A Comprehensive Yamaha DTX532 Review

Yamaha is, without a doubt, one of the best manufactures for music instruments. And the Yamaha DTX532K is just one of the products that make this company so awesome.

I have just felt like reviewing this one because it hit me that perhaps there is a lot to drums than just loud noise. And I know you may have felt that way too.

So come along! liugliug

What to consider when buying an electronic drums set

Technology has changed the world so much. Today, there are things that no one ever knew could exist, more so on the music industry. And electric drums have become the number one choice for many of us today.

But what you need to know is, there are so many manufacturers for these items today that choosing the right one may be overwhelming.

So before you buy your first electric drum set, consider the following:

Your needs

Not everyone will need to use an electronic drum kit. Hence, you need to understand what exactly you are looking to achieve.

For instance, if you are a first-timer trying to get yourself into the drumming community, your priorities will defer from an expert. You may not be in for too expensive gear. Hence, you must know everything you need to know about the best drums for starters.

Or perhaps you are a parent trying to help your kid learn to drum. In that case, you don’t want to spend too much.

And again, your working space should give you a clue of what exactly you need. The best part about electric drums is that they take up less space. Therefore, this becomes a motivation for many buyers.

In simple terms, one must first want to play drums. Without the initial interest, there is not much you are going to do.

Your budget

Electric drums come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. The high-end gear may be too expensive for starters.

Hence, you may want to consider your budget carefully.

Well, you can buy and expensive gear if you wish. But for a beginner, a student of a junior player, I wouldn’t advise you to go for those yet.

You need something that can motivate you to work harder and grow your skills. So again, don’t pick too cheap.


Every drum on the market today comes with different features. For instance, there are those that come fully equipped with everything and ready to start playing. Such is the best for beginners.

The brand

There is nothing more important in the drum set industry than the brand. Many buyers won’t even mind the price, as long as they are buying from a reputable brand.

And that is where Yamaha makes more sense. It is a brand that sells by its name.

About The Yamaha DTX532K

The Yamaha DTX532K is one of the latest modest by Yamaha. It is an electronic drum that allows you to start playing immediately.

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One of the reasons I loved this model is because of the great sound it comes compared to others in the same price category. It has a 3-zone cymbal and snare pads that make it a more expressive option.

Even better, the drum has some scoring features that will help you practice without any problems.

The kit comprises of:

  • Three toms, one snare, two cymbals, one hi-hat, a drum module, hi-hat stand, and a rack system
  • A 50 plus preset kits and fifty users kits for creating your own.
  • Trigger response with a fine-tuned laser analysis that produces a realistic response.
  • A 3-zone cymbal and snare pads that let you play with more expressiveness.

The Yamaha DTX532K is a great deal for an average buyer. And even better for one who has heard a few years of experience with an acoustic set.

Its low noise production lets you practice quietly from your room with disturbing neighbors. It is, therefore, very famous for musicians in built-up areas like apartment brocks and student dorms.


  • Comes with a realistic hi-hat pad
  • Textured cellular silicone snare for better response
  • A highly expandable set


  • The silicone head is not tensionable like the mesh pad
  • The tom pad seems a little too small
  • The rims of the top pad don’t trigger well, which is a little disappointing

Best Features

Drums, pads, and hardware

The Yamaha DTX532K is like any standard 5-piece sets. It comes with one snare, three toms, a bass, and three cymbals. This feature means you don’t have to buy other gear.

It has a textured cellular silicone (TCS) snare drums pad. This gives it an ultra-quite performance that you can use anywhere. And this is why it is an excellent deal for practicing from anywhere.

The playable rim on the XP80 snare drum means you can produce a variety of sounds, just like an acoustic set. The clicking of the rims happens when the player touches the rim in two places.

You swap and switch the samples on the DTX532K as you wish. This feature can help you gain more experience with every training module.

It comes with TP70 tom pads that are of the same quality as the snare. They are single zone and adequately quieter. This is the same as the toms, which can absorb the stick sound better.

The cymbals are 13-inch in diameter, sitting on an RS502 drum rack. Each cymbal sits on a straight cymbal art. However, the cymbals don’t sound very well, which is typical for such sets.


The enjoyed the sounds on the DTX532K very much. It comes with a catalog of not less than 671 sounds, which quite impressive. And the quality of the sounds is just out of this world. Well, this did not come as a surprise since Yamaha is known for its quality.

You can navigate the module very easily. It comes with a large dial interface, allowing you to scroll to your sound of choice.

The hi-hat of this model is a real performer. It is a better improvement on the DTX422K. The DTX532K hi-hat features an HH132 cymbal pad that makes it sound greater than any other kit you may have come across.

Other notable features

The Yamaha DTX532K comes with a 1MB flash memory. With this, you can import or create as many MIDI songs as you want. And the imported MIDI work just as fine as the 37 onboard songs. Again, it allows connecting with your phone, computer, and other portable devices.

It also has headphones and AUX input on the front panel. Hence, you can practice alone in your room without anyone else knowing what you are doing. There is a lot more you can do with these features.

Other Electronic Kits to Consider

If you are still not convinced that the Yamaha DTX532K is the kit for, then don’t worry. There are a few other great kits on the same of the lower price range that might interest you.

Roland TD-11KV is an excellent place to start. This is a five-piece drum set that comes with three cymbals. One of the major advantages of the kit is that it comes with mesh heads. If you are an experienced drum beater, then you know mesh heads are better than silicone. And above all, the kit falls in a price range that is affordable for many consumer budgets.

Another great thing about the TD-11K is you don’t have to improve the hi-hat. It comes with a standing pedal controller with a cymbal pad connection.

Should you continue with your search, the Alesis Crimson II is also a recommendable product. It is one of the Alesis’s mid-tier kits that have become very famous with modern drummers. The kit has fully meshed heads on the snare, toms, and bass drums pad. And again, it is more significant than most competitors’, making it a stronger it in terms of sound production.

The drum set is also very quiet, making it great for all-day practice. The mesh heads make it this way, and the only thing someone else will hear is a thudding sound.

Above all, each head creates sound just like a real acoustic drum. You can tighten and loosen as you wish with a standard drum key. This feature allows for better customization. The player can tune each individual player. The kit is only available among higher-priced drum kits, showing the quality of the kit.

There are many other drums sets that fall under this price. The best way to get what you want is to consider how much you want to spend. If you want the top-quality gear for experienced drum players, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets.


With so many products, the market for electric guitars has been swelling steadily over the past few years. The Yamaha DTX532K is one of the solid drums set you will be proud to the owner. If found it robustly playable. It has the best features that drummers require. And because of this, I would recommend it to anyone, especially beginners. It might not be the best for an experienced drummer, yet still great for practicing.

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