Stefanie Mannaerts, Superb Drummer of Brutus

Stefanie Mannaerts is a drummer best known for her work with the Belgium band Brutus.

Her drumming style and vocal are a few reasons why people like the band’s music. These traits are something not easy to find in the Belgium music scene.

Mannaerts is one of the drummers who sing in the industry. She has been influenced by music and rock since she was young.

Stefanie’s unique drumming style combines elements of punk, noise, and rock to create a sound that is both aggressive and energetic. Stefanie’s passion for music is evident in her performances, and she continues to push herself creatively with each new project she undertakes.

Stefanie Mannaerts‘ Early Career

Stefanie Mannaerts
Stefanie Mannaerts

Mannaerts started her music journey by playing piano which his father bought at a flea market. She even studied classical piano at first. However, she discovered drum when she was 14. At her friend’s house, she found a drum kit and tried to learn that instrument. It was her percussive epiphany.

Three months after she got her percussive epiphany, Mannaerts and her dad went to a shop and had conversations with some punks. That conversation led Stefanie to join her first band, Starfucker. In that band, She met her current bandmates in Brutus, Stijn Vanhoegaerden.

Mannaerts studied drumming at a music academy to polish her talent and skills. She also had a studio gig assisting a teen pop singer named Bab.

Stefanie Mannaerts and Her Bands

Stefanie Mannaerts With Her Bandmates
Stefanie Mannaerts with her bandmates

Stefanie Mannaerts is most known as the drummer and singer of Brutus. But before having a career with that group, she played drums with two bands, Refused Party Program and Starfucker.

As mentioned before that Starfucker is her first band, and that’s where she met Stijn. After the band separated, she met Brutus bassist Peter Mulders at Refused Party Program. It was a project band to tribute to the band Refused.

In 2014, Mannaerts formed Brutus with Peter Mulders and Stijin Vanhoegaerden. At first, they were trying to search for a vocalist. However, when Vanhoegaerden brought a microphone into their practice and saw how Mannaerts sang, they decided to let her temporarily fill in that position.

After several performances, Mannaerts were convinced by her members to take on the vocal role in Brutus. It was the moment when she became the full-time vocalist of the band.

Stefanie As Brutus’ Drummer and Vocalist

Stefanie Mannaerts as Brutus’ Drummer and Vocalist

Stefanie Mannaerts with Brutus has already released four albums, including Burst (2017), Nest (2019), Live In Ghent (2020), and Unison Life (2022).

Their first album, Burst, was released by Hassle Records for Europe and Sargent House for the US and worldwide. Her superb drumming and vocal are the perfect combinations of these four albums, making it why their albums are widely recognized.

Brutus performed in various festivals before producing albums. They played at Rock Herk, Pukkelpop, and Dour Festival in 2014 and 2015.

The following year, Jesse Gander helped the band to record their debut album in Vancouver, Canada. They’re getting recognized by the public between releases, especially by metal rock fans. With the music that Mannaerts and her bandmates produced, the band’s path will be ensured, as they are consistent in the rock genre.


Stefanie Mannaerts Is Singing While Playing Drum
Stefanie Mannaerts is singing while playing drum

Stefanie Mannaerts is a drummer and singer who has brought great contributions to Brutus. Not only her drumming, but her singing is also a treasure for the Belgium music scene.

She is an influential musician with an intense stage presence that leaves audiences captivated, proving she’s one of the best female drummers in her current generation.

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