 


The best electronic drum set should offer great portability. Digital drum sets are created to be portable and compact compared to normal drums. 

You can pack and take it anywhere. Additionally, they use battery power, which means you can play them anywhere.

Training and learning advantages

Top electric drums come with preset-functionalities and drum patterns. You can tap into these advantages to learn how professional drummers play. They can help you develop your concentration level and make your coordination better. 

These are qualities you need to become a good drummer. An electric drum comes with several built-in modules with a range of learning and training functions. 

They have multiple AUX ports and USB MIDI connectors for your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, and other electronic devices.

The brand

As stated above, there are many brands for electric drums in the market today. Hence, one should be careful when buying them. Yamaha is a top name in the global music industry. Therefore, you can be sure every product they put out is quality. This is a critical characteristic of a quality electric drum set.

The key to picking the right electric drum kit is knowing your needs. For instance, a beginner will have different priorities from an expert player.

There are all kinds of electric kits to take care of these needs. And Yamaha has the solutions. Each product that comes in the market has been designed to meet specific needs for players. You just need to know your status and set your priorities right.


In the world, with so many electric drums, there are only a few that really provide value. The Yamaha DTX400K is among these few. It is made for those who need quality playing instruments but cannot afford the high-end gear. 

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