Aaron Gillespie, The Seasoned Drummer Of Underoath

His contribution to the rock genre is undeniable. He explores various rock sub-genres, whether alternative rock, indie rock, metal rock, and many more. Aaron Gillespie is an American musician who has many experiences in the industry.

Those came from his bands, solo projects, and him as the touring drummer of Paramore. Gillespie has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and between these years, he can do numerous activities as a musician in one period.

Young Gillespie’s Life

Aaron Gillespie Is Playing Drum
Aaron Gillespie is playing drum

Aaron Roderick Gillespie, famous as Aaron Gillespie, was born in Clearwater, Florida, on July 18, 1983. He came from a devout Christian family who actively went to church. Aaron Gillespie started to have an interest in drumming when he worked at the church at age 14.

Gillespie was told that he played too loud and unsuited to the church’s songs. However, one leader said to Gillespie that he could be one of the best drummers traveling the whole world with his drumming style.

It was the moment that convinced Gillespie to pursue a career as a drummer and musician.

Gillespie and His Bands

Aaron Gillespie As A Vocalist
Aaron Gillespie as a vocalist

Underoath was the first band that Aaron Gillespie joined. He wasn’t only a drummer for them but also a vocalist and songwriter.

It makes him become one of the drummers who sing in the industry. Underoath’s third album, The Changing of Times, was the first album where Gillespie’s voice was used.

He received many achievements with Underoath, including Define the Great Line (2006), which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 Chart and sold over 98,000 copies in its first week.

On April 2010, Gillespie separated from Underoath. His issue with his mental health is one of the reasons for it. However, they reunited again in 2015.

Besides being the drummer of Underoath, Aaron Gillespie also joined the alternative rock band The Almost as lead vocal.

They have some good-charted songs, like their first single, Say This Sooner, which peaked at No. 7 on Billboard’s US Modern Rock Charts. Gillespie reduced his band schedules and focused on his solo projects in 2015.

Drummer for Paramore’s Tour

Aaron Gillespie performs with Paramore

Aaron Gillespie was announced as the new touring drummer for Paramore in August 2013. He was chosen to replace their previous touring drummer, Miles McPherson, who got an injury.

He was there for the duration of The Self-Titled Tour’s European dates, but later the management extended it to the other regional tours that year.

Gillespie stayed and kept playing drum for Paramore’s tours for the next few years. Although, in February 2016, Gillespie confirmed that he didn’t continue his role in Paramore and clarified that he isn’t involved in any recording process with the band.

Solo works

Aaron Gillespie
Aaron Gillespie

Not long after leaving Underoath, Aaron Gillespie announced that he was working on his own solo project with worship-based.

In March 2011, Gillespie released his debut solo album titled Anthem Song. It did tremendously and debuted at No. 90 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Later that year, he released more solo songs and albums, including Grace Through the Wandering (2015) and Out of the Badlands (2016).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Aaron leave Underoath?

Aaron Gillespie left Underoath due to his issue with mental health. With the team, he discussed his issues with hypochondria and generalized anxiety disorder.

Did Aaron Gillespie play with Paramore?

Yes, he did. Aaron Gillespie was the touring drummer of Paramore in 2013. He was chosen following the departure of the band’s drummer, Zac Farro, and the injury of the previous drummer, Miles McPherson.

When did Underoath get back together?

The band announced that that would reunite on August 17, 2015. Thus, Gillespie also returned to the lineup.

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