Yamaha Dtx562K

Yamaha is one of the drum manufacturers I really love. Their cutting edge technology for electronic drums is among the best. This is especially evident in their Yamaha DTX562K mid-range drum kits that feature the Yamaha DTX562K electronic drum set, the DTX532K, and the DTX522K.

In this review, I will be focusing on the DTX562K. I will be discussing how this set compares with others in the same price range, and who should buy it. I will also be looking at its pros and cons before giving my unbiased conclusion.

So come along and let’s find out whether the set is what you have been looking for.

About the Yamaha DTX562K

Ok, now that we know Yamaha is a great brand, let’s get into the Yamaha DTX562K electronic drum set.

The Yamaha DTX562K electronic drum set is a 5-piece e-drum set. It comes with a Yamaha hi-hat pad and two cymbals. The package also contains well built and textured cellular silicone heads and a standard module from the DTX502 series. It also comes with a high-quality drum rack that you can easily customize to meet your drumming needs.  

It is a part of the DTX502 series of mid-range series of electronic drums sets, which has several kits, including the ones mentioned above.

If you purchase this set online, a 77 by 41 by 27-inch box weighing about 50 pounds will be delivered right to your doorstep. In the box, you will get:

  • Eight drum pads
  • Three single-zone tom pads
  • Two triple-zone cymbal pads
  • One dual-zone hi-hat
  • One triple-zone snare
  • One kick pad

You will also receive a solid DTX502 module. This is one of the major improvements from older models. It outshines them by far.

It does not, however, come with a foot pedal for the kick pad. But this is not a problem for many people considering many drum kits in this price range don’t include such hardware. Besides, you can always get a quality drum pedal here.

Who is the Yamaha DTX562K for?

Well, looking at the price range, this might not be the best choice for a beginner. A beginner needs only the basic items, and this one is a bit higher than what you might expect a new drummer to pay.

The set comes with silicone heads on the snare and the toms. This feature allows it to be silent during practicing – which is important for any time of the day.

The set also features real Yamaha hi-hat and cymbal pads. Unlike the ones one the DTX522K, come with free-floating and pad configuration features. Therefore, if realism and playability is your greatest concern, this hi-hat will appeal to you.

The module on the DTX562 has professional connectivity. Meaning it can perform quite well for live performance and studio recording. The module has fully MIDI compatible features. You can use these on your computer DAW to create better music. So, if you are looking for a great home recording solution, the DTX562k electronic drum kit is the right solution for you.

For live playing, this drum module holds up pretty well. It offers a vast choice of drum kits to choose from. They have all been modeled by Yamaha’s elite line of acoustic drum kits.

Even better, you can customize the sounds for better live playing. Or tweak them with amazing effects and store the changes and use them for later.

Expert drummers will benefit this electronic drum set Yamaha has out on the market. Mid-level drummers will also find it a great tool to practice higher-level drumming.

Features at a glance

As mentioned above, the Yamaha DTX562K comes with a real hi-hat and cymbal pad, which provides better realism and playability.

On the module, you will find all connections you can expect in a professional controller. This is a wonderful function because it allows for live performance and recording.

Using a Digital Audio Workstation will not be a problem. And this is what all home recording enthusiasts want to hear.

In terms of sound, a large number of drums make it worth it. And all of these drum kits are inspired by the Yamaha elite range of acoustic drums. Besides, you can customize them to suit your drumming needs.

Drums, Pads, Hardware

The DTX562K is a five-piece drum set with three cymbals, a rack, and a module. Each drum can be mounted on the rack while the cymbals come with cymbal stands. I discovered there is a bit of limitation to where you can position the pads because the stands are straight.

The hi-hat comes with its own hi-hat stand from Yamaha. And it sensors can tell where the cymbals should be or are positioned. Having a hi-hat stand is essential for realistic playing.

The hi-hat settles on the base and is linked to the stand with a clutch. What comes come, as a result, is an impressive arrangement and great playability.

As if that not enough, the hi-hat sensors can capture your foot positioning. This allows you to create open and closed sound ranges between the positions.

The drum set comes with three toms, each measuring seven inches. Compared to other brands in the same range, this drum pad is quite small. However, it comes with a bonus of reactive rims. The heads are cellular silicone; hence they stimulate acoustic heads quite impressively.

The snare is bigger compared to the toms. It is measure eight inches and with the same multi-zone reactivity. And it also has a more advanced mounting than the toms. They feature a flexible ball-joint, which allows for easy positioning.

The snare is small enough to accommodate solid play on without the need for a separate snare stand. But the tomes don’t have joint-mount, but they are clamped normally.

The bass drum is small and compact with a rubber drumhead. It offers a great feeling when you play, though, with a little more noise than the silicone and mesh heads. Besides, it is a standard tower that stands still during the performance. The supporting spikes help keep it in place.

There are also the cymbal pads, each measuring 13 inches. The crash and the ride are choke-able, allowing the player to grab the edges.

What about the sound?

The drum kit comes with a Yamaha DTX 502 sound module. So, you can expect a lot of applicable features for all drumming needs. It is compact and easy to use and features 691 different drum and cymbal samples.

The DTX502 module has one large dial at the center, making it interface minimalistic. This is because the dial is used for the majority of navigating.

The LCD display very small but enough to show the player which kit they are currently using. There is another display to the left, which indicates the metronome tempo as well as the selected, sequenced track. There is no individual fader for each drum pad, but you can adjust the overall volume of the kit.

There are input and outputs on the back of the kit, which allows you to connect power and USB. You can also connect the module to your monitor, P.A system, or headphones for quiet practicing.

Also, the kit features a number of acoustic inspired kits and 50 presets on the DTX502 module. These sounds are from different pro drum sets.

If you love percussion sounds, there are a few on the drum module. And with the 37 play-along built-in tracks, you can mix and match your kit as you desire.

Other notable features

The Yamaha DTX502 module is among the mid-level module of the brand. It allows the user to import their own files onto the unit in the form of sound samples, songs, or MIDI files. Since it accepts sounds with a variety of formats, you can connect the module directly to your computer. You may also be thrilled to note the coaching function. This helps drummers make progress with the kit.

Also, there is the ‘Groove Check’ function that keeps your timing in check. Once you have chosen the metronome or play-along songs, and the tempo, these features will tell you how you are fairing.

Alternative kits

If you find, for any reason, that the Yamaha DTX562K electronic drum kit is not for you, don’t worry. There are many alternatives.

The Roland TD-11V is maybe the closest resemblance. It is similarly small with a five-piece configuration. It has cymbals, and the bass drum is made with a rubber pad as well.

And if you want an all-mesh kit, try out the Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit. It is bigger and comes with six pads, each with woven mesh.

Manufacturer Considerations for An Electronic drum Set

Before we get down to business, I would like to take you through what you should consider in a manufacturer before buying their products.

Many times, drummers, especially beginners, have asked me who the best manufacturer is. There are many brands out there, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But what the brand I find most outstanding may not be similar to your preferences. That is why I only share what you need to look for in a manufacturer. Consider the following:

· A brand should have the best experience

There are all sorts of e-drum manufacturers out there. Unfortunately, some of them are so new they don’t know the needs of every drummer.

As such, the e-drum producer most likely to help you is one that has been on the market for a long time.

Brands like Yamaha, Roland, and Alesis have been on the market long enough. Also, they have invested heavily in cutting edge technology, giving you a chance to get only the best.

Experience means the company understands the needs of every drummer. Every drum set they produce is aimed at creating a better solution. It comes with better features and improved functionality.

· Products

You need to look at the different products and product categories offered by each brand. In this case, their electronic drum sets and technology.

Some of the questions to ask include:

  • Does this brand have what I am looking for?
  • What if I need an upgrade?
  • What alternative options do I have?

Answering these questions will help you determine the viability of the producer. A good brand needs to have a solution for specific player needs.

The brands mentioned above have different solutions for every level. You can get quality drums for beginners, mid-level players, and experienced or professional drummers.

· Quality

The quality of electronic drums should never be compromised. If you are going to invest your money in a set, you need assurance that you will get the best services. Therefore, it is vital to keep in mind the quality of the set and how reliable the manufacturer is.

It may not be easy to tell the quality if you have never dealt with the brand before. But the review section should offer some good insights.

Check out what other users are saying about the drum brand. You can also check out a review like this one to understand the feature of their products a bit better.

In many cases, quality is measured by the price of the equipment—the more expensive, the better.

However, this may not always be the case. In my experience, I have come across some manufacturers who overpriced their products just to attract buyers.

So perhaps looking at the brand’s reputation is a better approach. The last thing you want is to but an item that will break down before you even start using it.

Their hardware should prove sturdiness. Some of the electronic drum kit hardware I have seen cannot withstand the vigorous drumming of many players. Therefore, the manufacturer should have proven a good track record.

My final verdict

Looking at the features above, and my experience with this kit, anyone can agree that the Yamaha DTX562K is a fantastic electronic kit. Yamaha has really tried in terms of upgrading earlier DTX502s (especially the Yamaha DTX532K) and earlier models in this one. The DTX562K is optimal for most mid-level and expert drummers.

The silicone pads on the snare and toms make it greatly playable. Also, the kit comes with a stand-mount, something you will not get in most competitors at this price range.


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    • The sound of Yamaha drums is good. The sound of Yamaha drums in a studio does feel a little flat and very “raw” with all the bass and treble being clipped. I can hear the treble but not hear the bass. The bottom end of the sound is not very detailed, however I do like the quality. But still, the kit seems a little “unfinished”. This sounds pretty good. How easy is it to play the kit? Yes – very easy. You can play it

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